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Chapter 1321: Do You Want Me?

In the narrow and simple shower shed, Ye Qing took off his clothes and stood under an old shower. With the living environment and habits he grew up in, he did not want to spare a glance at such a place, let alone stand in it to take a bath.

He was a clean freak.

But when he came here, he had a sense of inexplicable familiarity although he could not remember anything.

It was probably left over from when he had lived in this place all those years ago. Even if he had forgotten it, the familiarity of it still existed.

Ye Qing closed his eyes and let the warm drops of water slide across his handsome face. Raising his hand, he wiped his face.

The warm water droplets slid down his well-defined chest and he shook his head, the water droplets flying out and the strong masculine scent spread out in the small space.

That sharp and cold outline became more charming under the water mist.

A few minutes later, he suddenly opened his eyes.

Turning off the tap, he pulled the towel off the shelf and opened the door, going out.

“Who’s out there?”

His eyes were like a deep well, looking at the figure hiding in the dark corner with a dangerous and sharp look. The figure that was standing in the corner slowly walked out.

Gu Meng looked at Ye Qing who only had a towel wrapped around him and a blush appeared on her face. “Brother Ah Dai, it’s me… I came to have a drink with you. I didn’t expect you to be taking a bath…”

She planned to wait for him to come out after his bath, but she did not expect him to be so alert that he could hear movements outside when he was taking a bath.

Ye Qing looked at the bottle of white wine in Gu Meng’s hand. “Didn’t you go back home to sleep?”

Gu Meng looked at the man who was only wrapped in a bath towel. His figure had become even better now. He used to be too thin when he was in the fishing village, but after returning to the Royal family, he became lean and strong, his firm muscles were rippling. His short black hair was still dripping with small beads of water and his well-defined abdominal muscles were beautiful.

Ye Qing saw that Gu Meng was silent and staring at his body with a pair of clear eyes, he gave a small cough. “Give me a moment, I’ll go and put on some clothes.”

Gu Meng nodded with her face burning. “Oh.”

After Ye Qing went into the room, Gu Meng went to the kitchen and took two cups to the yard.

There was a swing made by Brother Ah Dai for her in the yard. Gu Meng sat on it and after a while, Ye Qing came out, dressed.

He was still wearing the clothes from Brother Ah Dai’s wardrobe, a long black t-shirt and a pair of slacks.

Somehow, the ordinary clothes became inexplicably high end when he put them on. It turned out that people with a dignified aura looked good in anything.

Ye Qing pulled a chair over and sat opposite Gu Meng. Gu Meng handed him a cup filled with wine. “Brother Ah Dai, drink with me!”

Ye Qing looked at Gu Meng with dark eyes. “You’re in a bad mood?”

“If you’re not going to drink, I’ll drink it myself.” Gu Meng tilted her head back and downed half a cup of white wine in one go.

Ye Qing looked at her action and frowned slightly, saying nothing as he finished the wine in his cup as well.

Gu Meng filled their cups again.

After drinking a few cups, Gu Meng’s face had turned red. Seeing that she was still going to drink, Ye Qing stood up and took the cup away from her hand. “You’ll get drunk if you keep drinking.”

The moment her cup was taken away by him, she reached out her hands and wrapped them around his waist.

At the moment, she was sitting on the swing and he was standing beside her.

She buried her face into his waist, inhaling the fresh, masculine scent on his body. Gathering courage from the wine, she said boldly, “Brother Ah Dai, you said that you’ll go along with my wishes today.”

Ye Qing lowered his head, looking at the girl who was holding onto him tightly. “Gu Meng, you drank too much.”

“I didn’t.” Although she was slightly dizzy from the wine, she was still clear-headed and knew what she was doing.

Raising her head, her clear eyes were as bright as the stars in the night sky with an enchanting light. “Brother Ah Dai, don’t push me away. I don’t hope to have an ending with you and I know it has become just a wish for me.”

There were tears in her eyes and her hands that were around his waist tightened, as if she was afraid that he would push her away. Brushing her black hair back, her cheeks were red.

Ye Qing’s temples began to hurt like needles were piercing through and his heart softened.

“I swear that after tonight, I won’t appear in front of you again and I won’t bother you anymore. We’ll go our own separate ways. You’re the Third Prince, whereas I’m just an ordinary girl from a fishing village.”

Her eyelashes fluttered, as if she had used up all her energy saying those words. “Brother Ah Dai, can you give me some memories?”

Ye Qing pursed his lips. “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I know. Brother Ah Dai, do you know what I want to do with you?”

Ye Qing’s breathing turned heavy slightly and looking at the light surging out of her eyes, he almost could not control himself. Perhaps, it was not that he could not control himself, but the feelings that had been buried in the bottom of his heart.

But he was not the Ah Dai from before anymore.

Ye Qing closed his eyes and pulled away Gu Meng’s hands that were holding him. “I’ll take you back.”

Gu Meng looked at his back as he walked towards the gate of the courtyard, a mocking smile on her lips.

“Even if you pretended to be Brother Ah Dai for a day, you’re not him. You’re the Third Prince, how can you agree to such an absurd request!

“…Well, if you don’t want to, someone else will want it.” Gu Meng looked up slightly, unconsciously forcing the tears that were threatening to fall out of her eyes.

She stumbled towards the gate and the man had stopped in his tracks. Gu Meng did not say anything to him and went past him, preparing to go back.

But when she went past him, he grabbed her wrist.

He frowned and looked at her with dark eyes. “What do you mean someone else will want it?”

“Since you don’t want it, you have no right to ask.” Gu Meng pulled back her hand from his. But before she could step out, he held onto her again.

Ye Qing’s face was tense. There seemed to be two forces in his heart pulling him. One was telling him to let go and the other did not let him, But very soon, the second force prevailed and he pulled her into his arms. Looking down at her with a dangerous and dark look in his eyes. “You won’t regret it?”

Gu Meng rubbed the tip of her nose that was in pain after knocking into him and raised her head from his arms. “Whoever regrets it is a dog.”

As soon as her voice fell, her feet left the ground and she was picked up by him. Gu Meng’s heart almost jumped out of her mouth and her hands held his neck unconsciously.

At this moment, she had never expected that one day in the future, this night would become something she would regret for the rest of her life.