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Chapter 1311: She Came to Look For Him

Cen Xi froze for a few seconds before she regained her senses.


Oh my god, Cen Xi couldn’t believe her eyes. Mengmeng had only returned to the fishing village for less than one month. How did she lose so much weight?

Her original pretty and chubby cheeks were gone. Her eyes were red and swollen, her hair a mess as she looked like she had suffered a terrible blow. What in the world had happened?

Could it be that Mengmeng couldn’t let go of being hurt by the Third Prince and went back, barely ate and cried everyday?

Cen Xi went forward to grab Cen Xi’s hand. Her hands were a bone-chilling cold as her body trembled nonstop.

“Mengmeng, what’s wrong?” Cen Xi pulled Gu Meng onto the sofa and heated a cup of milk for her.

Gu Meng’s wide eyes were filled with tears as she held onto the glass of milk tightly and started to say softly, “Xiao Xi, my young brother got infected with the Nu virus after coming back from working overseas. Our village and town said that this is a fetal virus and is extremely contagious. In order to prevent my younger brother from infecting others, they’ve quarantined him.

“A-Also, our family is being supervised and is prevented from contacting anyone. I escaped quietly before they noticed.”

Cen Xi was extremely shocked.

It was no wonder she didn’t see this on the news.

“Xiao Xi, I want to beg the Queen to see if she has any ideas…”

Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows tightly. “Her Majesty is still overseas. I heard that the Third Prince is the one in-charge of researching viruses.”

Gu Meng’s hands on the glass of milk tightened as her lashes became wet. “If it’s him, I don’t know if he will help. He isn’t the Brother Ah Dai from the past anymore. He really hates me now.”

Cen Xi stared at Gu Meng’s frail and pale face, her heart aching for her. “Mengmeng, although I don’t know His Highness, I’ve seen some news articles about him. He is a capable Prince with vision. I don’t think he will disregard your younger brother’s life because of your personal matters.”

Hearing Cen Xi say this, Cen Xi nodded. “Yes, I was confused. No matter how much he hates me, he wouldn’t mix public and personal matters together.”

Gu Meng stood up. “Xiao Xi, I’ll go to the palace to find him now.”

“I’ll go with you.”

Gu Meng shook her head. “I can go myself.”

“Mengmeng, from what I know, the Fifth Prince had contracted the Nu virus before, so the Virus Research Lab should have the vaccine for it. As long as His Highness is willing to help, your younger brother will be fine.”

“Alright, I’ll go and beg him now. I can do anything as long as I can save my younger brother!”

Gu Meng had once been the Third Prince’s bodyguard once, so she knew the guards on duty. She said that His Highness was looking for her, so the guard didn’t ask anything more and simply let her in.

Once she arrived at the palace door, Gu Meng pressed the doorbell.

The doorbell rang for a while, but no one opened the door. The more she stood thee, the more Gu Meng was starting to panic.

However, Gu Meng doesn’t know that it was not that people didn’t hear the doorbell. It was Xue’er who didn’t let them open the door.

Xue’er has had a rather comfortable life recently. Although Ye Qing has yet to agree to marry her, there weren’t other annoying women appearing by his side anymore.

When she fell down the stairs on purpose the previous time, she was really happy when Ye Qing chose to believe her and chased away the strong but brainless Gu Meng.

However, it had only been such a short while and Gu Meng appeared again.

Xue’er was afraid that Gu Meng had come to settle things with her. If they started fighting, she definitely wouldn’t be able to win against Gu Meng.

Xue Er thought that Gu Meng would understand the situation and leave after no one opened the door for her. However, instead of leaving, she kept ringing the doorbell nonstop.

Ah Qing would return soon. If he saw Gu Meng, her pitiful appearance might make him pity her.

At this thought, Xue’er suddenly thought of something. She went upstairs and found two small bottles she had kept hidden in her luggage for a very long time.

One of the bottles contained an aphrodisiac that would make any conservative girl become the most promiscuous woman with just a drip into their food or liquid. The other bottle was a mist spray and only required the target to breathe a little of it after spraying it in the air. Its effect was not less than the liquid.

She planned to use it on Ah Qing at first. However, she was afraid that he would despise her for using such a despicable method and make things worse instead, so she kept it hidden and had yet to take it out.

Now that this shameless Gu Meng had appeared again, if she made Gu Meng lose her innocence, Gu Meng probably would be too embarrassed to appear in front of Ah Qing again.

After it happened, even if Gu Meng told on her to Ah Qing shamelessly, she can still push the blame onto Gu Meng and say that it was Gu Meng who had seduced the man.

Xue’er went downstairs, a cold glint flashing in her eyes when she saw Gu Meng on the intercom screen.

This little b*tch… Don’t blame her for doing this.

Gu Meng was the shameless one who came back to pester Ah Qing even though she had left. Ah Qing was hers now! No one can snatch him away!

Xue’er called the maid that she had bought over in the palace and instructed quietly. The maid was a little afraid. “Miss Xue’er, if His Highness found out, will heー”

Xue Er interrupted the maid sternly. “Who do you think will be the female owner of this palace very soon? Besides, don’t you know who is more important to His Highness? You just have to follow my instructions. When I become the female owner of this palace, I will make you in charge.”

Becoming the palace’s in charge was the maid’s biggest dream. She stopped hesitating and nodded. “Alright, I will do as Miss Xue’er has instructed.”

It had been a while of Gu Meng pressing the doorbell before the door was opened. The maid was standing by the door and welcomed Gu Meng.

“Miss Gu, why are you here at this hour?”

Gu Meng had been really exhausted recently because of her younger brother being infected with the Nu virus and she just wanted to see Ye Qing as soon as possible. “Is His Highness here?”

“His Highness should return after half an hour. Miss Gu, is there an urgent matter?”

Gu Meng nodded.

“How about I help you call him?”

“If it’s just half an hour, can I wait for him in the living room?”

“Of course!”

The maid made a cup of tea for Gu Meng. After thanking her, she sat on the sofa.

Xue’er observed Gu Meng from upstairs quietly. Her eyebrows furrowed after seeing Gu Meng sitting on the sofa without drinking that cup of tea.

This little b*tch was actually quite guarded.

However, it was fortunate that she had a Plan B. Xue’er eyed the maid.

The maid took a cloth and walked to the living room. Glancing at Gu Meng, who had a hand to her head in deep thought, the maid wore a mask and sprayed the spray bottle in the air several times. “Miss Gu, there seems to be a strange smell in here. Let me spray some air freshener to clear it up.”