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Chapter 1301: You Go Your Way And I Go Mine

Yan Hua then sniffed the shirt again.

There was the fresh masculine scent of him and another faint and unfamiliar smell of perfume.

Yan Hua could not help thinking about the elegant and beautiful woman in Room 1. The smell of perfume on Bo Yan should be left by that woman, Yun Niang!

As Yan Hua held the shirt tightly, her fingers tightened their grip as if she was going to shred the shirt into pieces. Her heart was heavy and panicked, and she circled around the bathroom.

He was a normal man and no matter how controlled and calm he was, he would have irrational moments. He did not want to come home. Would he have gone to Yun Niang…

Yan Hua was getting more panicked and afraid the more she thought about it.

She was furious, but also felt like crying.

Throwing the shirt down, she went out of the bedroom.

Standing at the door of the study, she saw that the door was not closed fully and a faint yellow light coming out. The man sat at his desk with a cigarette between his fingers. Under the bluish-white smoke, his slender and cold eyes were staring fixedly at the computer screen.

Yan Hua wanted to go in and question him about the lipstick mark on his collar, but her legs seemed to have been filled with lead, making her unable to move.

She admitted that she was afraid. If that lipstick mark was really left by Yun Niang and he admitted that he had another woman outside, what should she do?

They had been divorced once before. Were they going to divorce again?

Little Apple hoped that her daddy and mommy could make up and live happily together. Was this family going to be broken again?

Yan Hua had a complicated feeling in her heart and her eyes prickled with tears.

So in the end, she did not go into the study to find him. Perhaps she had misunderstood him. It was not easy for them to come this far and she could not be suspicious.

Yan Hua returned to the bedroom and waited quietly for him to come back to the room to sleep.

He was a clean freak. If he could come back to sleep, it meant that he did not touch another woman…

But, one hour went by, two hours went by…

The man did not come back to the room.

Yan Hua’s expectant heart gradually turned cold.

She put her hands under her face, looking at the moonlight outside the window and her vision was gradually blurred by hot tears.

The night faded and the sky was turning bright.

The man did not come back to the room all night.

Yan Hua got up and went to the study. The man was no longer inside. She then asked the maid and the maid said that he had gone for a morning run.

Yan Hua sat at his desk, turned on the computer and printed out a document.

When Yan Hua was at the dining room, the man had come back from his run and went upstairs for a quick bath before coming back down to the dining room.

“I’m going to the East China Sea to handle some work. I’ll be back in about half a month.”

Yan Hua ate the porridge with her head lowered, a lump in her throat, but she did not show her emotion on her face. “Where were you last night?”

Bo Yan glanced at Yan Hua and said the name of the clubhouse.

“You were with Yun Niang last night?”

Bo Yan’s eyes that were looking at Yan Hua darkened. He did not deny it and hummed.

With a bang, Yan Hua slammed her chopsticks onto the table. She did not expect him to admit it so directly.

Getting up from the chair, she went upstairs with her heart tightening.

Bo Yan looked at Yan Hua’s retreating figure and frowned. Seeming to have thought of something, he chased after her.

Yan Hua slammed the bedroom door shut.

Bo Yan knocked at the door. “I only went to listen to music and drink tea.”

The woman in the room did not respond.

Bo Yan raised his hand and knocked again. But no matter how he knocked, the woman inside did not open the door.

A menacing look appeared on Bo Yan’s handsome and cold face. What was she thinking?

Bo Yan went to the butler to get the spare key and opened the door. The woman who did not open the door, sat by the bed, holding a document in her hands and there was a white shirt beside her.

Bo Yan narrowed his eyes. That shirt was the one he had changed out from last night.

“What’s wrong?”

Yan Hua did not look at Bo Yan and handed him the document in her hand.

Bo Yan glanced at the big words on the document: Divorce Agreement.

“Yan Hua, I will not divorce you!”

Yan Hua stood up, her beautiful face tensed. She was no longer the fat girl who was introverted and weak. She now had a unique and strong aura. “You made a major mistake. Do you want me to just swallow it down?”

With that, Yan Hua threw the white shirt on him. When Bo Yan picked it up, he saw that there was a faint lipstick mark on the collar.

Last night, after listening to the music, he planned to leave when several drunk young rich men wanted to take advantage of Yun Niang. Yun Niang accidentally bumped into him when they pushed her, and perhaps the lipstick mark was left at that time.

It was obvious that Yan Hua had misunderstood.

“I don’t have that kind of relationship with her. She accidentally left the lipstick mark.” Bo Yan was not someone who liked to explain himself, but for Yan Hua, he had made many exceptions. “I have a little insomnia, so I went to listen to her music and drink some tea. I didn’t cross the line.”

A mocking smile appeared on Yan Hua’s beautiful face. “You have insomnia and didn’t come home but went to find another woman? Bo Yan, I’ve never seen someone who can make up such a ridiculous reason for cheating.”

Bo Yan frowned. “You think I’m lying?”

“Aren’t you? How long have I been back? And how long have you been ignoring me? Or is it that other women can relieve your insomnia, and I can’t? Then why are you still together with me? Go find another woman then!”

Bo Yan looked at the furious woman and his jaw clenched tightly. “Don’t be unreasonable.”

He was always like that. No matter how she made a fuss or how angry she was, he looked calm and indifferent. She could not see what he was thinking.

This feeling made her feel as if a big stone had fallen into her chest, making her unable to breathe.

“I’m fed up with being unable to see what’s on your mind. Bo Yan, do you think I can’t live without you? It was you who chased me back and asked me and Little Apple to live together with you! I had a heart problem and when I left that time, I was prepared to die quietly. Do you think I had it easy as well? My heart also ached and I felt miserable too!

“Since we can’t trust and communicate with each other, then you live your own life and I will take Little Apple to live mine in the future.”

A layer of frost appeared in Bo Yan’s slender eyes and he said coldly, “Don’t even think about it!”