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Chapter 1315: Crashed Dreams and Losing Her Legs

Hearing Ye Qing’s words, Xue’er felt like something had exploded in her ears, her mind turning completely blank.

The man’s fingers wrapped around her slender neck like a chain. Slowly, it became more and more difficult for her to breathe, but he didn’t use too much strength and pushed her away very quickly.

He stopped touching her, as if she was tainted and he would dirty his hands if he did. Xue’er fell on the floor as her pretty face paled. Her long lashes fluttered as she stared at the man sitting on the sofa.

As he stared down at her with a temperature-less expression, he looked cold and elegant as he stared at her like he was above her.

This was a Ye Qing she had never seen before.

His eyes on her were no longer soft as they were and were only left with a penetrating coldness.

At that moment, Xue’er understood that he didn’t like her anymore. The only thing she could grab onto, had somehow disappeared.

Xue’er couldn’t take such a blow. She crawled towards Ye Qing and grabbed his pants, crying, “Ah Qing, I’m wrong. I did that only because I was scared of losing you… You know I don’t have my parents anymore. I don’t have Grandma and Sihan had a change of heart too. I have no one to depend on. I only have you now, Ah Qing.”

Ye Qing kicked at Xue’er’s chest and she immediately flew backwards, only stopping after rolling several times. She hit her head against the floor, feeling terribly nauseous and dizzy. However, her physical pain was not comparable to the one her heart was feeling.

She was panicked and in a mess, feeling terrified.

To her, Ye Qing was like her last straw to clutch at. She wanted to marry him and become his princess consort. If she was able to marry into the royal family and become sister-in-laws with Nan Zhi, her status will be similar to Nan Zhi’s.

If she could make Ye Qing be completely enamored with her, she would even be able to instigate their brothers’ relationship in the future. She had such a grand scheme planned out. Must it be destroyed before she could realize it?

Xue’er lay sprawled on the floor as she stared at the man who was standing up with teary eyes. He slowly walked in front of her. It was such a familiar face, but there was an additional coldness on him that felt really unknown to her.

“Ah Qing, I love you. I did all of this because I love you too much…”

He stood in front of her, looking down at her with the elegance and coldness he was born with. “You never loved me.”

“No, I did. I really did…”

“You only love yourself.” Ye Qing narrowed his dark eyes. Everything he was obsessed over seemed to fade away in this second. Time can never be rewound and she was no longer that innocent and kind girl anymore.

That beautiful girl was gone.

So let’s just end it here!

Their past relationship prevented him from throwing her to the Man-eating Valley. He closed his eyes and when he opened them again, his eyes were completely cold and dark. “Leave the capital by tomorrow morning. You can never step into S Country again in this lifetime. There will be nothing between us anymore.”

Xue’er’s heart sank to the bottom.

“Ah Qing, no! Are you really going to throw me away for that Gu Meng?”

“If you’re still not willing to leave, I will send you to accompany Aunt Wang!”

Xue’er felt like she had been thrown into a deep abyss. His personality had always been steadfast and he was the type to do whatever he had decided. If he had said such words already, it would be impossible to change them.

Despair bloomed in Xue’er’s heart.

She never thought that tonight would be her last night in the palace and her dreams of becoming the princess consort were completely shattered.

Xue’er sniffled and held onto her physical pain. She stood up from the floor. “Can I go upstairs and tidy my luggage?”

In the time she had moved into the palace, he had given her countless precious gems and jewelry. She wanted to take them with her.

Ye Qing saw through her mind. If possible, his eyes turned even colder, his expression seemingly frozen without a hint of warmth. “The butler has brought your luggage over.”

The butler walked downstairs and passed Xue’er her luggage that she had brought from Ning City.

Xue’er opened it. There were only a few clothes she had brought with her, as well as her identity card and passport. Everything he had given her, including the black card, was absent.

Teeth biting on her lips, Xue’er was terrified. She never thought that Ye Qing would be so ruthless when he wanted to. Xue’er took her luggage and left with her heavy body, no longer sparing a glance at him.

Once she left the palace, she glanced back once more. Seeing that Ye Qing didn’t follow her, tears fell from her eyes like pearls.

Xue’er dragged her luggage and arrived at the main street. Staring at the luxurious and dazzling palace, going back in would probably be as hard as reaching the skies.

At the thought that she was about to live a peasant life once more, Xue’er could stand it.

Staring at the busy road, an idea suddenly appeared in her mind. If this plan was successful, she might still be able to pull Ye Qing back to her.

Xue’er walked to the zebra crossing. Seeing a small car approaching her, she acted like she had lost her soul as she walked towards the other side of the road.

Seeing Xue’er, the car did an emergency break. The driver wound down his window and cursed at Xue’er before driving away.

Xue’er bit her lip. This driver braked a few meters in front of her, so she couldn’t even act like she had been hit.

She looked down and continued crossing the road with a complicated heart. However, she didn’t notice another car driving over speedily.

Tick, tick, tick…

When the driver noticed Xue’er, it was already too late to stop.

“Ah!” A terrible scream rang and Xue’er flew away at the impact, before falling on the floor harshly. Like a lifeless doll, she rolled to the side of the road.

The driver was so scared his soul flew away. He didn’t dare stop and with a step on his accelerator, the car drove away.

The next morning.

Ye Qing was having a morning swim when the butler rushed over. “Your Highness, I just received news that Miss Xue’er got into an accident last night. Although she’s in a stable situation right now, she was injured terribly. Both of her legs had been amputated and she will have to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.”

Ye Qing got out of the pool and wiped his wet hair with a towel. “Send her back to Ning City.”

“Your Highness, I heard she’s crying to see you…”

Ye Qing took a few steps forward and interrupted the butler’s words coldly, “We have no relations anymore.”

In the general hospital.

After finding out that her legs had been amputated, Xue’er was about to go crazy. She cried to see the Third Prince. The hospital nurses thought she was crazy and was daydreaming too much. When Xue’er took her phone to call Ye Qing, she realized she had been blocked. When she called the palace, the butler had picked up and told her that there would be no more relations between the Third Prince and her from now on.

Xue’er was so angry she ended up spitting out a mouthful of blood. Her tears fell non stop as she felt terribly distraught.

Why had she been so stupid? If she didn’t act stupidly last night, she would still have her legs. However, right now, her princess consort dreams were crushed and she had even implicated and lost her legs!