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Chapter 1312: Despicable and Shameless

Gu Meng had rushed over from the fishing village to the Capital, so indeed, she had not taken a shower for two days.

She had her head bowed as she stood up on the sofa, planning to stand by the corner. Suddenly, a soft fragrance wafted into her nose.

“Miss Gu, it’s alright. You can remain sitting!”

Gu Meng looked up at the maid, who was smiling at her. Gu Meng’s vision started to blur as she pressed her fingers into her palms with all of her strength.

However, no matter how hard she pressed her fingers into her palm, the dizziness seemed to grow stronger.

What was happening to her? Gu Meng blinked and realized that something was wrong. Her body started to sway unstably.

“Miss Gu, are you alright?” The maid approached her.

Gu Meng wanted to push her hands away, but she couldn’t muster any energy at all. Gu Meng’s heart constricted in panic. She was really too worried earlier. How did she forget that Xue’er was around too?

The door hadn’t opened even though she pressed on the doorbell for so long. Since Ye Qing wasn’t around, Xue’er would definitely think of a way to deal with her.

She had long experienced how despicable Xue’er could be. But she never expected for Xue’er to be this terrible!

Gu Meng’s body shook shakily as the maid helped her out of the room. Using her last bit of strength, she threw the conch shell necklace she was wearing onto the sofa.

The maid helped Gu Meng into a warehouse in the palace before she went to find a male servant that she was familiar with. She passed Gu Meng to the man. “Miss Xue Er asked you to serve this lady properly tonight.”

The man stared at the pretty but thin girl in front of him and his Adam’s apple bobbed. “Tell Miss Xue’er to rest assured. I won’t let her down.”

This warehouse usually kept some random items, so it was rare for people to come. The man stared at the pretty and slender figure in his arms. Even if he played with her until she died, no one would find out.

Gu Meng didn’t know what the maid had sprayed in the air. She wasn’t unconscious, but her consciousness was dazed and she couldn’t muster up any strength at all. She knew she was in danger, but she couldn’t get out of it.

It was a vulnerable feeling she had never experienced before and it made her feel really terrible.

She opened her eyes to see a man standing in front of her. The man caressed her scorching face. She opened her mouth, wanting to tell him to scram, but not a sound left her lips.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make it comfortable for you.”

The man took off his clothes in a hurry.

Gu Meng was trembling terribly from head to toe. She wanted to struggle out of the man’s hold, but she had no energy at all. The man reached out to caress her cheek once more and Gu Meng used all of her remaining strength to bite his finger harshly.

The pain at his finger angered the man. He retracted his hand and stared at his bleeding finger with a distorted expression. Once the pain calmed, he slapped Gu Meng. “You can’t escape tonight. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll ruin you completely.”

“Get lost…”

Gu Meng couldn’t muster any energy within her as she moved her legs, wanting to kick him. However, her kicks were too weak and the man smirked, placing a small camera by the side.

After the maid had brought Gu Meng away, Xue’er went back downstairs. She went to the wine fridge and poured a glass of red wine out. After taking a few sips, the maid returned.

“How was it? Was it successful?”

“I’ve passed her to Ah Meng. Ah Meng will do as Miss Xue’er has requested.”

“Did you tell Ah Meng to record it?”


Xue’er down the red liquid as a satisfied smile appeared on her lips. “Don’t worry. I won’t treat Ah Meng and you badly after the deed is done.”

“Thank you, Miss Xue’er.”

“Why are you thanking her?” Suddenly, a low and magnetic voice trailed from behind them.

The maid jumped up in fear and turned back to see a tall man that had suddenly appeared behind them. His handsome face had no expression as his dark eyes pierced through the air, staring straight at the maid and Xue’er.

The maid’s reaction made Ye Qing furrow his eyebrows slightly.

Xue’er glanced at the maid and put down the wine glass, before she approached Ye Qing with a smile. “She has some trouble at home. I’ve helped her and she thanked me.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Miss Xue’er is the kindest person I’ve ever met.”

Ye Qing stared at Xue’er. She had been rather quiet in the palace recently. He pulled Xue’er’s hold on him away as he walked towards the sofa and said to the maid, “Make a cup of sobering tea for me.”

Ye Qing sat on the sofa and pressed a hand against his forehead.

Xue Er walked over and stood behind Ye Qing. “You must have drank quite a bit tonight at the meeting. Let me help massage your temples.”

Ye Qing leaned backwards, planning to close his eyes for Xue’er to massage his temples. However, he suddenly saw the red string on the sofa.

Ye Qing narrowed his eyes. Just as Xue’er was about to start massaging his temples, he raised a hand and stopped her.

“Xue’er, go and tell the maid to make some supper too.”


After Xue’er left, Ye Qing picked up that red string.

He stared at the red string for a few seconds, his eyebrows furrowing. If he remembered correctly, the small conch shell hanging on the red string belonged to Gu Meng.

It was an ordinary item, but she wore the necklace everyday.

But, why would her belongings suddenly appear on the sofa?

As if thinking of something, Ye Qing got up and walked towards his study. He turned on his computer and opened the CCTV record.

Seeing that Gu Meng had come not too long ago and was led out by the maid, Ye Qing’s expression changed.

After instructing the maid to make Ye Qing’s favorite supper, Xue’er carried the cup of sobering tea to the living room, but Ye Qing was no longer sitting on the sofa.

Xue’er went upstairs, but didn’t see Ye Qing as well.

An ominous feeling suddenly swelled in Xue’er. Did Ah Qing notice anything?

No, she hadn’t exposed herself. It was impossible for him to find out! Even if he found out, by now, Gu Meng must have lost her innocence to that man already!