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Chapter 1306: I’ll Be With You Until We’re Old

Yan Hua went to the camp and went straight into Bo Yan’s dormitory room.

She sat at his table and opened his drawers.

When she came before, she never touched his things. She thought that they had to give each other space and respect each other’s privacy, no matter if they were dating or married.

However, today, she wanted to invade his privacy.

There were a few documents placed in his drawers. Under the documents, there was a thick stack of medical records.

Yan Hua took them out and looked at each one carefully.

That night, when he said that he had insomnia, she thought that like her, he only had slight insomnia and that the situation wasn’t too serious. She never thought that his insomnia had gotten to such a serious state. If it continued in the long run, his organs might start to fail.

Yan Hua cupped her mouth as tears slid out of her eyes.

That fool… He never told her about such an important thing.

Yan Hua put the medical records back in the drawer before she opened another drawer on the other side of the table. Seeing what was placed inside, Yan Hua started to cry even harder.

It was a transparent glass bottle filled with colorful folded stars.

She remembered when she was still a chubby girl, she had given Bo Yan a gift like this too. However, when they ended things the first time, she had burned all of the stars in the glass bottle herself.

Yan Hua sniffled and took out a star from the bottle and unfolded it.

There were a few words written on it: ‘Huahua, please come back!’

Yan Hua refolded the star and opened another.

‘Huahua, you’re so ruthless.’

‘Huahua, I really miss you.’

‘Huahua, I can’t hold on anymore.’

‘Huahua, I don’t want to forgive you again.’

‘Huahua, I’ve lost hope.’

‘Huahua, I want to go and accompany you.’

Yan Hua sprawled on the table as she cried heavily.

The skies started to darken. Hearing the man’s footsteps outside, Yan Hua put away the stars and wiped the tears off her face, before she lay on the desk, acting like she had fallen asleep from waiting for him.

Bo Yan never expected Yan Hua to come look for him in his dormitory room. After all, when he had left, she was still very angry and didn’t want to talk to him.

He approached the study table and spoke softly, “Huahua, are you asleep?”

Yan Hua remained silent.

Bo Yan took a blanket out from his wardrobe and pulled it over Yan Hua.

He then went into the bathroom, planning to change.

The moment he closed the bathroom door, he heard a loud bang. With that, the bathroom door was pushed open and he hurriedly pulled down his half-taken off shirt.

He was too quick and Yan Hua couldn’t even see anything, though she felt like his actions was terribly suspicious.

They were a married couple. Although they hadn’t been together for a long time, was there anything she couldn’t see?

Bo Yan walked towards the door and furrowed his eyebrows when he saw Yan Hua’s red and swollen eyes. “You weren’t asleep? Why did you cry?”

Yan Hua stared at him with wet eyes, her nose still slightly red. “Lady Yun told me everything. I’m sorry, Bo Yan. I didn’t know your insomnia was so serious. I already told Lady Yun that I won’t pursue Ciel’s legal liability.”

Looking at how guilty she looked, Bo Yan’s heart melted. He didn’t so anything as he lifted her chin and kissed her.

After the kiss, Yan Hua leaned against the man’s chest with unsteady breaths.

“Huahua, go out first. Let me change before we go home.”

His words reminded her of his strange actions. She looked up and stared at his handsome face carefully. “Why can’t I see you change?”

“Huahua, listen.”

Yan Hua grabbed his shirt, unwilling to leave. “I want to see you change.”

Bo Yan’s eyes darkened a little as his slender fingers lifted her chin. “It doesn’t look nice.”

“Why won’t it look nice? It’s been a while since I saw you. I want to see.”

Bo Yan’s breathing grew heavier as his voice was hoarse with affection, “Huahua…”

Yan Hua didn’t want to continue talking nonsense as she started to undo his buttons.

Bo Yan had no way out. With a sigh, he said resignedly, “Don’t worry about me after you see it. It’s nothing.”

Yan Hua’s heart tightened.

As she slowly undid his shirt one by one and saw his bruised body, her eyes instantly widened. The urge to cry overwhelmed her again as her heart hurt terribly. “How did you get all these wounds?” It was obvious she was going to start crying soon.

Seeing that she was abut to cry, Bo Yan wanted to rebutton his shirt. However, she was resolute in not letting him do so, so he said helplessly, “I’m fine.”

“Did you go fight someone because you couldn’t sleep?”

“The person I fought with didn’t win either.”

Yan Hua stared at him with watery eyes. “Bo Yan, I’m sorry. I won’t leave you ever again. Don’t be afraid. Please tell me everything in the future and let me accompany you, okay?”

Bo Yan kissed her eyelashes, his voice hoarse. “Okay.”

“Let’s treat your insomnia together. If Lady Yun’s songs can made you relax, I can sing too!” Yan Hua lifted her hands as she wrapped them around the man’s neck. She stood on her toes and leaned her face closer to his. The tips of their noses touched as their breathing intertwined with each other. “Since I was the one that caused the insomnia, I will help treat it too.”


Before he could finish speaking, she kissed him.

“Bo Yan, let’s make up and live together properly, alright?”

“Yes, bー”

Afraid that he would say something bad, Yan Hua bit his lips. Bo Yan’s body shivered terribly. his voice was hoarse and husky as he said,”Huahua, if you continue like this, we won’t be able to go back.”

Yan Hua’s cheeks were flushed as she stared at him with watery eyes. “Then, let’s not go back.”

Before Bo Yan could say anything, he heard her continue, “You never touched me after I came back. Is it because you can’t do it anymore?”

How could a man not be agitated by her words? He instantly grabbed her slender waist. “Huahua, you have a concert tomorrow night.”

“Yes, but if you’re still being considerate of me right now, is it really because you can’t do it anymore?”

“Huahua, I’m just afraid. I’m afraid that it will be like when you left the next day after we slept together that night.”

Yan Hua hugged his broad shoulders tightly, tears filling her eyes again. “I won’t leave you ever again. Don’t be scared. I’ll be with you until we’re old.”