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Chapter 1334: You Don’t Know?

The moment he carried Cen Xi up, she felt really panicked and hesitant. She had given him the wrong signal again. If she pushed him away straight away, it would be too mean of her.

However, what if she let him do what he wanted?

Being carried by his muscular and strong arms, she could smell his refreshing and masculine scent and her petty heart thumped crazily.

As a thousand thoughts flashed in Cen Xi’s mind, the man had already carried her into his room. Before the door was closed properly, he started to kiss her uncontrollably.

Cen Xi laid on the bed with the blanket wrapped around her as she panted slightly with her mouth open.

Seeing the small packet he kept in his bedside table, Cen Xi felt really unhappy. Qiao Yanze was sitting next to her, smoking with a cigarette in between his lips.

After Cen Xi had rested enough, she sat up.

She had agreed on a certain time to leave with the little girl and her father, yet she had delayed their departure for such a long time.

Seeing that Cen Xi was getting off the bed with the blanket wrapped around her, Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows. “Why? Are you leaving?”

Cen Xi glanced at the man. “Why not? Do you want me to stay?”

Seeing that she wanted to leave right after sleeping with him, Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened. “Who are you showing your bitter face to?”

Cen Xi ignored him.

She picked up her clothes on the floor and put them on. However, the man hugged her from behind suddenly.

Her face flushed red. “Let go of me. I don’t want to stay here!”

He acted like he didn’t hear her and leaned down to bite her cheek. “It’s my rest day today.”

“If it’s your rest day today, you should rest properly. Why are you pestering me?”

The man’s breathing clearly grew heavier.

He pinched her slender waist. “Cen Xi, weren’t you the one who kept trying to catch my attention after arriving here?”

Cen Xi’s waist was red from his pinches and she hurriedly swatted his hand away. “So what if I did? You got what you wanted. Why are you still hugging me?”

He stared at her dense lashes, her well-defined nose and her pink lips. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he pressed a hand behind her head to make her face him. “I’m not that easy to shoo away. You can try leaving?”

She wanted to pull his hand away to put some distance between them. However, his hold on her waist was a death hold.

“With that in your drawer, I’m sure you don’t lack women here! If one time isn’t enough, you should find another friend to sleep with you.” Cen Xi stared at his dark eyes as a smile appeared on her cold expression. “However, Mr Qiao, you should take care of your body. After all, you’re not young anymore.”

Qiao Yanze remained silent as he merely stared at Cen Xi, so much that her scalp started to turn numb.

After a few minutes, he finally said, “Are you judging me for being old?”

“Young Master Qiao, I’m leaving. Let me go!”

Qiao Yanze turned Cen Xi around right away. She shouted with a flushed face. “If you don’t let go of me still, I won’t hold back anymore!”

He only snorted in response. “Woman, do you realise your face changes faster than flipping books!”

Releasing her, he picked up his clothes from the floor, before he wore them slowly. Very quickly, he was dressed properly. He then sat by the bed and took out a box from his drawer.

Seeing his action, unhappiness surged in Cen Xi’s heart once more. However, she had no right to question him about anything.

Picking up her fallen clothes, she put them on swiftly.