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Chapter 1333: She Cupped His Face and Kissed Him

Qiao Yanze glanced at Cen Xi, his lips smirking when he noted her flushed face. “How about I strip now for you to see it then?”

Cen Xi glanced towards his abdomen instinctively. “Who wants to see yours? It’s not nice to look at anyway.”

The moment she finished speaking, she wanted so badly to bite her tongue off. What was she even saying?

He was obviously teasing her on purpose. Why did she fall in the trap?

Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes slightly. “Did you see another man’s in the past two months?” His eyes were so dark that it seemed like he would twist and break her neck if she said yes.

Cen Xi didn’t want to continue this ambiguous conversation with him any longer. She walked beside him and glanced at his injured arm. “Where’s the first-aid kit?”

Qiao Yanze stared at Cen Xi in silence.

Cen Xi searched around the entire room before she saw the first-aid kit under the bed. She walked over to take it out.

After she disinfected Qiao Yanze’s wound, she applied some ointment and wrapped it up with a roll of bandage. Her actions were extremely smooth and quiet, clean and curt.

None of them spoke during the entire process.

However, Qiao Yanze’s eyes remained on Cen Xi’s petite face. He couldn’t read this girl at all.

After Cen Xi bandaged his wound, she clapped. “It’s done. You should rest early. I’m going back to my room to rest as well.”

The moment she finished speaking, he grabbed her slender wrist. With a tug, she fell on his lap.

On instinct, Cen Xi wanted to stand up. However, he held her down, not letting her go. Her back was pressed against his firm and muscular chest with no gap between them, while his arms wrapped around her like metal chains.

Cen Xi was a little frustrated. “Young Master Qiao!”

It had been a very long time since Qiao Yanze had touched a woman. With the soft and warm figure in his arms, he couldn’t help but recall the few days he had had her. Although it was very short, those memories were unforgettable.

His blood started to pump faster uncontrollably as his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. He buried his face in the crook of her neck and took in a deep breath of the faint fragrance on her.

Feeling the man’s breathing become heavier, and his tightening hold around her, Cen Xi started to panic a little. However, she still forced herself to calm down. She tilted her head and stared into his dark eyes. “Young Master Qiao, what are you doing?”

Qiao Yanze noted the wariness in her eyes.

He couldn’t see any adoration or like in them at all.

Her eyes weren’t like this in the few days they were together. At that time, it was like her eyes were filled with sparkling stars when they stared at him.

He fell in a daze. Suddenly, he started to miss that gaze on her a little. Leaning down, he leaned down and sucked on her moving lips straight away.

They were incredibly soft.

Just like he had imagined.

He sucked and sucked. But it was clearly not enough. He pushed his tongue into her mouth domineeringly, starting to invade her senses.

Cen Xi’s mind blanked for a few seconds. It was when he curled his tongue against hers, her senses overwhelmed by the tingling and numbing feeling that she remembered to push him away.

When he wasn’t paying attention, she bit down on his tongue. His breathing caught in his chest as he let go of her with dark eyes. However, he still held down on her tightly, with no signs of letting her go.

Scared of angering him, Cen Xi hurriedly said, “There is Ji Wei’s scent on you. You should know that women don’t like to smell another woman on the man when they kiss.”

Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened. “I didn’t kiss her.”

“Didn’t you hug her?”

Qiao Yanze was speechless.

“Go and take a shower first.”

Finally Qiao Yanze let go of her. “Stay here and don’t run away.”

After Qiao Yanze went to take a shower, Cen Xi hurriedly left his room. There was no way she would listen to him obediently.

She walked towards the room she was assigned to and bumped into the little girl she had saved and her father.

The girl’s father glanced at Cen Xi with a smile, “Miss Cen, I made some food in the cafeteria. My daughter wants to invite you to go and have some together with us.”

“Yes, Sister! My father is a chef and cooks really well! Let’s go and eat together!”

It had almost been an entire day since Cen Xi had eaten, so she was indeed hungry. She didn’t reject the invitation. “Alright.”

When Qiao Yanze returned to his room after showering, he wasn’t too surprised to see Cen Xi from the room. With her personality, it wouldn’t be her if she listened to him.

Since they hadn’t eaten, Qiao Yanze brought Xiao Zuo to the temporary cafeteria.

Seeing Cen Xi chatting and laughing with the little girl and her father in the cafeteria, Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened straight away.

She had barely left his room. Did she seduce another man so quickly?

Cen Xi noticed Qiao Yanze’s arrival. However, why were his eyes like that? He looked like an unhappy husband who had caught his wife in an affair.

“Sister, are you going to Feng City too? My father and I are from there!” The little girl’s soft voice pulled Cen Xi back to reality.

Hearing that the father and daughter were from Feng City, Cen Xi recalled the river she saw in the photo. “Have you been to River Lin?”

“Yes! It’s not too far away from our house.”

“I’m going there too.”

“Sister, you can take our car then!”

Qiao Yanze was seated slightly far from Cen Xi, so he couldn’t hear what they were saying. However, seeing that they got more acquainted and happier the more they chatted, his appetite was gone. Slamming his chopsticks on the table, he left before eating anything.

Everything was settled very quickly after the incident and all the thieves had been detained. In two days, Feng City had regained its security and the sealed roads were reopened very quickly.

Learning of this, Cen Xi discussed with the little girl’s father and they decided to leave the next morning.

The next morning.

Cen Xi had her bag with her, about to leave. However, when she was leaving, someone bumped into her accidentally and her bag fell on the floor.

The photo in her bag fell out slightly and Cen Xi hurriedly crouched down, wanting to pick it up.

Suddenly, a well-defined hand reached out. Cen Xi looked up and saw Qiao Yanze crouching in front of her. Her heart started to thump crazily.

It wasn’t the fluttering type of thumping. It was panic!

There was only one thought in her mind. He must not see the photo!

Seeing that he was about to touch her bag, Cen Xi had no time to think as she cupped his face and kissed him.

Their lips pressed together. They were so close to each other that she could see his long, black eyelashes clearly.

He had been really busy the past two days, so she hadn’t seen him once. She never expected to bump into him when she had planned to leave.

Qiao Yanze didn’t push Cen Xi away. He stared at her for a few seconds before he reached out and picked her up.

Cen Xi hurriedly pushed the photo back into her bag. She had a hand on her bag while her other hand was wrapped around his neck to prevent herself from falling. Looking into his dark but fiery eyes, the blood within her started to pump faster, towards her heart like a strong wave.

At this point, she knew that it was too late to run away or reject him anymore.