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Chapter 1325: She Decided to Leave

Cen Xi walked behind Gu Meng and seeing her stop, she followed her gaze and looked at the TV.

Seeing Ye Qing helping the president’s daughter down the gangway, Cen Xi grabbed Gu Meng’s wrist and pulled her away.

She thought Gu Meng would cry, but she saw the girl was smiling. “Xiao Xi, doesn’t the prince and princess look dazzling and compatible standing together?”

There was a pain in Cen Xi’s heart when she saw Gu Meng’s smile.

Pulling Gu Meng into the room, Cen Xi held her. “Mengmeng, cry if you want. Don’t hold it in.”

Gu Meng shook her head, her eyes bright and clear. There was lament and blessings but no sadness and resentment.

“Xiao Xi, I’m not sad. Actually, when I learned about his identity, I knew it was impossible between us. I came to the Capital to find him and thought that we’ll have a good ending when he remembered me. I was too naive. That night, I was satisfied with him giving me what I wanted. I had my most precious memories.”

There was a charming smile on Gu Meng’s face. “It’s okay. Now I will also have a baby to accompany me in the future. This is a good thing. I was even planning to remain single and grow old alone!”

Seeing the smile on Gu Meng’s face, Cen Xi felt like crying.

How could there be such a silly girl in this world!

In order to confirm the accuracy of the pregnancy test, Gu Meng and Cen Xi went to the hospital after lunch.

After doing a check, it confirmed that Gu Meng really was pregnant. Gu Meng asked Cen Xi to wait for her in town while she went back to the fishing village to pick up her luggage.

Cen Xi was worried about Gu Meng and followed her back to the fishing village.

Gu Meng knew she would definitely face her mother’s criticism and anger when she went back. She did not want Cen Xi to hear her mother’s abusive words, so she took Cen Xi to the house where Brother Ah Dai had lived before, resolutely refusing to let Cen Xi go back with her.

Sure enough, Gu Meng heard her mother’s crying and howling the moment she arrived at the door. “Old Gu, the daughter you doted on the most is not a virgin anymore. Oh my God, how can our family continue to live in the village?”

Until now, Mrs Gu still could not accept that Gu Meng was not a virgin anymore. The generous betrothal gift from the Zhuo family was right in front of her eyes, but it was thrown away by that shameless Gu Meng.

Mrs Gu heart felt like it was being stabbed by a knife and she sat on the ground crying. Mr Gu did not look good as well. Although he doted on Gu Meng usually, his thoughts were the same as Mrs Gu in this as it was a matter of virtue and principles.

An unmarried girl giving her body to a man for nothing. This would be gossiped around the village and no one would want to marry her. The customs of the fishing village had not been completely civilized. Gu Meng’s shameless behavior was definitely considered a scandal.

Gu Jiao sat by the side and added. “Dad, Mom, I think Sister has already given her body to that ugly Ah Dai. To think you still thought that she and that ugly Ah Dai were pure.”

“Ah Dai is thin and ugly. Is your sister blind?” Mrs Gu really could not figure it out. How could Gu Meng fall in love with that kind of man?

Gu Jiao laughed. “My sister sure is capable. Didn’t she ask the Third Prince over the other time?”

“The Third Prince did not come for her. Your brother had the NU virus and in order to prevent the virus from infecting other people, the Third Prince came over personally.” Mrs Gu did not believe that Gu Meng had the ability to get the Third Prince to come.

The three of them were talking about Gu Meng when she came in from the door.

When Mrs Gu saw Gu Meng, she thought of how Gu Meng had pushed her in the doctor’s office. Up to now, her back still hurt.

“You still have the cheek to come back?” Mrs Gu stood up from the ground and wanted to fight with Gu Meng, but Gu Meng was strong so Mrs Gu stopped and could only glare at Gu Meng angrily.

“Mengmeng, what happened during the physical examination? Who on earth are you with?” Mr Gu stood up from the chair and looked at Gu Meng with a fierce gaze.

Gu Meng pursed her lips and looked at the three people in the house. “I came back to pack my luggage. I’m going to move out.”

“What?” Mrs Gu’s voice was shrill. “Gu Meng, you have done something to disgrace us. Do you still plan to leave like that? Your father and I worked hard to raise you up. Is this how you are going to repay us?”

Gu Jiao followed Mrs Gu’s expression and glared at Gu Meng. “That’s right. Sister, how can you be so ungrateful?”

If it was before, Gu Meng perhaps would be sad when faced with her family’s attitude and hide herself to cry. But now, she only felt a coldness in her heart. “I have always been strong since I was a child and I followed Father out to sea. Mom was not in good health and Gu Jiao, you only know how to eat and drink. If you say that I’m ungrateful, what about you? If you’re that filial, why don’t you get married to that Zhuo man? If you get married, Mom would not lose that betrothal giー”


Mr Gu slapped Gu Meng’s face angrily. Gu Meng could have avoided it, but she didn’t.

Mr Gu was a steadfast and honest man with no opinions usually. He wanted to be a peacemaker between her and her mother, but he did not have the ability to do that and often ended up being in a difficult position.

In order to get back at Mrs Gu, Gu Meng had really put shame to the Gu family and it was not wrong for Mr Gu to slap her.

There was a pained look in Mr Gu’s eyes when he saw the red finger marks on Gu Meng’s fair face. Reaching out his hand, he wanted to touch Gu Meng’s face, but she took a step back. “Father, if you really love me, please let me go. My reputation in the village is ruined and only with me gone can you lift your heads up.”

Mrs Gu seemed to have also thought of this and she looked at Gu Meng. “You can go, but you have to leave all of your savings behind.”

Before Gu Meng could say anything, she heard Mr Gu shout, “Enough, our child is already leaving and you still want to exploit her? Do you want to force her to death? She has been an obedient and sensible child since she was young. It was all because of you that she was willing to be the target of all that gossip and did not want to get married!”

Mrs Gu could not believe that Mr Gu would speak to her in this tone. She rushed to Mr Gu with a ferocious expression. When Gu Meng saw this, she wanted to push Mr Gu away but Mrs Gu suddenly changed her direction and came towards Gu Meng.

Seeing that her mother was about to bump into her abdomen, Gu Meng’s face paled in fright. It was too late to dodge it. She might not be able to keep this child if she was knocked by her…

Just when Mrs Gu was about to knock into Gu Meng’s abdomen, Mrs Gu felt a sharp pain in her knee and she fell to the ground.

“Mengmeng, are you okay?” Cen Xi came in with a crossbow in her hand. She was worried about Gu Meng, after all, she was pregnant! If she was bothered by her shrew-like mother, it would be difficult for her to get away.

Thinking about how Gu Meng was almost hit by Mrs Gu in the abdomen, Cen Xi’s heart was still pounding.