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Chapter 1313: Explanation

“Argh!” A loud scream rang out, followed by some explosive curses.

The man cupped his bloody ear and glared at Gu Meng, who had almost bitten his ear off. His expression was completely distorted as his eyes were completely red.

Earlier, she said that she was going to tell him a secret of Miss Xue’er. He believed her and pressed his ear by her lips. He never thought that she would open her mouth and bite his ear ruthlessly. Was she a f*cking dog?!

The man cupped his ear as he slapped Gu Meng ruthlessly once more. “It’s no wonder Miss Xue’er called you a little b*tch! Since you dare bite me, I’ll kill you!”

Gu Meng felt weak all over. How was she the man’s opponent at this time?

Just as tears were about to fall from her eyes in fear, a loud bang burst through the air and the warehouse’s door was kicked open from outside.

The man froze and looked up instinctively. Seeing the man dressed in black, exuding a dark and elegant aura from head to toe, he was flabbergasted and his mouth fell open like a gaping fish. “Y-Your Highness?”

Why would His Highness appear here?

Didn’t Miss Xue’er say that it would be fine no matter how he played with this woman?

Seeing Ye Qing’s dark expression, the man felt a chill flooding him. He slowly fell on the floor, shivering all over, not daring to look at Ye Qing again.

Ye Qing’s cold and sharp eyes glanced at the haggard-looking woman on the floor. Her face was unusually flushed as blood laced her lips. If he came one step later, the result was unimaginable.

Ye Qing only needed one glance to understand what had happened. She was born with crazy strength, so it would be impossible for her to not be able to handle a simple male servant. The only explanation was that she had been drugged.

Moving forward, Ye Qing took off his jacket to wrap it around Gu Meng’s slender figure, before he lifted her up. Ye Qing carried Gu Meng out of the warehouse and said to the butler who had followed him, “Haul that man into the palace.”

Hearing this, the male servant was so scared his eyes rolled back and he blacked out.

After Xue’er couldn’t find Ye Qing upstairs, she went back downstairs to ask the other servants if they saw him.

One saw Ye Qing leave with the butler in tow.

The bad feeling in Xue’er’s heart grew even stronger as her hands holding on the cup of sobering tea trembled slightly.

She kept telling herself to not expose herself by panicking. Ye Qing might have gone out for other things. Even if he found out about Gu Meng, she would be fine as long as his heart was still with her.

Just as Xue’er managed to calm her nervous heart a little, steady steps suddenly burst from the door.

Xue’er hurriedly went over.

Seeing the slender figure Ye Qing was carrying, Xue’er’s eyes widened slightly.

“Ah Qing, what is this?” Xue’er approached Ye Qing, acting like she knew nothing.

Ye Qing’s dark and sharp eyes turned towards Xue’er. His lips were pursed tightly into a line and Xue’er was surprised by his murderous gaze. She had never seen such a gaze on him. It was like a sharp blade that was piercing towards her throat.

Xue’er swallowed back her anxiousness, but her pale expression betrayed her a little. She knew that she couldn’t act too panicked right now. Her lashes trembled as tears fell down. “Ah Qing, why are you looking at me like this? I haven’t even asked you who you are carrying.”

Ye Qing’s lips moved a little as he spoke coldly, “Butler, before I come down, no one is allowed to step away from the living hall.” With that said, he carried Gu Meng upstairs.

Seeing this, Xue’er wanted to follow after them, but the butler stopped her. “Miss Xue’er, His Highness has instructed that no one can leave this place before he comes down.”

“Outrageous!” Xue’er glared at the butler angrily. “My room is upstairs, can’t I go up?”


Xue’er was so angry her chest heaved up and down.

Ye Qing carried Gu Meng into his room.

“Brother Ah Dai, is it you?”

Gu Meng opened her eyes slightly and saw the man’s well-defined facial features and his dark eyes. She didn’t know if she was dreaming, but the man in front of her really looked like her Brother Ah Dai.

Brother Ah Dai…

Thinking of her Brother Ah Dai, Gu Meng wrapped her arms around the man’s shoulders. Ye Qing tilted his head a little and her lips landed on his handsome cheek.

Gu Meng blinked, two drops of sparkling tears falling from her eyes.

“I know… Brother Ah Dai won’t come back again… He’s become the dignified Third Prince and the woman he likes is called Xue’er…”

“He has no intimate relationship with Xue’er.” Ye Qing didn’t know why he wanted to explain it to her. Seeing her cry so tragically, a tinge of pain that even he didn’t realize spread in his chest. “There won’t be any in the future as well.”

“Brother Ah Dai, save me. Please save me…”

Ye Qing’s jaw was tensed as he threw her into the bathtub. He wanted to get a female servant to come help her take a cold bath. However, he had only turned around when he heard a loud bang.

Gu Meng had climbed out of the bathtub and had fallen and hit her forehead against the floor.

“Brother Ah Dai, don’t leave. Don’t leave!”

Seeing the begging in her eyes, Ye Qing pursed his lips tightly and returned to Gu Meng’s side to carry her up once more.

Gu Meng stared pitifully at his god-like, well-defined handsome face. “Brother Ah Dai, are you really going to leave me behind?”