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Chapter 1324: Pregnant

The middle-aged female doctor pushed up the glasses on the bridge of her nose, glanced at Mrs Gu and Mrs Zhuo, and then looked at the young girl sitting there with a trace of a sneer on her lips.

“Doctor, what are the results?” Mrs Zhuo asked anxiously when she saw that the doctor was not speaking and looking at them strangely.

“You will be clear if you ask her. Why do you still have to come to do this check?”

Mrs Gu and Mrs Zhuo were stunned when they heard the doctor’s words.

Mrs Gu asked, “Doctor, what do you mean?”

Gu Meng stood up from the chair, a smile that did not quite reach her eyes on her lips. “What the doctor means is that I’m not a virgin.”

Mrs Gu and Mrs Zhuo’s expressions did not look too good. Especially Mrs Gu, her face had turned dark and her eyes were almost popping out of their sockets.

The atmosphere in the doctor’s office was silent and strange for a moment.

A minute later, there was a shout. “You brat, when did you sleep with a wild man? Is it that ugly Ah Dai?”

Gu Meng looked at Mrs Gu’s angry expression and there was a mocking look on her face. “In my heart, no one can be compared with Brother Ah Dai. I said before, if you want to get a betrothal gift from them, get married yourself or let Gu Jiao get married.”

Mrs Gu rolled up her sleeves and rushed towards Gu Meng, wanting to hit her. “You brat, how dare you trick your mother. Let’s see if I don’t beat you to death!”

This time, Gu Meng did not let Mrs Gu hit her. Grabbing her wrist, Gu Meng gave a push and Mrs Gu knocked into the doctor’s desk and hit her back. She grimaced in pain and her expression became twisted.

When Mrs Zhuo saw that Gu Meng was not a virgin anymore and even dared to hit her own mother, she pointed at Gu Meng. “Why are you so ill-mannered… Ah!”

Mrs Zhuo’s finger was gripped tightly by Gu Meng and she felt that her bones were about to break. Gu Meng only let go of Mrs Zhuo when she saw the cold sweat on Mrs Zhuo’s forehead and that she could not bear the pain anymore. “If you want to discipline me, you’ll have to see if you have the ability!”

With that, Gu Meng carried her bag and left in big strides. When Mrs Gu saw Gu Meng’s rebellious attitude, her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

When Gu Meng went out of the hospital, she received a call from Cen Xi.

Cen Xi had become the assistant of Nan Zhi’s chief interpreter and did not contact Gu Meng much as she was very busy. Since she was on leave the past few days so she came to visit Gu Meng in the fishing village.

When she learned that Gu Meng was in town, Cen Xi took a taxi to the town’s hospital.

Gu Meng stood by the side of the road and waited for a few minutes before seeing Cen Xi coming out of a taxi.

The two girls had not seen each other for a long time and they hugged each other happily and excitedly.

“Xiao Xi, it’s almost noon. Let’s go, I’ll treat you to lunch.”

Gu Meng pulled Cen Xi’s hand and they went to a restaurant in the town that had good reviews.

After placing their orders, they talked about how they were recently.

Gu Meng told Cen Xi about what had happened in the morning and Cen Xi was shocked when she learned about it. “Mengmeng, aren’t you ruining your reputation by doing that? The gossip in the village spreads quickly and you won’t be able to raise your head up!”

Gu Meng drank some water and said with a grin, “I don’t plan to get married in this life. You didn’t see my mom’s face, it was too interesting! Now I’ve become a disgrace to her and let’s see if she has the face to promote me to others.”

Looking at Gu Meng who was speaking so indifferently about her mother’s favoritism, Cen Xi felt her heart ache for her. How much had Mengmeng suffered in the past to make her heart cold against her own mother?

“Mengmeng, why don’t you come back to the Capital with me!”

Hearing the word ‘Capital’, there was a sharp pain in Gu Meng’s heart.

After a few seconds of silence, Gu Meng smiled and shook her head. “I plan to leave the fishing village, but I won’t go back to the Capital anymore.”

“Mengmeng, you’re too silly.”

Gu Meng poked at Cen Xi’s charming face. “You’re the same as me.”

“That’s right. We’re both silly girls.”

After the food came, Gu Meng took food for Cen Xi and she ate very little. Cen Xi saw that Gu Meng was not eating much and she asked, “Is your stomach feeling unwell?”

Gu Meng was not feeling well recently. She was constantly sleepy, did not like to eat greasy food with strong smells and her appetite was not good as well.

“Don’t you like fish the most? You are already so thin. Eat more.” Cen Xi picked up a piece of fish and gave it to Gu Meng.

Gu Meng lowered her head and was about to eat the piece of fish when she suddenly felt nauseous.

“My stomach doesn’t feel that good.” Gu Meng picked up the cup and took a sip of water.

Cen Xi stared at Gu Meng for a while. “Mengmeng… Did your period come on time?”

“My period has never been very regular.”

“I think there’s something wrong with you. You don’t like the fish which you usually do and you’re so tired. Mengmeng, could you be pregnant?”

P-Pregnant?! Gu Meng’s eyes widened and she glanced at her flat stomach. The doctor only asked her to spread open her legs and did not do any ultrasound or blood and urine test. She might really be pregnant!

Gu Meng’s heart started to beat faster and she stared at her stomach for a while. “Xiao Xi, I want to go to the drugstore. Wait for me here.”

Cen Xi naturally knew why Gu Meng was going to the drugstore. Seeing that there was a drugstore opposite the restaurant, Cen Xi nodded. “Don’t walk too fast.”


Gu Meng went to the drugstore to buy a pregnancy test kit. She took it back to the restaurant and went to the washroom.

Cen Xi was worried and waited outside the washroom. A few minutes later, Gu Meng came out of the washroom.

There were tears in her eyes and her hand that was holding the pregnancy test kit was trembling slightly. “Xiao Xi, two red lines.”

“Then you’re pregnant?” Cen Xi did not have any experience with pregnancies.

“Yes.” Gu Meng crouched down as her emotions went out of control and she started crying. Tears also fell from Cen Xi’s eyes as she saw Gu Meng crying. Crouching down, she held Gu Meng’s trembling shoulders. “Mengmeng, don’t be afraid. If you don’t want the child, you can abort it. I will be with you.”

Gu Meng looked up and sniffed, then smiled. “Xiao Xi, I don’t plan to abort this child. He’s the most precious birthday present Brother Ah Dai has left for me.”

Cen Xi held Gu Meng’s face with her hands and wiped away the tears with her fingertips. “You’re really a silly girl. It’s not an easy thing to raise a child alone.”

“I’m not afraid. I used to take care of my brother and sister, so I have the experience.”

Cen Xi asked hesitantly, “Are you not going to tell the Third Prince?”


Gu Meng and Cen Xi went back to the room from the washroom and when they went past the hall, news was showing on the TV.

“The daughter of Y Country’s president arrived at the Capital International Airport this afternoon, and the Third Prince, Ye Qing, went to receive her with his team.”

The news segment showed the daughter of the president coming down from the gangway. Ye Qing was standing below and the president’s daughter placed her hand that was in a lace glove, into his large hand.