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Chapter 1303: He Appeared When She Needed Him Most

After identifying this, Yan Hua shared that unusually active private account to Sister Mei calmly. “Check this account.”

An hour later, Sister Mei found out that that account was Ciel’s private account. Then, from that private account, she found another of Ciel’s private accounts.

Sister Mei’s public relations skills were very strong, as she immediately directed the public to expose Ciel’s private account.

The netizens’ discovery skills and sharpness were more agile than Sister Mei had expected and very quickly, both of Ciel’s private accounts had been exposed.

Netizens saw Ciel posting on an account he was inactive on, on the day he had filmed the perfume advertisement with Yan Hua: ‘F*ck, a woman actually dared to reject my kissing scene and got her husband to scare me with his gun. I’m f*cking afraid of nothing. Since you dare make me unhappy, I’ll play you to death.’

By the time Ciel realized that something was wrong, it was already too late for him to delete the content on his private accounts.

The netizens understood the truth now. It wasn’t Yan Hua that wanted to add the kiss scene, it was the male model, Ciel. A new wave of attacks swarmed towards Ciel now.

Seeing Ciel’s main account attacked, Xiao Qing tsked loudly, “To think that I thought Ciel so handsome he could be my eye candy… I didn’t think he would be so low. Sister Huahua, do you think he got someone to film that video so he could ruin you?”

“We cannot eliminate this possibility.” Yan Hua revealed her guess as she glanced at the police officer that was taking her testimony.

The police officer nodded. “Don’t worry, Mrs Bo. We will find this Ciel right away.”

“Thank you.” If Ciel was the one who had planned all of this, catching him would allow them to find the female in the video. When that came, Yan Hua would be able to hold another press conference to clear her name.

However, tomorrow would be her concert. If this issue wasn’t settled today, there might be a large amount of refunds and unhappiness towards her.

Yan Hua waited in the police station for the entire morning. It was only nearing noon that the police officer told her that after they found Ciel’s IP address through his private account. But when they had arrived at Ciel’s apartment, he was already gone. Only his assistant was there. His assistant had only commented on Ciel’s behalf that he knew nothing about the scandalous video.

“Mrs Bo, we found that Ciel has flown to M Country last night.”

Yan Hua’s expression changed a little. If they couldn’t catch Ciel, it would be hard to calm this situation quickly.

Yan Hua quickly called her manager. “We cannot find Ciel. Let’s arrange for a press conference this afternoon first.”

“Huahua, it’ll be hard to clarify the situation without the people involved.”

“If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Yan Hua led Xiao Qing and her bodyguards out of the police station. When the group of reporters camping outside of the police station saw Yan Hua and her entourage coming out, they instantly swarmed towards her excitedly.

The unending flashes and shutters were so overwhelming that it was hard to keep one’s eyes open in front of them.

The bodyguards were blocking the reporter, but because there were too many reporters, with many of them being tall male reporters, who kept squeezing in, the bodyguards had been pushed away and the reporters pointed their microphones at Yan Hua successfully.

One of the well-known photographers was pushed forward by the people behind him and the large camera on his shoulder accidentally hit Yan Hua’s forehead.

In pain, Yan Hua pursed her lips tightly, wanting to leave as quickly as possible. However, the reporters and photographers had surrounded her completely and she had no way of getting out.

Xiao Qing and the two bodyguards were already pushed out of the circle by the reporters.

“Yan Hua, do you have any evidence to prove that you’re not the female in the video?”

“The voice of the female in the video is extremely similar to yours. Are you sure that the woman isn’t you?”

Holding onto the pain at her forehead, Yan Hua glanced at the questioning reporter with a tense expression. “I’m not the one in the video and as for the details, I will reveal them all in the press conference this afternー”

“Will you show the evidence in your press conference?”

“If the female in the video isn’t you, can you bring her out for a confrontation?”

Hearing the reporter’s offensive questions, Xiao Qing was terribly angry. She pulled some of the reporters out, wanting to enter the circle to bring Yan Hua out. However, the reporters didn’t let anyone move them. Instead of squeezing into the circle, she was pushed onto the floor instead.

Glancing at the squeezing and pushing reporters who were all asking accusing questions and that she was right in the middle of it, Yan Hua started to feel difficulty breathing. She shouted loudly, “Please move away!”

“Yan Hua, you haven’t answered our questions!”

“Yan Hua, do you think your concert tomorrow night will go on as planned?”

Yan Hua only wanted to leave, but the reporters didn’t let her. In the frantic squeezing and pushing, Yan Hua was hit by another camera once again. Immersed in the pain, she didn’t notice someone losing their balance behind her and ended up falling on her.

With how slender Yan Hua was, how could she handle the person’s weight on her? She lost her balance as well and fell on the floor.

The venue erupted into chaos instantly.

Just as Xiao Qing was about to go back into the police station to ask for help, about five black sedans arrived in front of the police station suddenly.

A door opened and an impressive figure got out of the car. Under his short hair, the man’s face was cold and dark.

The doors of the other cars opened at the same time and tall elite soldiers, all dressed in black, got out of the car speedily and surrounded the chaotic group of reporters instantly.

“All of you, move away!” The man who had always been calm and rational currently had a dark expression as he chided angrily.

Noticing that something was wrong, the reporters all shivered in fear when they saw the unfriendly man. They hurriedly made way for a path.

Yan Hua was on the floor. When she saw the cold figure walking towards her from the corner of her eye, for a second, she thought she was imagining things.

After what had happened last night, all of her close friends had contacted her, telling her that they believed in her. However, her other half was the only one that did nothing.

She thought that he would never appear and get involved in this situation from start to end.

Seeing him appear with so many elite soldiers here, the urge to cry suddenly overwhelmed her.

His usually clean jaw was covered with faint stubble. He looked rather untidy, so he was probably in too much of a rush to clean himself properly.

Although Yan Hua thought that she could handle this situation by herself, she was still a woman after all and wanted a strong shoulder to rely on when she was attacked so badly.

The man arrived in front of her within a few large strides. He crouched down and grabbed her arm. “I rushed back after seeing the news. Am I too late?”

Yan Hua’s eyes turned red as tears blurred her vision. Her lips trembled as she squeezed out, “Do you believe me?”

“Of course.” Bo Yan lifted Yan Hua up before he leaned down to kiss her wet eyes. “The woman isn’t as pretty as you are and the man isn’t as handsome as I am.”

Yan Hua was originally feeling really sad and nervous, worried that he wouldn’t believe her. However, hearing him say what he did made her burst out in laughter. “His figure isn’t as good as yours either.”

Bo Yan’s expression darkened. “You watched the entire video? I only took a glance at that woman’s face and already knew that it wasn’t you.”

“What time is it now for you to still care if I saw another man? I’m caught up in a sticky situation right now. I have to go back to the office to discuss the press conference this afternoon.”

“Aren’t there reporters here? Just get them to stand here. I will settle it with anyone that pushes you or questions you. As for the couple in the video, don’t worry about it. I will find them!”

Yan Hua’s eyes widened slightly. “H-How are you going to find them?”

“You’ll find out soon.”