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Chapter 1308: Surprise Appearance

Bo Yan sat up.

He took his phone, wanting to call Yan Hua when he saw a note placed on the bedside table.

‘Hubby, I will be very busy today, so I won’t have time to accompany you. Tonight, if you can’t fall asleep, please wait for me to return.’

Tonight was her first concert after coming back.

Even though she was already a famed singer and had several concerts before, because Bo Yan was extremely busy with work and that he wasn’t interested in pop music, he had never been to Yan Hua’s concerts before.

Although he slept really well last night, he recalled subconsciously hearing her sing by his ear the entire night.

His foolish wife… She knew tonight would be the most important day after her comeback, yet she still sang for the entire night.

At the Capital’s Stadium.

When manager Sister Mei heard Yan Hua’s slightly hoarse voice, she furrowed her eyebrows. “My girl, didn’t I ask you to protect your throat properly? With your current condition, what will happen to tonight’s concert?”

Yan Hua took a sip of warm water and shook her head. “I’m fine. I just have to rest a little and I’ll be fine tonight.”

“Your dark eye circles are a little serious. Did you stay up last night?” Sister Mei stared at Yan Hua with heart ache. With what had happened two days before the concert, it would be impossible for her to not be affected.

Yan Hua hugged Sister Mei. “Don’t worry, I’ll be okay tonight!”

“You shouldn’t sing during rehearsals later.”


After Sister Mei went to confirm the concert’s schedule, Xiao Qing ran over and whispered, “Sister Huahua, your voice is hoarse. Did you… with your husband the entire night?!”

Yan Hua hit Xiao Qing’s head. “What are you thinking about?!”

“Sister Huahua, are you shy?”

“Little girl, you dare to tease your Sister Huahua?” Seeing that Yan Hua was about to tickle Xiao Qing, Xiao Qing raised both her hands in surrender. “Sister Huahua, I’m wrong…”


Suddenly, a woman’s voice rang.

Both Yan Hua and Xiao Qing turned towards the door at the same time. It was a helper from home.

“Auntie Wang, why did you come?”

“Madam, Sir told me to bring some throat-soothing tea and tonic over. Sir also got a chef from a five-star hotel to make some snacks and food for your team to eat.”

Auntie Wang walked in and a hotel manager and a dozen waiters walked in behind her. They placed platter upon platter of exquisitely-made snacks and delicious food down.

Xiao Qing’s eyes widened as she looked amazed. “Wow, I can only see such an image on television usually, but I’m actually experiencing it now. Sister Huahua, your husband really dotes on you.”

Yan Hua’s eyes turned a little red. She got Xiao Qing to go out to call the crew to come and eat, while she took Auntie Wang’s throat-soothing tea and tonic. “Auntie Wang, did Sir say he will come tonight?”

“I think Sir said that he has to welcome a leader tonight and won’t have time to come.”

Hearing this, Yan Hua hummed softly.

Although she already knew that he wouldn’t be able to come for her concert a long time ago, she couldn’t help but still feel a little disappointed.

However, she was already very happy and satisfied that he had sent so much food and the tea and tonic over.

Yan Hua’s concert was attended by many of her celebrity friends and close friends. Because Nan Zhi was overseas and couldn’t come personally, she got Xiaojie to bring his younger siblings over.

Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi, Cen Xi and even Lady Yun had come.

Of course, there was also Yanran’s baby, Little Apple, who was sitting between Xia Yanran and Xiao Yi.

Yan Hua took a short nap in the afternoon and regained most of her energy after.

Sitting in the makeup room, Yan Hua stared at the screen showing the full stadium. Today’s show was sold out and there were more than twenty thousand fans that came.

All of them were wearing t-shirts printed with her image, each waving a light stick and the image looked exceptionally pretty and touching.

Although a bad scandal had erupted two days ago, a good majority of her fans still believed in her.

The camera moved onto the first row of people in the VVIP row. Seeing her best friends and her baby daughter, Yan Hua smiled happily.

The only disappointment was that her husband couldn’t come.

However, there was always next time.

Xiao Qing came over and told Yan Hua that there was still five minutes before the concert started. The makeup artist touched up Yan Hua’s make up and Yan Hua stood up to tidy her outfit.

There was one more minute.

The lights in the stadium turned off and the fans all waved their light sticks excitedly as they shouted Yan Hua’s name.

“Huahua, Huahua!”

Ten more seconds.

The fans shouted loudly, “Ten, nine, eight… Three, two, one!”

The music started playing. Yan Hua’s opening song was an extremely beautiful ballad. All the fans fell silent when the music started playing, all of them staring at the stage intently.

All they saw was a slender figure sitting on a swing as she slowly fell from the top. Yan Hua was wearing a long white dress, holding onto a microphone with a hand while she held onto the swing with her other. Under the bright spotlight, she was as pretty as a goddess that had fallen from the skies.

The fans were rather passionate. In order to maintain the high standard of her concerts, Yan Hua had placed her entire mind on the concert. She forbade herself from making any mistakes.

After singing more than a dozen songs in a row, it was finally the time for a guest to come onstage. Yan Hua also changed into a long dress that made her look even more goddess-like.

The guest she had invited was a Chinese male singer. The two of them would work together to sing a love song. The male singer would play the guitar as he sang as she slowly walked to his side before they held hands and walked towards the crowd.

The lights on stage dimmed once more, leaving only a spot light on where Yan Hua was standing at. After the intro melody was played, Yan Hua lifted her microphone and started singing.

At this time, the stage’s riser slowly rose up and a man sitting in front of a piano appeared. Yan Hua didn’t turn back as she continued to sing the female part of the song.

She only turned back when it was the male’s part.

The man was looking down as he played the piano, so she couldn’t see his face too clearly. However, the moment he started to sing, Yan Hua froze.

“I was fortunate enough to meet you when you were at your most beautiful. The skies don’t grow old and feelings are hard to forget…”

The man’s voice was low and magnetic. He sounded really charming, like his voice was an alcohol that had been fermented for years, making others drunk unconsciously.

Even Yan Hua, who was extremely experienced on stage, was completely frozen right now.

This voice didn’t belong to her guest. It belonged to…

It was her husband, Bo Yan.

H-How was this possible?

He had never attended her concerts and didn’t like to show himself in public. How did he replace her guest?

Or did she miss him too much? Was she dreaming?

The man finished singing his part and stood up, taking the microphone from the piano before he started walking towards Yan Hua.

He was wearing a white suit as his handsome features shone under the bright light. He stared into her pretty eyes, his eyes shining with the brightest stars.

“W-Why are you here?”

“For my wife.”

Tears swelled in Yan Hua’s eyes as Bo Yan reached a hand out to her. “It’s almost your turn.”

Placing her hand on his, Yan Hua slowly tried to recollect her wavering emotions.