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Chapter 1314: She Made Him Panic Somehow

Ye Qing froze for a second. Her calling out Brother Ah Dai time after time made him feel a little panicked somehow.

Did he really like this girl when he had lost his memories?

Just as Ye Qing was frozen, the girl pressed her lips against his.

“Brother Ah Dai…”

Her voice and unexpected action pulled Ye Qing back to reality again.

He knew that he was her Brother Ah Dai. But because she was absent from his memories, she was merely an unknown and loyal girl to him.

The education he had received since young, and the royal blood flowing in him, prevented him from doing anything out of the line when she was barely conscious.

He carried her back towards the bathtub and threw her in, before he turned on the water and took the shower to spray towards her.

“Cold… Brother Ah Dai, it’s cold…”

The cold water sprayed on her nonstop and Gu Meng could barely open her eyes.

“Hold it in!”

Gu Meng’s black long hair was completely drenched by the cold water. Strands stuck to her face and neck as water beads fell from her eyebrows to her well-defined nose, then onto her red lips and her pretty jaw and collarbones…

“Brother Ah Dai…”

No matter what she said, he acted like he heard nothing.

After nearly an hour of the cold shower, Gu Meng became a lot calmer since she hadn’t inhaled too much of that drug in the first place.

Ye Qing carried her out and got a female servant to change her. He only went down after she had fallen asleep.

By now, Ye Qing’s black shirt was drenched as well, so he had unbuttoned the top two buttons, exposing his exquisite collarbones and chest. Unlike the usual serious look he had, Ye Qing looked even more masculine right now. His masculine hormones were wild as he remained calmed and serious.

Xue’er sat on the sofa the entire time, feeling uneasy and fearful.

When she heard Ye Qing ask the butler to get a female servant to go up and change Gu Meng, she felt slightly happy. If Ye Qing got a female servant to change Gu Meng, it meant that he didn’t touch her.

Maybe, Ye Qing would close an eye this time and keep her by his side.

After Ye Qing came down, Xue’er stared at him with affection in her eyes. She spoke softly, “Ah Qing, why didn’t you let me go up?”

Ye Qing went to the sofa and sat down, his slender legs crossing elegantly. He took out a cigarette, placing it between his lips as the butler went forward to light it up.

After the cigarette was lit, Ye Qing inhaled and exhaled slowly. His dark eyes became darker and more mysterious from the green smoke. “Xue’er, are you still not going to tell me the truth?”

Xue’er’s heart tightened. She looked down and bit her lip, only speaking after a few minutes, “Ah Qing, what are you talking about?”

“Gu Meng was drugged.”

Xue’er widened her eyes slightly, looking shocked. “Ah? Gu Meng was drugged? What happened?”

Ye Qing tapped his cigarette against the ash tray as he glanced towards the male servant lying on the floor with his sharp eyes. “Since Xue’er doesn’t know what happened, you can say it.”

The man glanced at Xue’er, who eyed him meaningfully. He started to say in trepidation, “Your Highness, that lady was drugged outside and came to look for you, saying that she wanted Your Highness to be her antidote. We didn’t let her come in, but she insisted on trespassing. Later, she lost her rationality and saw me as her antidote…”

Before the man finished speaking, he was interrupted by Ye Qing’s cold voice. “Drag him to the Man-eating Valley.”

There was only death for people who were thrown into the Man-eating Valley. The man was so scared his face turned completely pale. He smashed his forehead against the ground and kowtowed nonstop. “Your Highness, it was Miss Xue’er and Aunt Wang who asked me to do it. Please have mercy!”

Ye Qing’s expression remained cold and indifferent as he said coldly, “Throw him in there with Aunt Wang.”

Hearing this, Aunt Wang was so scared she fell to the floor. When the butler got someone to drag her away, she hugged Xue’er’s leg. “Miss Xue’er, save me. Save me…”

Xue’er kicked Aunt Wang away. “I barely even talked to you, how can I save you? Besides, this is Ah Qing’s decision. How can I interfere in it?”

After the male servant and Aunt Wang were dragged away, Xue’er crouched in front of the man, who was exhaling smoke slowly with a terribly cold and frightening expression. “Ah Qing, I didn’t think that Miss Gu was almost taken advantage of. If I knew, I definitely would have saved her.”

Ye Qing’s hand holding on the cigarette grabbed Xue’er’s chin as he narrowed his dark eyes. “Would you?”

His eyes were too dark and strange. Panic spread in Xue’er’s heart as she instantly grabbed the fruit knife on the table and pressed its sharp blade against her fair neck. “Ah Qing, I promise with my life that I didn’t lie to you!”

The sharp blade had sunk into her neck a little and blood started to flow out. She was using her life to gain his trust. He would believe her like he had in the past.

Once upon a time, he had really liked her, thinking that she was innocent and beautiful and was unlike the other women in the palace, who were used to framing and deceit. It turned out that he was really wrong.

Both Sihan and Nan Zhi told him before that Xue’er wasn’t the Xue’er in the past anymore. However, his memories for her remained at when they had first met, when she was absolutely pure and beautiful.

Ye Qing extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray and grabbed Xue’er’s hand, pushing the fruit knife away.

Happiness surged in Xue’er. Her method was indeed effective.

Just as she was about to pounce into his arms to vent about her grievances, he suddenly grabbed her neck and she heard him say darkly, “You probably don’t know this, but I got the butler to install CCTVs in the living room and a hidden corner in your room after you fell down the stairs the previous time.”