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Chapter 1335: Finding Her

Qiao Yanze threw the few condoms into the rubbish bin. Just as Cen Xi was at the door, she heard his low and hoarse voice say, “I took it from Da Zuo who had bought a box. I thought that I didn’t need so many, so I only took this much.” He never thought that he would use only one on her.

Hearing his awkward explanation, Cen Xi turned back and glanced at the man sitting on the bed. A smile appeared on her lips. “Is Young Master Qiao trying to say that you never had a woman after coming here and that you only took a few condoms from Da Zuo because of me?”

Qiao Yanze stared at the woman who always made him rephrase his words to show what he meant. His expression darkened as he waved his hand. “If you want to leave, leave quickly.”

“Alright, goodbye.” She opened the door and walked out swiftly.

Hearing the loud bang of the door closing, Qiao Yanze instantly stood up from the bed.

Damn it!

What kind of a situation was this? He was the one who slept with her, but why did it seem like she had patronized him? Why was she able to leave so easily and curtly while he seemed rather disconsolate after?

Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows as he walked out of his room and stood at the balcony. He had a hand in his pocket as he stared at Cen Xi, who was walking out of the safety camp. She was holding onto the little girl’s hand as they got into the little girl’s father’s car.

She never took a glance behind her at all.

Qiao Yanze’s hands held on the railing tightly as his veins slowly became visible.

“Young Master.” Da Zuo walked over and said carefully after seeing Qiao Yanze’s dark expression, “Miss Ji Wei insisted on getting discharged. She said that you have many things to settle here, so she wanted to come and help.”

Qiao Yanze finally remembered that because he had been busy the last two days, he had forgotten to go visit Ji Wei in the hospital.

“Start the car. I’m going to the hospital.”

The town’s hospital was incomparable to the Capital’s Royal Hospital. There weren’t any VIP wards while it wasn’t very comfortable either. When Qiao Yanze arrived, Ji Wei was planning to settle her discharge papers.

She had been shot in her left calf, so she needed to rest for a month.

Even while trying to get discharged, she was sitting in a wheelchair, her face pale. She finally smiled after seeing Qiao Yanze arrive. “Yanze, you’re here.”

Guilt towards Ji Wei grew in Qiao Yanze’s heart as he walked into the room and put down the fruit basket. “Da Zuo said you wanted to get discharged?”

“Yes. It’s actually quite convenient for me since I’m in a wheelchair. If I continue to stay in the hospital, I’ll probably grow moldy soon.”

“You can’t. Your wound has to be disinfected while you still have to take an injection everyday. I still have a few days of work here. When I’m done, we can go back to the Capital together.”

Ji Wei shrugged helplessly with a smile. “Alright, I’ll listen to you.” As she spoke, she suddenly smelled a faint fragrance on Qiao Yanze.

She stared at Qiao Yanze. He was wearing a black uniform that made him look tall, his legs long while his shoulders were broad with a slender waist. He was helping her skin an apple and his side profile looked devilishly handsome.

They had known each other for a very long time now. When Mrs Qiao was still alive, he was a playful young master who always had a woman by his side. But she knew that he never slept with them. He would only tease and flirt with them.

However, she never expected for him to fall for Xiao Ying. Although she was pretty, weren’t all of the women he met pretty too?

She really didn’t know why he was attracted by Xiao Ying.

Ji Wei really, really liked Qiao Yanze and wanted him to be happy. However, when she went to investigate Cen Xi’s background she found out that she was Xiao Ying’s younger sister. She really didn’t understand why Qiao Yanze would get into such a relationship with Cen Xi.

She heard from Da Zuo that Qiao Yanze had been a little distracted over the last two days. Asking Da Zuo more about it indirectly, she found out that the reason he was distracted was because of a woman.

She got her assistant to go to the camp and take a photo of that woman, but it was Cen Xi.

She really couldn’t understand Qiao Yanze. Shouldn’t he stay far away from the younger sister of his mortal enemy? Did he want to go through the same thing again and be hurt by Xiao Ying’s younger sister? It didn’t make any sense!

When Qiao Yanze was done peeling the apple, he noted Ji Wei staring at him and zoning out. He pulled a chair to sit down beside her. “What are you thinking about?”

Ji Wei took a bite from the apple and stared at Qiao Yanze with a smile. “I’m thinking if any woman is able to conquer you.”

Cen Xi’s proud and cold face appeared in Qiao Yanze’s mind unconsciously.

“Yanze, I had a dream last night. I dreamed of going to your house when I was younger. I ate Aunt Qiao’s cooking for the first time then, and she said that I was lucky since she doesn’t cook often. The day I went over happened to be the day she learned a few new dishes. Aunt Qiao’s cooking is really good and I can still remember the taste of her cooking until now.” Ji Wei seemed to remember something as her eyes turned a little red. “It’s the taste of Mom’s cooking.”

Thinking about his Mother, Qiao Yanze’s handsome face tensed unconsciously. “Ji Wei, what are you trying to say?”

“Yanze, don’t lose yourself because of love.”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips tightly, staying silent for a long time.

Cen Xi took the little girl’s father’s car to Feng City.

To the little girl’s father, Cen Xi had saved his daughter’s life and he was really grateful to her. The little girl really liked Cen Xi as well, so the father and daughter duo sent her to Lake Lin.

The father and daughter pair only left after Cen Xi found a farmhouse to stay in. When they left, the little girl had teary eyes while Cen Xi found it hard to part with them as well.

She suddenly understood why Mengmeng insisted on having Ye Qing’s child. It was because she knew that their differences were too huge, and that there will never be anything between them. If she could have the company of his child for the rest of her life, she wouldn’t be that lonely.

However, the child would never have the company of their father. Would it be good for the child?

Cen Xi took a nap on the bed. When she woke up, she took out the photo and asked the farmer couple if they had seen the woman in the photo.

The couple shook their heads, stating that they had never seen the woman in the photo.

Still, Cen Xi refused to lose hope. She knew that it wouldn’t be easy for her to find what she wanted just with just a photo. She needed to be patient.

After resting at the farmhouse for a night, Cen Xi woke up really early the next morning. She started to search and ask the people around River Lin about the photo.

After asking around for the entire day, two large blisters had grown under her feet, but she had received no results of what she wanted.

Returning to her room, she felt a little frustrated.

Personally, it was natural for her to want her older sister to be alive. After all, this was her only kin! However, if the Qiao family found out that her older sister wasn’t dead, they definitely wouldn’t let her off!