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Chapter 1330: Fate

Cen Xi looked at the man sitting in the front passenger’s seat. He was wearing a black jacket and held a cigarette between his fingers. It had been two months since she had last seen him and his handsome face was slightly thinner, while his jaw was covered with a faint stubble. He stared at her expressionlessly, his eyes deep and cold.

On the night of the social gathering event, she had fired several shots at his feet. At that time, he was furious and his expression was dark. She could think with her toes how much of a critical blow he had suffered to his pride.

Although up to now, Cen Xi did not regret her actions that night, she still felt a bit awkward when she suddenly met him in such a place.

She wanted to tell him that she was fine and that he should leave quickly, but she also knew that this was not the time to speak willfully about having a backbone.

In order to resolve the embarrassment, a trace of a smile appeared on Cen Xi’s cold and charming face. “Maybe it’s fate!”

Qiao Yanze glanced at her coldly and then retracted his gaze, asking the driver to drive.

Seeing this, Cen Xi quickly reached for the car door and her smile disappeared. “Don’t go, don’t go. My car broke down, can you help me?”

Cen Xi put her face through the window. Her eyes were as bright as stars with a trace of coldness to them. Her thick and long eyelashes were like fans and her skin without makeup was fair and delicate.

Qiao Yanze’s heart jumped when her exquisite and beautiful face reached in, and the hand holding the cigarette pushed at her forehead. “I don’t want to repair your car and you want to seduce me?”

“Mr Qiao, you’re thinking too much.” Cen Xi looked at the driver. “I wanted to ask that brother for help. I can tell at one glance that your hands don’t know how to repair cars.”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips tightly and he pushed the door open. “Get out of the way.”

The downpour of rain had gradually become less heavy. Qiao Yanze got out of the car, took the tools, went to Cen Xi’s car and opened the hood, bending over to repair the car.

Cen Xi stood not far away, looking at him. He had a good figure, broad shoulders and narrow waist, and had long arms and legs.

After nearly 20 minutes, Qiao Yanze raised his chin toward Cen Xi. “Go and start the car.”

Cen Xi got into the car and started the engine.

Wow, he had really repaired it.

Qiao Yanze cleaned his hands and went to Cen Xi’s car window, saying in a cold voice, “Don’t provoke me in the future. Today, even if it was a stranger’s car that had broken down, I would still help.”

Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows.

What he meant was that she was just a stranger in his heart?

“No matter what, I still have to thank Mr Qiao.”

Qiao Yanze bit a cigarette between his lips, his eyes dark. “Feng City is ahead. It’s still dangerous there. Are you seeking death, going over there?”

“I have something to do there.”

“The city is on lockdown, you can’t enter.”

“When will it return to normal?”

“I can’t say. Go back quickly.” Not wanting to say anything more to her, Qiao Yanze went back to his car.

Looking at the two cars that were speeding away, Cen Xi was in a daze for a while.He said that the city was in lockdown so she could not continue forward and had to go back.

The road was difficult to navigate through and Cen Xi was afraid that her car would break down again so she drove to a small city near Feng City. After sending the car to the repair shop, Cen Xi found a hotel.

She did not know if it was because of the weather, but she seemed to have caught a cold and had a bad headache.

Lying on the bed, she slept for a while and in the evening, she got up and went downstairs to buy a bowl of noodles.

When she returned to her room, she had two bites of the noodles when suddenly, there was a loud noise downstairs.

Cen Xi went to the window hurriedly and found that there was white smoke downstairs and there was the smell of something burning.

Cries of panic gradually sounded in the corridor.

Cen Xi’s heart quivered and she took her bag and luggage, opened the door and went out.

She was staying on the sixth floor and there was no elevator.

All the guests rushed downstairs and Cen Xi followed them.

A girl of about four to five years old mingled in the crowd and seemed to have gotten lost from her family. She was knocked down by the flustered guests and was crying desperately.

Everyone was in such a panic that no one helped to pull the little girl out.

Without any hesitation, Cen Xi ran to the girl. Along the way, someone bumped into her luggage and bag. Cen Xi did not pick her luggage but only her bag, before running to the little girl’s side and picking her up.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll take you out.”

Cen Xi carried the little girl and ran downstairs. At the second floor, she found that the guests, who were running downstairs, were being held as hostages by the rioters.

With her expression tensing, Cen Xi held the little girl tightly and ran upstairs. A thief saw Cen Xi and chased after her with a fierce expression.

Cen Xi ran into one of the rooms on the third floor with the little girl. Pulling over the table, she put it against the door and pushed open the window, looking outside.

It was a little high and carrying the little girl, they might lose their lives if she jumped down.

Just then, there was a loud bang and the thief outside had made a hole on the door.

The little girl screamed in fright.

Cen Xi held the little girl and hid in the closet. Covering the little girl’s mouth, she said softly, “Don’t cry or shout.”

After a while, the door was kicked open by the thief.

Cen Xi’s heart was beating wildly. The crossbow in her bag had fallen out and she didn’t have any self-defense tools now. She had no chance against the thieves with guns with her bare hands.

She held the little girl tightly and her palms and back were all sweaty.

Cen Xi held her breath and concentrated. She heard the thief coming in. Footsteps slowly came towards the closet and Cen Xi’s heart was almost in her throat.

The closet door was suddenly pulled open.

Cen Xi met with that thief’s red eyes and she quickly grabbed a cup and threw it at the thief’s face.

The thief was hit in the face and he raised his gun, firing into the closet.

Cen Xi held the little girl and rolled on the ground several times.

The two of them rolled to the side of a pair of black leather boots. Cen Xi felt like she was doomed. Was she going to die here?

There was a bang. Cen Xi smelled smoke and she closed her eyes in despair.

At this moment, she heard a deep and cold voice. “Can you walk?”

Cen Xi raised her head and saw Qiao Yanze who was dressed in a black uniform. There was surprise in her eyes and before she could say anything, she was pulled up by Qiao Yanze. “The thieves lured the enemy away from their base and attacked this small city at night. Now they have taken hostages and want us to release their people we have caught. It’s very dangerous here. I’ll take you away first.”

Cen Xi nodded. She knew that Qiao Yanze was regarding her as an ordinary citizen. It was not only her, but he would also save those people who were taken hostage by the thieves.

But no matter what, with him appearing here suddenly, she was moved.

Qiao Yanze shot out a zip line and he asked Cen Xi to carry the little girl while he carried Cen Xi, taking the both of them downstairs.

Taking the two of them to the rescue car, he said in a deep voice. “The driver will take you to a safety camp.” With that, he was about to leave.

His hand was suddenly pulled by Cen Xi. He looked at her and she suddenly stood on tiptoes, giving him a peck on his handsome face. “Be careful.”

Qiao Yanze touched the place where she had kissed and it felt a little numb. His eyes turned dark and seemed to have countless things to ask her, but the situation was urgent, so he left in a hurry without asking anything.