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Chapter 1317: She Couldn’t Reject His Request

At the end of the corridor, a man came over with a crowd of people surrounding him.

Behind the man was the dean of this hospital, the medical team from Royal Hospital and the researchers from the Institute of Virology.

The man was wearing a white shirt with a dark-colored coat over it and his black pants were perfectly ironed. His handsome was reflected by the lights and his facial features were well-defined and under his high nose bridge, his thin lips were slightly pursed.

As he strode over, a noble and cold air emanated from his body. The elegance and superior air from his body were inherent. Previously, Gu Meng knew that he was different when he was still the Ah Dai wearing the mask and being looked down upon by people.

Only she understood his charm.

Now that he had regained his memories and became the Third Prince, he was even more dazzling, unreachable and she could only look up to him.

Perhaps the people were shocked by his powerful aura, it suddenly became very quiet around and even the two police officers who wanted to take Gu Meng back to the police station stopped.

They looked incredulously at the man walking over.

Were they seeing things?

The man who was coming over was the Third Prince they could only see on TV?

Mrs Gu only dared to be fierce at home. In front of strangers, she was actually quite timid. Pulling Mr Gu’s sleeve, she asked in a soft voice, “Who is that man?”

Mr Gu shook his head. “I don’t know.”

When Gu Jiao, who was standing behind Mrs Gu, saw that handsome man with a powerful aura, her heart pounded and she wrung her hands together nervously.

How could there be such a good-looking man in this world? He was like a noble prince who had come out from a comic, with a noble air of a king coming off him from head to toe and could be seen at first glance that he was an important figure with a high status.

Gu Jiao stared unblinkingly at Ye Qing. Suddenly, she found that his height was similar to that off-putting Ah Dai… However, she quickly shook off her absurd thought. Ah Dai was ugly and hunchbacked. How could he have the aura and appearance of this man? Ridiculous!

The dean, the medical team from Royal Hospital as well as the researchers from the Institute of Virology went into the operation theater.

When the butler following behind Ye Qing saw Gu Meng, he nodded at her. “After His Highness received the message on the plane that your brother was infected with NU virus, he asked the pilot to return and bring the team directly over to treat your brother.”

Gu Meng’s eyes turned red. Even though she knew that he had rushed over not for her but for his people, she was still moved and grateful. Although he was quite cold to her in their relationship, he was a selfless and good man in his work.

“Thank you.” Xiaoche was saved. Gu Meng bent over and bowed to Ye Qing and the butler before running away with her mouth covered.

When the two police officers saw Gu Meng running away, they wanted to chase after her, but Ye Qing shot a look at them with his dark eyes. “What crime did she commit?”

Some people naturally had the air of a king. When Ye Qing spoke, it made people want to submit to him unconsciously.

One of the police officers explained with a trembling voice, “We’re just worried about her getting the NU virus and infecting others.”

Ye Qing raised his hand. “I’ll let the Royal Hospital’s medical team conduct a check for them. There’s nothing for you here anymore, go back first!”

His deep voice carried an order that could not be ignored. The two police officers dared not say anything more and acted as though they were being granted amnesty.

Ye Qing spoke to the butler before going towards the direction Gu Meng had gone.

Mr Gu and Mrs Gu were still in a daze after Ye Qing had left.

Was that person the Third Prince? He was someone they could only look up to! He even came here personally with the medical team?

Oh my God, this was unbelievable!

Mrs Gu regained her senses only after a while. She looked at the calm butler and said carefully, “H-Hello, our family is very grateful that the Third Prince can come here personally.”

The butler looked at Mrs Gu and said seriously, “You should be glad to have such a good daughter. She is the one who saved her brother.”

Mrs Gu was shocked.

How did that Gu Meng get involved with the Third Prince?

She said that she was going to ask for help and it was the Third Prince she had sought help from?

Oh my god!

Mrs Gu felt her blood pressure rising.

Gu Meng ran downstairs and crouched under a big tree, burying her face in her arms and tears fell from her eyes.

They were joyous tears of being moved.

After some time, someone suddenly patted her slender shoulders. Raising her head, Gu Meng looked at the man standing behind her with her eyes wet.

He was very tall so when she turned to face him, he cast a shadow over her.

The air seemed to have turned thin and she took a deep breath. Looking up, she met his dark and deep eyes and she thanked him again. “I’m really sorry to have troubled you and caused a delay to your schedule.”

Ye Qing looked at the girl who had become cautious and could not help but think of when he had seen her during Sihan’s wedding. Her eyes were full of light, fearlessness and the joy of seeing him. Now, all of this was gone.

Taking out a nearly folded handkerchief from his pocket, Ye Qing handed it to her. “It’s fine.”

Gu Meng looked at the handkerchief and did not take it, shaking her head. “Thank you, I don’t need it.”

An hour later.

The door to the operating theater opened and Gu Meng’s brother, Gu Che, had pulled through. The big stone in Gu Meng’s chest finally sank down and she felt like she could breathe again.

When the leader of the town learned that the Third Prince had come, he wanted to invite him to dinner at night. Ye Qing declined and claimed that this was a private trip.

After visiting Gu Che in the ward, Gu Meng planned to go back home to take a bath.

She thought Ye Qing had left, but was surprised to see that he hadn’t. He asked the butler to invite her to the car. “Since I’m here, aren’t you planning to show me around the fishing village?”

Gu Meng was somewhat surprised. “I thought you didn’t want to go there.”

Ye Qing’s eyes that were looking at Gu Meng darkened slightly and he pursed his lips into a straight line. “Although I don’t have any memories of this place, I can’t deny that I have lived there before.”

Gu Meng was optimistic by nature. Besides, he had helped her brother today, so she could not refuse his request to look around the fishing village.

She lifted her lips into a radiant smile. “Okay, I’ll take you there.”

It was about an hour’s drive.

There were no concrete roads in the village and it was not easy to drive the car as it was slightly bumpy.

Ye Qing looked at the scenery outside the window, his eyes dark. He tried to dig out something from his memory, but could not remember anything.

After entering the fishing village, Ye Qing asked in a deep voice, “Where did I live before?”

“The car can’t get into where you live. Wait for me. I’ll take you there after I go home and change my clothes.”