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Chapter 1326: Premature Birth

Gu Meng looked coldly at Mrs Gu who had fallen to the ground. “Mom, it’s fine that you’re biased, but you want to kill me with that knock just now? Since you hate me so much, just treat it as if you have never given birth to me in the future!”

Mrs Gu wanted to say something, but seeing Gu Meng’s tightly clenched fists, she was unable to say anything.

Gu Meng went to her room to pack her things, took her identification documents and left quickly.

Mr Gu stood in the yard smoking and seeing Gu Meng coming out, he gave her a bankbook. “Mengmeng, I can’t stop you if you’re determined to move out. Here are my private savings. I planned to give it to you when you got married, take it with you!”

Gu Meng’s eyes became red-rimmed. She knew her father’s personality. He was honest with no opinions and he must have taken much risk to have some private savings of his own.

Shaking her head, Gu Meng said with a choked voice, “Dad, keep the money for yourself. I will take care of myself outside. Don’t worry!”

“Mengmeng, remember to call me.”

“Okay, Dad. I will. Take care of yourself.”

Gu Meng turned back to look at the fishing village as she walked out. This was the place she had lived for twenty over years and she had so many feelings for it.

She might not come back for many years after leaving.

Looking down at her abdomen, there was a trace of a smile on Gu Meng’s lips.

She was not alone. In the future, she had her baby to accompany her.

Cen Xi and Gu Meng stayed in a hotel in town for a night.

After taking their baths, Cen Xi and Gu Meng laid on the bed, and Cen Xi asked Gu Meng. “Mengmeng, where do you plan to go?”

“Wen City.” Gu Meng put her hand on her flat abdomen, looking at the ceiling. “When I was at the fishing village, I met a boss who came to the village to see pearls. He is in the jewelry business and he said that I was very talented in jewelry design and asked if I would like to be his apprentice. At that time, because Brother Ah Dai was in the fishing village so I didn’t agree. I’m not alone now, for the sake of my baby, I have to have a proper and promising career, so that I can better support my baby in the future.”

Before finding out that she was pregnant, Gu Meng planned to open a martial arts school in the fishing village. But now, it would be inconvenient so she could no longer engage in that work for the time being.

Hearing Gu Meng’s plan, Cen Xi nodded approvingly. “Jewelry design is good, it has a promising future.”

The next day.

Cen Xi accompanied Gu Meng to Wen City by plane.

Cen Xi had come to Wen City once with Qiao Yanze on a business trip. Coming here again, she felt like a century had passed.

The other time during General Bo’s social gathering event, she took Qiao Yanze’s gun and after shooting a few shots at his feet, they had not contacted and seen each other for two months already.

He had gone to the North and she was busy with work usually. Cen Xi could imagine that with his arrogant personality, he would not contact her on his own initiative after being shot at by her.

Fortunately, she had not overestimated her charm and thought that men would fall in love with her body after sleeping with her.

Gu Meng had contacted the jewelry boss before coming. Cen Xi thought the boss would be a mature and older man, but she did not expect him to be a dazzling, exquisite and devilish man.

He had both hands in his pants pocket and had diamond studs on his ears. He was chewing gum and seemed to have an unruly air to him.

Cen Xi asked Gu Meng softly, “Mengmeng, is he the boss who wanted to take you as his apprentice?”

Gu Meng nodded. “Xiao Xi, Fu Cheng looks indecent but he is very talented. It’s just that he has a strange temper and is a bit sarcastic at times.”

Sure enough, upon seeing Gu Meng, a smile appeared on the man’s face. “Looking at you like this, were you dumped by a man?”

Gu Meng said nothing.

“I’ve long said that your Brother Ah Dai is not reliable. Women shouldn’t put all their thoughts on relationships and build up their careers. Once you have the ability and charm, there will be more men chasing after you.”

Cen Xi listened silently and felt that what he had said made some sense.

Gu Meng also agreed with Fu Cheng’s words and nodded. “Young Master Fu, I will focus on my work in the future.”

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the dormitory.”

Although Fu Cheng did not speak nicely, Cen Xi could see that he cared for Gu Meng from the bottom of his heart. The apartment he gave her had a complete range of household appliances and was close to the jewelry company.

Cen Xi was relieved for Gu Meng to be able to settle down for the time being. She would be taken care of here.

Not long after Cen Xi returned to the Capital, a great event happened to the Xiao family.

Xia Yanran had given birth prematurely.

The reason was that there was a new female assistant in Xiao Yi’s company who was ambitious and thought that she could hook up with Xiao Yi while Xia Yanran was pregnant and move up the ranks.

Even if she was unable to chase Xia Yanran away, she could still be Xiao Yi’s lover. After all, Xiao Yi was handsome and rich, and was still charming after getting married. He was the object of admiration from many young female colleagues in the company.

The female assistant deliberately released some scandalous news and many colleagues nearly thought that Xiao Yi was having an affair while the lady boss was pregnant. When one of the female assistants who was very fond of Xia Yanran heard this, she immediately called to tell Xia Yanran.

Xia Yanran trusted Xiao Yi very much. They had gone through so many things and he would definitely not look for a woman outside behind her back. But now that she was pregnant, her figure was not as slender as those young girls. Xiao Yi was more and more charming and she was more or less worried.

Xiao Yi did not come back until after ten in the evening after entertaining guests. It was obvious that he had drank a little too much and kissed Xia Yanran recklessly after taking his bath.

It was not easy for Xia Yanran to get pregnant. Even in the middle of her pregnancy, he held in the urge to touch her. But perhaps he had drunk too much tonight, he kept kissing her and ran his hand over her body.

Xia Yanran knew that he was suffering from holding it in so she wanted to give in to him once. At that time his mind was not clear and with her responding to him, he really did it with her.

But before they could finish, her stomach began to hurt.

The moment she shouted in pain, he was frightened and quickly put on his clothes, and carried her to the car. When they were about to reach the Royal Hospital, her water broke.

The medical team was already waiting at the entrance of the hospital and Xiao Yi put Xia Yanran onto the wheelchair and ran while pushing it frantically.

Xia Yanran’s face was scrunched up in pain and was breaking out in cold sweat. But seeing Xiao Yi’s self reproach, she comforted him. “Our An’an must be anxious to see Daddy and Mommy so he’s coming out ahead of time. Xiao Yi, don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”

Xiao Yi wanted to give himself a slap. She was in the late stages of pregnancy and the doctor had told him not to share a room with her. Why couldn’t he have controlled himself!

“Yanran, I’ll accompany you into the delivery room. If that young brat dares to torture you, I’ll beat him up when he comes out!”

Xia Yanran was in pain but wanted to laugh. She glared at Xiao Yi weakly. “Don’t beat my darling.”

Xiao Yi held Xia Yanran’s hand, a pained look in his eyes. “As long as you’re fine, I will listen to you.”