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Chapter 1298: Not Letting Her Be Close with Other Men

When Bo Yan received Little Apple’s message, he was about to go to the shooting range. He looked at the picture of the mixed-blood model, then listened to Little Apple’s voice message.

His handsome face darkened in an instant.

After a while, Little Apple sent a picture of Yan Hua coming down from the stairs.

It was obvious that the little girl had taken it secretly.

Yan Hua was wearing a Hepburn style little black dress, the outlines smooth and elegant. It had a fitted waistline, a slightly fluffy dress hem and her slender long legs were exposed just enough to be a tease. Her long hair was tied into a bun, showing her beautiful and elegant facial features that were as fair as jade and incredibly eye-catching.

There was a feminity on her that came with the passage of time.

When Deputy Lu came into Bo Yan’s office, he saw Bo Yan looking at his phone in a daze.

“General, the soldiers in the shooting range have gotten into formation and are waiting for you to go over.”

Bo Yan had promised his brothers last night at the dinner party that he would teach them how to shoot guns. After all, Bo Yan was known as one of the best sharpshooters in the Capital force.

Bo Yan put down his phone and nodded with a cold expression. “I’ll be right there.”

Bo Yan walked to the shooting range. He was wearing a t-shirt that was tucked into a pair of long pants and black boots. His waist was lean and his posture straight. As soon as he came, he attracted the attention of more than 200 elites in the shooting range.

In their hearts, Bo Yan was like a god. He was one of the most capable right-hand men of the King, the leader of the force and the legend they worshipped.

Bo Yan was usually aloof and indifferent, but he was even colder today, with an oppressive air emanating from him.

He said a few words then took a gun from Deputy Lu’s hand.

He raised the gun with one hand, his action fast and stable. Before the people could see how he had shot the bullet, he stood with his feet apart and they heard a few shots rang out.

Each bullet passed through the center of the same target.

There was a sea of applause.

After the demonstration, Bo Yan did not linger too long in the shooting range and went back to his office with a cold expression.

Sitting on the sofa, he took out his phone and saw that Little Apple had sent him a message ten minutes ago.

“The place where Mommy is shooting the advertisement is at Sunshine Mall. It should be Uncle Yanzhi’s territory. Daddy, if you want to snatch Mommy back, remember to call Uncle Yanzhi.”

This young girl was like a mischievous elf. She knew everything!

Bo Yan sat on the sofa and smoked a cigarette, then went back to his desk to continue his work.

In the afternoon, Deputy Lu came to Bo Yan’s office and found that he was staring at a document and that document turned out to be upside down.

Deputy Lu did not dare to remind Bo Yan because he felt that there was something wrong with General Bo’s mood today. There was a cold oppressive air coming out from him, making people feel suffocated.

It was better to keep his distance.

Bo Yan did not go to the canteen for lunch in the afternoon. He took his car keys, called Lan Yanzhi and drove out of the force in his SUV.

The perfume advertisement of Yan Hua and the mixed-blood model was filmed in the studio in the mall. The mall was cleared of people and only staff were permitted to enter.

After Yan Hua arrived, the director introduced her to the mixed-blood model, The model was called Ciel and was an international model. It was true that he was tall and handsome, but Yan Hua had seen too many handsome men. In addition, she only had her husband in her eyes and no other handsome man could enter her eyes. After seeing Ciel, she did not fawn over or admire him like other girls.

After greeting Ciel, Yan Hua listened attentively to the director’s explanation for the filming.

Ciel glanced at Yan Hua a few times and found that she had her attention on the shooting content. A strange look flashed past his eyes. He was rated as the most attractive male model in the world by the Western magazines and women who had seen him should not be so calm.

Ciel went to Yan Hua and the director’s side, trying to attract Yan Hua’s attention, but she ignored him.

But Yan Hua was professional in her work and when they were shooting for the first set of pictures, she cooperated with the director’s requirements and put her arm over Ciel’s shoulders, raising her exquisite and beautiful face and giving him a bright and charming smile.

On the terrace opposite the studio stood two tall figures. One was wearing a t-shirt from the force and the other wore a pink men’s shirt.

They both had a cigarette between their lips. Lan Yanzhi’s was not lit and he turned to look at the man puffing away beside him. “Master Bo, you called me over to accompany you while you watch your wife and a handsome man shoot advertisements?

“But your wife is really getting more and more star-like. Why didn’t I see her potential before. She’s getting more and more attractive and sexy.”

Yan Hua had changed into a long red dress for the advertisement. The dress was cut-out at the back and not only did it show her perfect figure, but also her beautiful back. Although she had a child, her butterfly bone and outlines of her waist were incredibly perfect.

When Bo Yan saw Ciel’s hand landing on Yan Hua’s slender waist, his handsome face under the smoke turned dark in an instant.

“Are you still going to hold it in?” Lan Yanzhi raised his eyebrows and laughed meanly.

“I promised her before that I would not interfere in her work.”

“Yes, you’re magnanimous.”

Lan Yanzhi’s voice had just fallen when the man he had said was magnanimous suddenly left. Glancing over, Lan Yanzhi saw the murderous look on his face and hurriedly followed him. “Didn’t you say you didn’t mind?”

“F*ck it, they’re about to kiss. Can I still be indifferent?!”

Lan Yanzhi glanced at the studio and saw the male model lowering his head, his forehead resting against Yan Hua’s and it was a beautiful scene…

“Director, I think we should be more intimate here. For example, adding a kissing scene…” Ciel proposed.

When the director heard Ciel’s suggestion, he looked at Yan Hua and said, “Huahua doesn’t accept intimate scenes.”

Yan Hua stood by one side without needing to say anything because the director knew her principles, but she saw a tall figure walking over from the corner of her eye and so she said in a clear voice, “I can consider it. If kissing can make the shooting effect better.”

Ciel’s eyes turned bright.

Yan Hua was cold and indifferent to him on the surface, but was interested in him in her heart, right? It was said that she had never done intimate scenes when shooting advertisement, but she wanted to have a kissing scene with him?

The director was about to ask Yan Hua if she was really considering the kissing scene when he suddenly felt a cold air attacking him. Before he could say anything, a cold voice sounded. “Who dares to do a kissing scene with her?”

The studio staff saw that someone was creating trouble and wanted to go forward when Bo Yan suddenly pulled out a gun from his waist and put it on the table. The cold and fierce aura made people shiver on the spot.