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Chapter 1300: It’s Her General Bo’s

Bo Yan glanced at the trending hot topic and said coldly, “Announce that it’s her lawful husband who kissed her.”

She wanted a divorce? He would let the world know that she was a married woman!

Lan Yanzhi said, “Do you need me to post a picture of your face?”

Bo Yan’s eyes swept over Lan Yanzhi gloomily, his expression not looking very good. “Let’s keep a sense of mystery.”

Lan Yanzhi was speechless.

Before Yan Hua’s team had the time to do any public relations regarding Yan Hua being kissed during the live stream, another trending post appeared on the Internet.

The man who kissed Yan Hua with the killer side profile was Yan Hua’s husband.

Many die-hard fans of Yan Hua knew that she was married and had an adorable daughter. It was just that they had never seen their goddess’s husband.

Now, their goddess’s husband had appeared. Although he only showed the side of his face, he was no worse than any of the handsome young hunks in the entertainment industry. There was a masculine air of a person of a high status to him and it was incomparable to ordinary people.

Yan Hua did not know whether to laugh or cry when she saw the post revealing that the man who had kissed her was her husband.

If she had guessed correctly, the person who revealed this should have gotten Bo Yan’s permission.

Since he didn’t want a divorce, why didn’t he want to go home?

In a high-class clubhouse.

Nan Zhi and Xia Yanran looked at Yan Hua, whose cheeks were flushed red from drinking. The two of them advised her to drink less, but Yan Hua shook her head. “It’s fine. Just let me loose for a while!”

“What is going on with Bo Yan? He’s unwilling to have a good talk with you?” Xia Yanran asked with a frown.

Xia Yanran, whose relationship was the most bumpy and had the most times separating and getting back together, was now being doted on by Xiao Yi. She was the most happy and stress free one of the three of them.

Tears filled Yan Hua’s eyes. Only in front of her best sisters could she show her vulnerability.

“He’s always the kind of person who likes to keep everything bottled in his heart. He’s even worse at expressing himself than Xiao Yi. Actually, I can’t blame him too much. I’m like that myself. When I left, I thought it was for the good of both of us, but I hurt him too deeply!”

Xia Yanran frowned. “But it’s all in the past. He can’t just not forgive you forever!”

Nan Zhi held Yan Hua’s slender shoulders. “I’ll go back tonight and see if I can find anything about Bo Yan’s thoughts from Sihan.”

Yan Hua sniffed. “I’ll give him a little more time. If he is still like this, I’ll just get a divorce! I can raise Little Apple myself!”

Yan Hua drank a little too much and was slightly drunk when she went out of the clubhouse. Nan Zhi helped Yan Hua into the car and instructed the chauffeur to send Yan Hua back.

Along the way, Yan Hua touched her ear and found that one of her earrings had fallen off.

The earrings were given to her by Bo Yan before and they were very important to her.

She immediately asked the chauffeur to turn back to the clubhouse. When the car was about to arrive at the gate of the clubhouse, Yan Hua saw a familiar SUV parked there.

Getting out of the car, Yan Hua went to the front of the SUV and looked at the license plate.

It was her General Bo’s.

It was so late at night. He did not go home and was not at the force. Why did he come to the clubhouse? But then she thought that he might have a gathering with Lan Yanzhi and his friends.

Yan Hua did not think much about it. She went to the room and found the earring in the gap of the sofa.

Coming out of the room, she saw two attendants in the corridor talking in low voices.

“That General Bo is special in our lady boss’s heart. Every time he comes, she would receive him personally when she seldom receives distinguished guests.”

“Yes, and every time they stay in Room 1 for an hour.”

“Lady Boss should be General Bo’s bosom friend!”

“Lady Boss is the greatest beauty whom many elites in the Capital want to meet. She won’t even come out to play a song even if someone offered a high price. I didn’t expect General Bo to have such good fortune.”

Yan Hua’s eyebrows furrowed together.

Bo Yan came to the clubhouse late at night not to have a gathering with Lan Yanzhi, but to meet that mysterious Lady Boss, Yun Niang?

Yan Hua had heard about this Yun Niang before. She heard that she was once the beauty of the Capital. Although she was over 30 years old, she was well-known in the aristocratic circle.

Many young rich men wanted to make Yun Niang smile, but she was very cold and arrogant and seldom showed her face. Thus, she was quite mysterious and legendary.

How did Bo Yan know Yun Niang? How did they get so close?

Yan Hua could not just leave the clubhouse as if she did not hear anything. She walked over to Room 1 unconsciously, as if she was pulled along by an invisible string.

The door was closed tightly. Yan Hua looked around and seeing that there was no one, she pushed the door open a crack.

The furnishing in the room was antique looking and elegant. Bo Yan sat at the tea table drinking tea. He had changed and was wearing a white shirt. A woman in a cheongsam with a very exquisite figure sat on one side, playing the guzheng.

The beautiful melody was like a spring that could make people’s irritated heart calm down.

Elegant makeup was applied on the woman’s face, her hair was done up in a bun and her lips painted a bright red. Her eyes were lowered when she played the guzheng and from a distance, she looked like a socialite from the Republican China period, incredibly beautiful.

This woman was beautiful, charming and cold. Her temperament was natural and it was no wonder many young rich men wanted to spend a lot of money just to make her smile.

Yan Hua closed the door and left the clubhouse, returning home.

Little Apple had gone to her classmate’s house in the evening and would not be coming back tonight. She said that she saw the trending topic in Weibo and that Daddy would definitely come home so she wanted to let them spend time alone.

Yan Hua did not tell Little Apple that her daddy would not be back. She sat on the sofa for a while, before going back to her room to take a bath. After her bath, she lay on the bed.

An hour later, she heard the sound of the engine of a car outside.

After a short while, she heard the sound of the man’s steady footsteps.

Yan Hua turned to the side with her back facing the bedroom door and did not turn on the light or say anything.

After entering the bedroom, Bo Yan went to the bedside and stared at the back of Yan Hua’s head for a while. Seeing that she was asleep, he did not wake her up and went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Yan Hua heard the sound of running water and felt a heaviness in her heart. She did not feel sleepy at all.

He went out of the bedroom after taking his bath.

Yan Hua got out of the bed and seeming to have thought of something, she went into the bathroom. Picking up the shirt he had changed out from, she sniffed at it and looked at it carefully.

She found a faint lipstick mark on the side of the collar.

Yan Hua looked at the faint lipstick mark unblinkingly. She felt her body turn cold and her blood froze. Holding the clothes, she shivered unconsciously.