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Chapter 1304: Strength

All of the reporters were brought into the police station. Their cameras and phones had been confiscated by the elite soldiers Bo Yan had brought with him.

Some of the reporters worked in large corporations and were treated carefully and respectfully by others when they went out for interviews. When had they ever been treated like this?

“Who are you exactly? How can you detain us here?”

Bo Yan got one of his men to bring Yan Hua into a resting room while he stood in front of the reporters. His handsome facial features were covered in a thin layer of darkness and sharpness as he said slowly, “It doesn’t matter who I am. The important thing is to settle the issue between Yan Hua and the woman in the video.”

“Are you planning to force us to help Yan Hua clarify that she isn’t the woman in the video? This is a ruling by law in this society. Even if you detain us, we will not give in easily!” That reporter said as he stood up, looking like he felt extremely righteous to not bow down to power.

Bo Yan had a hand in his pocket, exuding an absolute strong and cold aura that only people with high status and power would have. He walked in front of that reporter, raised an eyebrow and lifted his hand to grab that person’s arm.

Suddenly, a loud crack sounded and that person’s arm was dislocated.

Bo Yan said coldly, a strong oppressiveness exuding from his eyes. “If you don’t want your hands to be broken, you’d better sit down here quietly. When everything is settled, I will naturally give you an answer!”

Everyone else who had an opinion against Bo Yan all shut up after seeing what happened.

After Bo Yan went into the resting room, no one dared to speak at first. However, later, a rather experienced reporter seemed to have thought of something and said softly, “If I’m not guessing wrongly, this person is really someone we cannot offend. I think he is the King’s right-hand man, Bo Yan.”

“Oh my god, I heard that General Bo is super low-key and rarely appears in front of the public. He is a mysterious yet amazing person. It can be said that General Bo played a very huge part in helping the King stabilize his power and position.”

“Could General Bo be that the soldier that barged into Yan Hua’s live-stream that time?”

All of the reporters started to chatter amongst themselves. However, that reporter who had a dislocated arm didn’t dare to even breathe loudly.

How was he so courageous to dare talk back to General Bo?

In the resting room.

Yan Hua revealed everything that had happened to Bo Yan. “It’s very likely that Ciel found someone to tarnish my reputation. However, Ciel has already gone to M Country and his assistant knows nothing, so we cannot find the couple in the video.”

Bo Yan noted the slight darkness under Yan Hua’s eyes, knowing that she was facing tremendous stress from what had happened. He caressed her head. “I’m here. Don’t be scared.”

The moment Bo Yan caressed her head, the suppressed tears started to fall from her eyes. Glancing at her wet lashes, Bo Yan pulled her into a hug with a hand while his eyes glanced towards Yan Hua’s assistant. “Show me the entire video.”

Yan Hua instantly looked up from the man’s chest, saying in a low and muffled voice, “You’re not allowed to see it.”

“I have to find them.”

“Can you find them just by watching the video?”

“I’ll try.”

Bo Yan didn’t want to see things that dirtied his eyes, so he got Xiao Qing to place mosaics on the couple’s important parts before he linked the video onto a computer.

He got Xiao Qing to go out, so only Yan Hua and him were left in the room.

Hearing the woman’s soft moans in the video, Yan Hua felt extremely awkward and humiliated. From the angle the video was taken, that woman’s face was scarily similar to hers.

Yan Hua really wanted to find something on the woman’s body that was different from her, so that she could defend herself. But there wasn’t.

There wasn’t a birthmark or an obvious mole.

Watching the video felt like watching herself, but not.

After she got back into the industry, her fame rose crazily and many competitors were terribly jealous of her. Now that something like this had happened to her, many people would want to use the chance to step on her, so that she could never come back again.

With the dirty name and scandalous photos tied to her name, not only could she not come back, it might implicate Bo Yan too.

He was in such a high position. If his subordinates found out that he had a wife with such a terrible reputation, who would submit to him?

At this thought, Yan Hua’s eyes turned red again.

Bo Yan turned towards Yan Hua. Seeing tears swelling in her eyes, he pulled her onto his lap. “It’s alright, I’m here.”

Yan Hua hugged Bo Yan’s thin waist as her tears soaked his shirt. “Bo Yan, if you cannot find that couple, just request for a divorce. My reputation is so bad now, I don’t want to implicate you further.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’ll find them.” Bo Yan pat Yan Hua’s back as his eyes turned back onto the computer screen. “The place they filmed at should be a five-star hotel. Listen, apart from their moans, there are television sounds as well. It should be the Capital’s broadcasting station, so they must have filmed this video in a five-star hotel in the Capital.”

Yan Hua’s tear-stricken lashes fluttered as she bit her lip. “But there are 28 five-star hotels in the Capital.”

Bo Yan hummed softly before he skipped to the middle of the video. “Huahua, listen carefully. What can you hear?”

Yan Hua listened carefully for a few seconds. “I think I hear planes.”

Bo Yan skipped the video until the last few seconds. A white light suddenly flashed in the dim room, before a loud thunder rang out almost right after.

“There was a storm last night in the Capital and all flights were suspended on ground. It’s clear that they filmed the video when the last plane had taken off. This means that the five-star hotel isn’t too far from the airport. We just have to find where the hotel is and look at their CCTV to be able to find the couple.”

Yan Hua stared at Bo Yan with glimmering eyes. “Indeed, you’re General Bo.”

Bo Yan’s guess was right. The couple that filmed the video were indeed in a five-star hotel not too far away from the airport. When Bo Yan sent his men to go catch them, the couple hadn’t even left the hotel yet.

Bo Yan’s men instantly brought the couple to the police station.

The woman still had makeup on that made her look like Yan Hua. At first, she denied aggressively that the woman in the video was her. However, Bo Yan brought the couple into the resting room and took out his gun to aim it at the man’s lower abdomen. The man was so scared he trembled from head to toe. Disregarding the woman’s protests, the man revealed everything.

“My girlfriend is an online streamer. We got addicted to drugs a while back, so we spent all of our savings and even got into a debt. Because my girlfriend looks a little like the big celebrity, Yan Hua, she had some fans for her online streams. However, her earnings are never enough for us to repay our debts. Two nights ago, a man got us to help him do something.

“He paid us five hundred thousand dollars as a deposit and promised to pay us another five hundred thousand dollars after the deed was done. We were really at our wits end, so we agreed to the man’s request to film the video that ruined Yan Hua’s reputation.”