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Chapter 1316: He Came Personally

Gu Meng woke up with a splitting headache.

Her limbs felt extremely weak. She opened her eyes and saw the dark and cold room around her. Her mind went blank.

If she didn’t remember wrongly, this was Ye Qing’s room, right?

Gu Meng sat up on the bed instantly and glanced at herself. Her clothes had been changed and she was currently wearing a set of male pajamas.

Gu Meng looked around her and saw the outfit she was wearing yesterday on the bedside table. It was washed clean and was folded neatly and placed there.

She only remembered that she had been brought into a warehouse last night by a male servant. He wanted to rape her and she used all of her strength to bite his ear. Later, he didn’t achieve what he wanted, but that was all she remembered.

Getting gingerly out of the bed, Gu Meng walked two rounds around the room. She only let out a sigh of relief when she felt that her legs had regained strength.

When she went to the bathroom to change, she thought of her younger brother, who was still in the hospital. She didn’t have time to care about what happened last night. She hurriedly left the room, wanting to see Ye Qing as soon as possible.

Once she was downstairs, the butler greeted her with a while when he saw her. “Miss Gu, are you awake? The kitchen staff have made some breakfast. His Highness instructed for you to leave after finishing breakfast.”

Gu Meng’s heart skipped a beat.

Was Ye Qing not willing to see her once even though he knew she was here?

“Butler, where did Mr Ye go? I have something urgent to ask him. Can you let us meet?” Gu Meng clasped her hands together, begging the butler carefully.

“Miss Gu, His Highness asked Xue’er to leave last night. He won’t meet her again for the rest of their lives. The two servants that harmed you have also been punished.”

Gu Meng widened her eyes slightly, filled with shock and surprise for a few seconds. She never thought that he would cut ties with Xue’er because of what happened to her this time.

“Miss Gu, I know you like our Third Prince. You probably don’t understand something yet. Even though His Highness liked Xue’er a lot, he would never marry her. There are rules in the royal family and His Highness’ wife must be of equal statuses.”

Gu Meng looked down, her teeth biting down on her lips tightly. She nodded. “Butler, you’ve mistaken. I didn’t come to pester His Highness this time. My younger brother has been infected with the Nu virus. I heard His Highness is in-charge of this area, so I wanted to ask him to save my younger brother…”

Hearing this, the butler furrowed his eyebrows. “His Highness just left for Y Country. I will send him a message. If he sees it after landing, he would probably send someone from the virus research team to you.”

Gu Meng bowed at the butler. “Thank you.”

Gu Meng left the address of the hospital her younger brother was in, together with her number, before she returned to Cen Xi’s apartment.

She had just arrived at the building when she received a call from her family, saying that her young brother was in critical condition and for her to rush back as soon as possible.

When Gu Meng arrived at the town hospital, it was nearly noon. Her parents, younger sister and two police officers monitoring their family were standing in front of the emergency room.

The police officers were about to take her younger sister away.

“See, she’s back!” Seeing Gu Meng, her mother hurriedly pulled her younger daughter behind her. “You can arrest her if you want. She was the one that ran away on her own accord!”

Mr Gu glanced at Mrs Gu. “They are both our children. Why are you so biased?”

“How am I biased? Gu Jiao is still underage and has never suffered since young. How can she be arrested? Besides, she’s not the one that ran away, is she?”

Gu Meng walked over, not feeling anything from hearing Mrs Gu’s words. She had been used to her mother’s favouritism since young.

It was fortunate that her father and younger brother were good to her.

Seeing Gu Meng arrive, the police officer said really sternly, “Since your younger brother was infected with the Nu virus, it’s very likely your family is infected as well. You can infect others by running around. Since you didn’t listen to our instructions, please come to the police station with us.”

“My younger brother is still in critical condition. I will not go with you before he’s in a stable condition!”

“Comrade, our Mengmeng definitely hasn’t been infected. She dotes on her younger brother the most usually. Can you be so kind to let her wait here?”

The moment Mr Gu finished speaking, Mrs Gu pinched his arm harshly. “How are you talking to Mr Officer? Why didn’t you say anything when they were going to take Jiaojiao away earlier?”

“Mom, Dad is always biased towards Sister.” Gu Jiao pouted.

Mrs Gu immediately pulled Gu Jiao into her arms and glared at Gu Meng. “It’s all because of you, you little troublemaker. If only you were as obedient as Jiaojiao when you were growing up. I told you to not be with that ugly man and to not support him, but you didn’t listen. You took your father’s hard-earned money to treat him and even stole our old hen for him. What did you get from betraying your family?

“He left and didn’t even come back once to see you. Why did our Gu family have such a daughter that betrays the family?”

“Alright, Xiao Che is still in critical condition. Can you stop shouting? Didn’t Mengmeng go out to find someone so that we can save Xiao Che?”

Hearing this, Mrs Gu got even angrier. She placed a hand on her waist and pointed her other hand at Gu Meng’s nose. “Then where is that person? She never listened to us since she was young and always liked to make her own decisions. See, weren’t we fooled by her this time too?”

The two police officers interrupted Mrs Gu and walked in front of Gu Meng. “Stop dragging. Please cooperate and follow us to the station.”

Gu Meng shook her head. “I’m not going.”

Seeing that Gu Meng wasn’t cooperating, they grabbed Gu Meng’s arm. Gu Meng’s mind was entirely on her younger brother and in her rashness, she waved her arms and shook the two officers away.

They didn’t expect Gu Meng to be so strong and she threw them more than a meter away.

Although they were surprised by Gu Meng’s strength, her action had also angered them. One of them took out his handcuffs while the other took out his baton.

The atmosphere instantly tensed up.

Mrs Gu’s lips trembled in fear. “Gu Meng, don’t harm your own family!”

Gu Meng clenched her fists. She glanced at Mrs Gu, then at Mr Gu, who furrowed his eyebrows, “Mengmeng, follow them. They will let you go after proper investigations.”

After hearing her father’s words, Gu Meng’s heart sank.

She always seemed to be the extra one at home. She heard that her mother lost a lot of blood when she was giving birth to her and almost lost her life. Her grandmother had passed away after she was born as well, so her mother never liked her since she was young.

Gu Meng’s eyes turned red as she looked down, before she looked up again at the two police officers with teary eyes. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to push you. I’m really worried about my younger brother. Please pardon me and just let me wait until my younger brother is out from surgery…”

“No, Miss Gu, please don’t speak anymore and just cooperate!”

Right at this moment, commotion and footsteps could be heard from the end of the corridor.