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Chapter 1309: Have Another Child

Yan Hua was extremely professional. Since this wasn’t the time for her to be touched, she could lose control of her emotions. She glanced at the stage and started to sing.

Her voice was sweet and emotional, while his voice was low and charmingly magnetic. When it reached the duet part, they held hands and stared at each other. Every single person watching them felt attacked.

After the song ended, excited applause and screams exploded from the bottom of the stage.

At this moment, the light shone on the east side of the audience and Yan Hua finally saw the rows and rows of uniformed figures sitting there.

Yan Hua cupped her mouth. The emotions that she was trying so hard to hold back finally flooded.

She glanced at the man beside her. “You brought your men?”

Bo Yan remained silent as he merely lifted his hand.

Suddenly, a uniformed and loud voice rang from the audience.

“Sister-in-law, don’t cry!”

“Sister-in-law, you’re awesome!”

“Sister-in-law, you’re pretty and your voice is sweet!”

Yan Hua bowed at the group of uniformed men with red eyes, before she bowed at her other fans.

She lifted her microphone as tears trailed down her face. “Thank you, Hubby.”

The fans shouted loudly, “Kiss, kiss!”

Bo Yan was usually mature and introverted, so he definitely wouldn’t kiss her in front of so many people. She hushed her fans and they all fell silent obediently.

“Everyone, please don’t put my husband in a difficult siー”

Before Yan Hua could finish speaking, the man suddenly reached over and hugged her waist. Before she could react, he placed a kiss on her lips.

Everyone was so excited they felt like they were going crazy!

At the same time, Little Apple was also screaming. Seeing her parents make up and even kiss on the stage, she hurriedly covered her eyes with her chubby and fair hands. However, she couldn’t help but take a peek as well.

Xiao Yi and Xia Yanran, who were sitting beside the little girl, couldn’t help but smile at her actions.

At this moment, Xiaojie, who was a few seats away, suddenly got up and walked out. Little Apple’s attention was instantly attracted by her Brother Xiaojie.

Now that she was older, she no longer called Xiaojie Brother Husband so shamelessly like she did when she was younger. Regardless, she still often called him that in her mind.

Xiaojie puffed up her chubby cheeks as she blinked and stared at Xiaojie’s disappearing figure with wide eyes.

Xiaojie had already grown into a really handsome boy. He was wearing a white shirt tonight with a pair of denim jeans. His soft and cleanly-cut short hair covered his forehead a little. Under his straight eyebrows, he had a pair of bright, handsome black eyes. With his well-defined nose and pretty lips, he looked really perfect. Now that his face and facial features were slowly maturing, it seemed like his face became more well-defined. He would definitely charm many girls if he continued growing like this for the next few years.

After Little Apple informed Xia Yanran, she ran to Tiantian.

“Sister Tiantian, where did your older brother go?”

“Didn’t the Nar tribe’s young master and little princess visit us together with their King father? The little princess heard that my older brother was watching a concert here, so she wanted to come as well. They are outside right now, so my older brother went to fetch them.”

Little Apple puffed her cheeks. “It’s no wonder I haven’t been able to see Brother Xiaojie when I went to the palace recently.”

Tiantian pulled Little Apple’s fair hands, smiling brightly. “Sister Apple, I know you like my older brother. I’ve been watching him for you and Brother didn’t talk too much to that princess.”

Little Apple pinched Tiantian’s well-defined nose, her pretty face flushing as she hummed softly. “I don’t like your brother. I’m just afraid that Brother Xiaojie will ignore me after finding a new playmate!”

Tiantian pouted. “If Brother ignores Sister Apple, I will stop talking to him.”

Yuyu, who looked terribly cool, eyed Tiantian. “You sound like Brother really likes to play with you. He needs to learn and be a suitable crown prince at the same time, so he’s really busy.”

“Even if Brother is really busy, he still has to marry a princess consort in the future. Sister Apple will be Brother’s princess consort.”

Yuyu’s face lacked emotion completely. “How old are you to even think about this?”

“Brother, with how stern you look all the time, no girl will like you in the future.”

“Hmpf, I don’t want any childish girls to like me.”

Seeing that Tiantian and Yuyu were always able to bicker together, Little Apple was terribly envious of their relationship.

She returned to Xiao Yi and Xia Yanran’s side and glanced at the stage. Her parents were starting to act sweet again, so she would probably have a sibling soon, right?!

Just as Little Apple was deep in thought, she saw Brother Xiaojie walk over and behind him was a girl that was about the same age as her, and a teenager that was half a head taller than him.

The lights were a little dim, so Little Apple couldn’t clearly see what they looked like. They were both wearing the Nar tribe’s outfits. Even if she couldn’t see their faces clearly, their auras were exceptional for their young age.

Little Apple cupped her cheeks as she watched Brother Xiaojie lead them to sit beside him.

The girl was rather energetic like she was and kept chattering nonstop beside Brother Xiaojie. She only calmed down and sat down properly after being chided by her older brother.

Seeing Little Apple glance towards Xiaojie nonstop, Xia Yanran caressed her head. “Little Apple, do you want to go and sit with the other children?”

Seeing that Brother Xiaojie didn’t even glance at her, Little Apple pouted. “I don’t want to. If I sat beside Brother Xiaojie, I wouldn’t be able to focus on my Mommy’s singing.”

Hearing Little Apple’s words, Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi glanced at each other. Children nowadays were indeed on another level.

After the concert ended, Little Apple went backstage to chat with Yan Hua and Bo Yan for a while before she got the driver to send her to the Crown Palace.

She heard that the Nar tribe’s little princess and young master were going to spend the night at the Crown Palace.

Yan Hua was about to call Little Apple, but the little girl had disappeared in a flash.

Yan Hua caressed her forehead. Her throat was a little dry after singing for two hours, so Bo Yan brought her a cup of throat-soothing tea. After taking a sip, Yan Hua said with furrowed eyebrows, “I’m a little worried now that Little Apple likes Xiaojie so much. In the future, when they grow up, what if Xiaojie doesn’t like her? Wouldn’t she…”

Bo Yan hugged Yan Hua’s slender shoulders. “You’re thinking too much. Little Apple is still a young girl now. How would she know what she likes? She probably treats Xiaojie as an older brother and likes to be by his side.”

Yan Hua’s long lashes trembled. “I hope that our Little Apple can remain so happy and worry-free everyday for the rest of her life.”

Bo Yan kissed Yan Hua. “Children will grow up one day, so don’t worry too much. However, there’s one more thing that you should consider.”

Yan Hua’s feet were a little numb from wearing high heels the entire night, so she hurriedly took them off and stepped on Bo Yan’s leather shoes barefooted. She wrapped her hands around his neck as she smiled brightly. “What is it?”

“Little Apple said that she’s too lonely by herself and wants us to give her a sibling. What do you think?”

Yan Hua pressed her lips against his. “You already have a small lover, it’s my turn to have one too.”

Bo Yan leaned down to kiss her, his voice low and hoarse. “Alright, let’s make one once you’ve rested enough.”