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Chapter 1319: Fulfilling Her Wish

Ye Qing’s head began to hurt violently and his tall body took a few steps back, his handsome facial features scrunched up in pain. He raised his hands and pressed them against his temples, as if a sharp weapon had pierced in.

Gu Meng saw that something was wrong with Ye Qing and she hurried forward. “Mr Ye, what’s wrong?”

Ye Qing leaned against the wall, his eyes closed and his chest heaving slightly.

It took him a while to feel better.

When he looked at the bed again, it seemed like there was no memory at all.

Gu Meng ran to the kitchen and brought out a cup of warm water which Ye Qing held and took a sip, looking at Gu Meng with dark eyes. “Did I touch you before?”

Gu Meng was stunned. She did not expect him to ask this and her clean and thin face turned bright red. “No…” Though they had sparked something off, her period came that day and he could not take it to the next level.

Ye Qing put down the teacup, saying nothing else and his tall body went outside. Gu Meng saw him go out of the yard and she stood at the door, watching his retreating figure.

She was too naive before. Even if he remembered her and the fishing village, what could be changed?

He was a prince and their lives differed greatly from each other. If he had not met with that accident, they would not have met in any way in this life.

So Gu Meng did not chase after him. After coming back from the Capital, she had understood many things.

She would not hope for things that she should not hope for.

After Ye Qing left, Gu Meng went to the kitchen to cook several dishes.

It was her birthday today and she had spent it with Brother Ah Dai the previous few years.

This year, she was spending it alone.

Gu Meng put the dishes on the table and took two sets of chopsticks and bowls.

She scooped rice for the empty seat opposite her and talked to herself, “Brother Ah Dai, spend my birthday with me for the last time this year. I’ll slowly forget about you in the future and start a new life.”

Closing her eyes a moment, Gu Meng thought about this time last year. She came to Brother Ah Dai’s house to have dinner and Brother Ah Dai baked a cake for her, and even made a floral garland for her. When she was blowing the candles, she closed her eyes and wished for Brother Ah Dai to accept her feelings.

In the end, she drank half a bottle of white wine but was still unable to confess her feelings to him.

“Brother Ah Dai, last year, you said that you would grant me a birthday wish on my birthday this year. You lied to me. You are never coming back and I have no Brother Ah Dai anymore.”

Gu Meng lowered her eyes and her tears fell into the bowl.

“What is your birthday wish?” The man’s deep and mellow voice floated into her ears.

Gu Meng’s wet eyelashes fluttered and she turned around. Seeing the man who was standing at the door, she thought she was seeing things.

“D-Didn’t you leave already?”

Ye Qing raised his hand that was holding a small suitcase. “I’m planning to stay here for a night and went to take my luggage just now.”

So he did not leave, but went to get his luggage?

Gu Meng did not want him to see her fragile side. She wiped at her tears and looked at him after sorting out her mood. “The living condition here is not that good, I’m afraid you won’t be used to it.”

Ye Qing came in and looked at Gu Meng’s thin face. “I’ve already decided.” He pursed his lips slightly and his eyes looking at her had turned dark. “What do you want for your birthday?”

Gu Meng looked at the man’s well-defined and handsome face and she bit her lip. “Can I have any birthday wish I want?”

“Just tell me.”

“Can you be my Brother Ah Dai for just one day?”

The moment the words left her lips, Gu Meng instantly regretted it. With his status now, how could he be willing to become Brother Ah Dai again?

Wasn’t she just being delusional?

After ten seconds, the both of them did not speak and it was silent.

Gu Meng bit her lip as she looked at the man whose eyes were deep, and expression cold and unreadable. “Just pretend I didn’t say anything. I understand. You are Mr Ye…”

Before she could finish, she heard the man hum softly.

Gu Meng’s eyes widened.

What did he mean?

“Mr Ye…”

“Call me Brother Ah Dai now.”

Gu Meng’s mouth opened slightly and she only regained her senses after a while. “But Brother Ah Dai is not like this.”

“What is he like?”

Gu Meng took Ye Qing to the bedroom.

From the wardrobe, Gu Meng took out a set of clothes comprising a black shirt and pants, and a mask. She looked at the noble and cold man behind her uncertainly. “Brother Ah Dai is like this usually.”

A few minutes later.

When Gu Meng, who was waiting outside, heard the bedroom door opening, she turned back and tears filled up her eyes when she saw the man who had changed into a thin black jacket and wearing the mask.

She had never expected that she would be able to see her Brother Ah Dai again on her birthday.

“Brother Ah Dai, shall we go for a walk around the mountain?” Gu Meng had almost forgotten that he was the Third Prince. Seeing his dressing, she seemed to have returned to when they were at their sweetest.

She ran to him and took his big hand.

Ye Qing looked at his hand that was held by the girl and stiffened for a moment. But very soon, he immersed himself into Ah Dai’s identity.

They went up to the mountain.

Gu Meng walked in front of Ye Qing, cheerful and talkative. She had grown up here and she knew which wild fruit in the mountain could be eaten.

“Brother Ah Dai, look at that tree. There are wild apples on it. You used to like it.” Gu Meng, like a little monkey, and she climbed up the tree easily.

Ye Qing looked up at her from the ground, a frown on his face. “It’s dangerous. Be careful.”

“It’s all right. Here, catch the fruit!”

Gu Meng threw down the fruit she had picked and Ye Qing caught them one by one and she only came down from the tree when she had picked a small bag’s worth of fruits.

Gu Meng took Ye Qing’s hand and pulled him to a seaside where few people went.

Taking off her shoes, Gu Meng opened her arms and walked by the sea. Facing the sunset, she smiled and her eyes were full of glittering light.

Glancing at the man who had his head lowered, Gu Meng walked stealthily to his side and playfully sprayed some sea water on him.

Ye Qing looked at the girl who had run away after spraying him with water. Her ponytail was jumping as she ran and her smile was just like the sunshine in spring, bright and charming. Looking at that smile, that simple beauty of it, Ye Qing’s heart softened unconsciously.

He seemed to be able to think of how he was moved by this smile when he was living in this fishing village.

At this moment, he had forgotten that he was the prince who had grown up in the Royal family and had to behave in accordance with the proper etiquette. With a smile on his lips, he chased after the girl in front of him.

When she sprayed water at him, he also sprayed it at her. There was a rare smile on his usual aloof and handsome face.

He must have not known that at this moment, he looked like a big boy.