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Chapter 1328: She Was Fortunate to Have Met Him

Xiao Yi looked at the brat who was being fed in Xia Yanran’s arms. His eyes opened and then closed, a blissful expression on his wrinkled face that looked like an old man. Xiao Yi stood by the side and wanted to pull him out of her arms.

Xia Yanran felt the heated gaze of the man beside her and she looked up at him. Seeing his Adam’s apple bobbing, her face turned red. “What are you doing? Why are you staring at the baby when he’s drinking milk?”

Xiao Yi’s handsome face came towards Xia Yanran and he lifted her chin with his long finger. “I want to kiss you.”

Without waiting for Xia Yanran to say anything, his kiss fell both domineeringly and gently.

Xia Yanran wanted to push this shameless man away, but she was holding the child with both hands and could not free her hands. She could only mumble her protest.

She was still nursing their son!

Xiao Yi pressed against Xia Yanran’s lips and after kissing her, he pried open her teeth and was about to reach in his tongue to entangle with hers when the loud cry of the baby suddenly sounded.

Gritting his teeth, Xiao Yi could only stop when he heard the child cry and released Xia Yanran. He looked down at the brat in Xia Yanran’s arms. The brat stopped crying immediately and continued to drink his milk.

Xiao Yi’s expression tensed and he held Xia Yanran’s face, kissing her again. The brat then started crying again.

What the hell?!

“Brat, you’re going against me when you’re still so young.” Xiao Yi held Xia Yanran’s shoulders and glared at Little An’an in her arms. “This is my wife. You can drink milk for three months at most, understand?”

Little An’an pouted and cried again.

“You little brat!”

Xia Yanran did not know whether to laugh or cry. The one in her arms was just a newborn baby and knew nothing, but why was the man beside her behaving like a child?

As Xia Yanran glared at Xiao Yi, she chided softly, “Don’t scare An’an.” Xia Yanran smiled at the little fellow in her arms. “An’an, don’t listen to your father. I won’t cut off your food supply.”

Xiao Yi was speechless.

Xia Tang and the nurse came in one after another and the nurse reminded Xia Yanran, “Mrs Xiao, it’s time for the baby to have his bath.”

Xia Tang came forward and took An’an from Xia Yanran’s arms. “Little An’an, can Auntie take you to have your bath?”

Xia Yanran wanted to go to see An’an take a bath. As a first time mother, everything was new and strange to her, but Xiao Yi pulled Xia Yanran, not letting her go. “You don’t have to worry with Tangtang and Brother-in-law looking after him.”

Xiao Yi pulled Xia Yanran into his arms and kissed the top of her head. “Honey, you’ve worked hard.”

Little An’an came back to the ward after his bath. Cen Xi, who was back at the Capital, came to visit Xia Yanran.

“Sister Yanran, Little An’an’s facial features are really good-looking. He will definitely be even more handsome than President Xiao when he grows up!”

A smile appeared on Xia Yanran’s lips. “Because the student surpasses the teacher!”

Xiao Yi frowned when he heard this. “What? That ugly, wrinkly brat will be even more handsome than me?”

Xia Yanran could not help hitting Xiao Yi’s broad and strong shoulders. “You’re not allowed to say that of my An’an.”

Xiao Yi’s expression turned dark. “Woman, you really don’t want your husband when you have your son.”

Cen Xi saw the loving couple and could not help lifting her lips into a smile.

During the night, Xia Yanran woke up from her sleep and found that the man who said that he disliked Little An’an, was squatting beside Little An’an’s baby crib, his eyes red and he was saying in a deep and hoarse voice, “Brat, you made your mother suffer so much. If you don’t behave yourself when you grow up, you’ll see how I’m going to beat you.”

Then, he could not help kissing the little fellow’s forehead and murmured, “It’s no use being more handsome than me. I’m sure you won’t be able to find an outstanding woman like your mother in the future.”

This man!

Xia Yanran’s lips curved into a smile. She was not that outstanding, she was just lucky to have met a good husband who only had her in his eyes and heart!

Cen Xi took the subway back to the apartment.

On the way, there was a smile on her face. In this world, there were many rich and devoted men.

Among the people she knew, weren’t the King, General Bo and Boss Xiao men who doted upon their wives the most!

But Cen Xi sighed when she thought of Gu Meng.

When she returned to the Capital, Gu Meng had repeatedly told her not to disclose the news of her pregnancy.

She said that she was content to be pregnant with Brother Ah Dai’s child and would not ask for too much. Brother Ah Dai was a noble man and she was an ordinary person, so they were doomed to not have a good ending. If she insisted on it, she did not know what waves she would cause and she did not want to push herself and her child to the top of the wave.

Although Cen Xi had a good relationship with Gu Meng, she would not tell the Third Prince that Mengmeng was pregnant with his child. Mengmeng had her own thoughts and she would respect that.

Cen Xi went back to the apartment and she thought it would be a normal day as usual, but when she came to the door, she was shocked.

The lock of her apartment door was opened and the door was not closed, leaving a small crack.

The district Cen Xi was living in was not the best in the Capital, but it was not too bad. She had not heard of any thieves breaking into other people’s houses.

Taking out the pepper spray from her bag, Cen Xi felt her heart tense as she pushed open the door carefully to go in. When she touched the switch in the hallway, she flipped it open and the light was turned on.

There was no trace of any thief in the living room and everything was as she had left it.

Cen Xi looked left and right, not daring to let down her guard.

There was no suspicious figure in the living room and she went to her bedroom and guest room. She had checked the corners of the cabinet and even her safe, but her valuables were still there.

It was really strange.

Cen Xi went back to the living room and looked around. She did not find anything missing, but caught a glimpse of an envelope on the coffee table.

Cen Xi strode to the coffee table.

She stared at the envelope for a moment. She was sure that the envelope was the only additional thing in the house.

Putting down the pepper spray, Cen Xi bent over and picked up the envelope, before opening the envelope with some doubts.

There was a picture in the envelope. Taking out the picture, Cen Xi’s hand shook when she saw the person in the picture and the envelope and picture almost fell to the ground.

Cen Xi’s pupils constricted and she fell back on the sofa, staring at the picture, afraid that she was seeing things.

How was it possible?

Taking out her phone, Cen Xi immediately called the security company.

After a while, the security company sent someone over. Cen Xi took him to look at the door lock that had been broken. “Someone broke into my house. Although I didn’t lose anything, I feel a little uneasy. Can the surveillance cameras see who came to my floor?”

“Miss Cen, to be honest, our monitoring room was hacked in the afternoon and all our data is corrupted.”