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Chapter 1323: After One Month

Time flew by and one month had passed in a flash.

Gu Che, Gu Meng’s younger brother, had recovered and was discharged from the hospital. After Mrs Gu and Mr Gu came home, they were busy with Gu Meng’s marriage.

The young man’s family from the neighboring village promised the Gu family a large amount of betrothal money, but before that, they needed Gu Meng to go to the hospital for a physical examination.

Gu Meng did not say a word to Mrs Gu in this one month. Mrs Gu thought that Gu Meng was unwilling, but had agreed to it.

So the two families had set a time to go to the hospital in town.

Gu Che frowned when he learnt that Gu Meng was going to the town hospital for that kind of examination. “Sister, I know you don’t want to get married. You have to say it out loud!”

Recently, Gu Meng seldom smiled and only when she was with Gu Che could she show a sincere smile. “Xiaoche, it’s okay. I’ll cooperate with them however they want me to suffer.”


“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Aren’t you going out to work this afternoon? I’ve prepared a big red packet for you.”

“I don’t want it. Sister, all these years you were the one who went fishing with Father from dawn and still had to go to school after that. After school, you helped out with housework. You’ve done so much for the family, but now, Father and Mother want to force you to get married. I’m so angry at them. If worst comes to worst, you leave this house and I’ll support you!”

Gu Meng was touched by her brother’s words and she hugged him. “Silly boy, I’m an adult. Why would I need you to support me! Don’t worry, this marriage won’t happen.”

The day after Gu Che went to work, Mrs Gu took Gu Meng to the town’s hospital.

The young man’s family from the neighboring village also came. The young man’s expression was arrogant as he looked at Gu Meng who was late. “My parents and I have been waiting for you for more than an hour.”

Gu Meng glanced at him. He was quite handsome, but had his nose up in the air, so he did not give her a favorable impression at all. “The hospital opens at eight. I came at the right time. You have the face to blame others when you don’t have any common sense?”

As soon as Gu Meng’s voice fell, the back of her head was hit by Mrs Gu. “How can you speak to Xiaozhuo like that?”

Gu Meng ignored Mrs Gu and stepped into the hospital first. The young man looked at Gu Meng’s arrogant figure and was furious.

When Gu Meng went to the gynecology department for the examination, Mrs Gu and the young man’s mother were waiting outside. Mrs Gu vowed. “In-law, don’t worry. Our Mengmeng is pure and cute. Although she has many pursuers, she has never been in a relationship before. You will have a pure and innocent daughter-in-law entering your family.”

Mrs Zhuo nodded. “Though your daughter is good-looking, she has a bad temper. When she gets married to our family, I will teach her well.”

“Yes, yes. She will be a member of your family when she marries over. You can beat and scold her. It’s all up to your family.”

Mrs Zhuo smiled. “Okay.”

A few minutes later, Gu Meng, who had finished the examination, came out of the examination room. Mrs Gu and Mrs Zhuo immediately entered the doctor’s office.

“Doctor, my daughter is a virgin, right? You don’t even need to examine her,” Mrs Gu said with a smile.