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Chapter 1332: Pushing Her Against the Car

Cen Xi walked along the street with dark eyes.

It wasn’t that the earlier scene had made her jealous or sad. But it did wake her up suddenly.

After what happened with the thieves, she almost forgot why she had come here.

She came to look for her older sister, not for a relationship.

She caressed her lips. At the thought that she had kissed Qiao Yanze rashly after he had saved the girl and her, she wanted to slap herself so badly.

How would he think of her?

Ugh, never mind. His thoughts of her weren’t important anyway.

With Ji Wei with him, wasn’t it a very good thing with how they had similar family backgrounds, worked the same work and were able to accompany and protect each other?

After her older sister had hurt the Qiao family and him back then, wasn’t the ultimate goal for her wanting to pay for her sister’s sins for him to be happy?

Now that the thieves had all been arrested, they should return to Feng City very soon! She should find out about that photo instead!

At this thought, Cen Xi relaxed a lot more.

After Qiao Yanze instructed Da Zuo about how to settle the things in the hotel, he brought Xiao Zuo back to the camp with him.

He ignored his injured arm and asked Xiao Zuo to bring Cen Xi over instead. He wanted to ask her properly about what the kiss earlier meant.

From the logbook, Xiao Zuo found the room Cen Xi was registered to be in, before he went up to find her.

However, the person who shared the room with Cen Xi said that she had left about an hour ago and never returned. Xiao Zuo went back downstairs and told what he had learned to Qiao Yanze.

Hearing this, Qiao Yanze instantly furrowed his eyebrows.

He told her to stay put. Where did she go now?

The safety camp was built temporarily and had simple infrastructure, so it didn’t have any surveillance cameras. If Cen Xi had run away, it wouldn’t be easy to find her.

“Young Master, how about I drive out and look for her?” Seeing Qiao Yanze’s dark expression, Xiao Zuo asked carefully.

Qiao Yanze’s expression froze. “I’ll go.”

“Young Master, you’re injured, so you should bandage the wound properly first.”

“It’s barely anything.”

Qiao Yanze got on the SUV and drove out of the safety camp. However, he had only driven for several meters when he saw a slender figure walking towards the camp.

If it was not Cen Xi, who could it be?

Cen Xi didn’t want to return to the camp originally. However, because her bag and identity cards were there, she had no choice but to return.

Qiao Yanze remained unmoving in the car.

Seeing Cen Xi’s figure moving towards him speedily, he leaned back and lit a cigarette. Ash-green smoke covered his eyes that slowly turned dark. Warm anger slowly grew in his eyes.

Just as Cen Xi was about to walk past the SUV, its door suddenly opened.

When Cen Xi saw the man get out of the car with a dark aura surrounding him, she took several steps back.

“Mr Qiao, are you going out?” Cen Xi greeted him first. After all, he had saved her from a thief. She couldn’t act sternly to him like before.

Qiao Yanze flicked the ash off his cigarette as his expression remained indifferent. “Where did you go?”

“I couldn’t sleep, so I went to take a walk around.”

The moment she finished speaking, he growled out, “Don’t you know it’s very messy here? It wasn’t easy for us to save you, yet you moved around anyhow. Do you plan to increase our burden or are you trying to show that you have the capability to save yourself?”

Cen Xi widened her eyes slightly from being scolded by him so suddenly. She remained frozen for a few seconds.

One of her ears was still numb from his shouting.

Staring into his murderous eyes, Cen Xi shrunk into herself. She didn’t want to argue with him about anything, so she admitted her mistake obediently. “I’m sorry. I know I’m at fault. I won’t add onto your burden anymore.”

With that said, she wanted to walk past him.

Seeing this, Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened even more. He grabbed her wrist and threw her towards the car. As he pressed one hand by her waist as he stood in front of her, he cast a tall shadow over her.

The two of them stood really close to each other as he leaned down, his masculine scent surrounding her. Cen Xi’s long lashes fluttered as her heart skipped a beat uncontrollably.

Qiao Yanze’s hand moved closer towards her, almost touching her slender waist. He stared at her cold and exquisite face, leaning closer as his scorching breath sprayed by her ear. “Don’t you have anything else to say to me?”

Cen Xi’s fingers curled together, her palm sweating as she lifted her hand to press against his approaching chest. She looked to the side, avoiding his eyes as she smiled stiffly. “You’ve worked hard, Mr Qiao. You’re the hero in all of our hearts tonight.”

The next second, he pulled her chin back, forcing her eyes to meet his dark and impatient ones. Cen Xi’s smile left her lips as she said with furrowed eyebrows, “Does Mr Qiao want me to talk about that kiss?”

Qiao Yanze remained silent. However, his gaze on her darkened slightly.

He really wanted her to talk about that kiss!

Cen Xi explained with a tingling scalp, “When you saved the girl and me, I was really touched and grateful to you, so in my rashness, I kissed you.”

“It was only rashness and nothing else?” Qiao Yanze asked darkly.

Cen Xi laughed. “Does Leader Qiao want it to be something else?”

Qiao Yanze’s handsome face inched closer towards Cen Xi, the tip of their noses almost touching. “Mr Qiao, aren’t you worried that Miss Ji Wei would be jealous if you do this?”

Ji Wei would be jealous?

Qiao Yanze stared at Cen Xi for a while with dark eyes, before he suddenly saw several flower petals on her head. If he didn’t remember wrongly, those flower petals belonged to flowers that were grown in front of the hotel.

Instead of staying in the safety camp obediently, she went to the town’s hotel?

And even saw Ji Wei and him?

“Ha.” He chuckled softly.

Cen Xi didn’t think that there was anything funny about their conversation, when he suddenly laughed, goosebumps started to rise on her skin unconsciously. His face was terribly close to hers. His scorching breath sprayed on her face, making her feel a little annoyed.

She pushed his shoulder and glared at him with a tense expression. “What are you laughing at?”

“My arm is injured. Come and help me bandage it.” He let go of her and started to walk back towards the camp.

Staring at his figure, Cen Xi felt that he was really strange.

How could someone change the topic of the conversation so quickly! She had asked if he wasn’t afraid if Ji Wei would be jealous, yet he ended up laughing and asked her to help him bandage his arm?

This man was too confusing.

Qiao Yanze had a room to himself in the camp. Cen Xi hesitated for a while about going in. However, at the thought that he had saved her, she followed him into his room in the end.

By the time she entered the room, Qiao Yanze had already taken off his black uniform. Cen Xi froze slightly at the sight of his naked upper body.

He sat down on a chair, spreading his legs apart as he glanced at Cen Xi. “You’ve already seen my number two. Why is your face so red from seeing my chest?”

It took Cen Xi a while to realize what he was referring to as his number two.

“Y-You…” Cen Xi’s face flushed red. “I didn’t see it before.” Although they had been intimate before, she had never really taken a proper look at his body.