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Chapter 1297: Finding a New Father

There was a hole in the soil under his feet and the ground quaked. Qiao Yanze took a few steps back and roared out. “F*ck, Cen Xi, you crazy woman…”

Because he did not expect that she would dare to shoot. He was flustered when he stepped back.

Other than his family being ruined and during his undercover period, when had he been flustered while growing up?

Especially now when it was in front of Cen Xi.

His expression was dark and he glared at her angrily. “You dare to shoot again?”

His tall body came towards Cen Xi.

Cen Xi did not let him go forward and shot at his feet. Her shooting skills were deadly accurate and every shot was close to the front of his shoe.

Qiao Yanze pointed at his chest. “Fine, if you dare, shoot here.”

Cen Xi glanced at him and pulled the trigger, a bullet shooting out.

“F*ck.” Qiao Yanze saw that she really pulled the trigger and dodged to the side, avoiding the bullet.

Cen Xi twirled the gun in her hand and then took out the remaining bullets, throwing them aside. “You asked me to go back so that you can continue to sleep with me? You want me to go back with your attitude that makes me feel uncomfortable? Keep on dreaming!” Cen Xi threw the gun at him, turned and left quickly.

Qiao Yanze looked at Cen Xi’s slender figure and he frowned. Not only was her archery skills good, but she also shot well?

How much of this woman was unknown to him?

You could say that she was weak, but when she was being ruthless, she was even more ruthless than any man. She did not even furrow her eyebrow when she was shooting out those few shots.

You could say that she was not weak, but when he pressed against her on the bed, her red cheeks, her gaze and soft voice was very coy.

Qiao Yanze looked down at the still smoking gun, a complicated look in his eyes.

Cen Xi walked to the entrance of the hall. Yan Hua was standing there and when she saw Cen Xi coming over, she smiled and said to her, “Xiao Xi, let’s go back!”

Deputy Lu came out and hearing Yan Hua’s words, he was slightly stunned. “Sister-in-law, there’s still dinner in the canteen. You can leave after eating!”

Yan Hua shook her head. “I’m going to have a concert soon and can’t eat too much at night or I won’t look good on camera.”

“Sister-in-law, you’re already so slim. Don’t be too strict with yourself.”

“Deputy Lu, thank you for your kindness.”

Deputy did not want to force Yan Hua and he came up to Cen Xi and exchanged phone numbers with her before taking them to the car.

Deputy Lu returned to the hall and when Bo Yan saw that he came back alone, his slender eyes looked at the entrance of the hall. “Where are they?”

“They went back.”

Bo Yan frowned unconsciously.

“General, you should tell Sister-in-law about your insomnia. I think she will understand!”

That year, Yan Hua left without saying a word which made him think that she had died of heart failure. He searched for her day and night and used all forces, but there was still no news of her.

His longest record was not sleeping for five days and five nights.

Later, he developed insomnia.

Sleeping pills had no effect and he had insomnia all night long. He became anxious and restless, often having hallucinations.

She disappeared suddenly and then came back suddenly. He was angry at first and did not want to forgive her that easily. But he still loved and doted her deep in his heart. She must have suffered during the days she left.

He thought that his insomnia would get better after she had returned, but on the contrary, it became more serious.

As he lay on the same bed as her, he did not dare to look away from her, fearing that if he blinked, she would disappear.

The psychiatrist suggested for him to stay at the force temporarily and go back home after getting his insomnia cured.

Every few days, he would choose elites in the force to fight with him. Only when he was extremely tired and exhausted, could he finally sleep.

His body was full of scars left from fighting because he always selected four to five elites to fight against him.

Bo Yan pursed his lips slightly. “I’ll see if it can improve after some time.”

Yan Hua drove Cen Xi out of the force.

She looked outside through the rearview mirror several times, but did not see a car chasing behind and a trace of disappointment flashed past her eyes.

Cen Xi saw Yan Hua’s low spirits and comforted her softly. “Sister Huahua, you must persevere!”

Yan Hua was amused by Cen Xi’s words. “Don’t worry, I will definitely hold it in and not look for him this time.”

Yan Hua came back home, took a bath and went to Little Apple’s room. Seeing her daughter’s beautiful little face, Yan Hua could not help kissing and holding her, which always helped to improve her mood.

The next day.

After washing up, Little Apple found Yan Hua in the kitchen.

“Mommy, what are you looking at?””

Yan Hua glanced at Little Apple with a gentle smile. “I’m shooting for a perfume advertisement in the afternoon. These are photos of a couple of handsome men sent by the director, they want me to pick out one as my partner for the shoot.”

“Wow, these brothers are so handsome!”

“They’re pretty handsome. Darling, which one do you think is good?”

“They’re all good, but your husband is better.”

“Really? I don’t think so. This mixed-blood one is not bad. I’ll choose him.”

Little Apple watched as her mommy sent the picture of the mixed-blood man to the director and she pouted. Why did she feel like her mommy had changed?

Yesterday, Mommy had said that the most handsome and amazing man in the world was her General Bo!

After choosing the model for the shoot, Yan Hua stood up from the sofa. “Darling, I’m going upstairs to change. Go and have breakfast first.”

“Mommy, lend me your phone. I want to call Sister Tiantian.”

“Are you going to ask about your Brother Xiaojie from Tiantian again?”

Little Apple blushed. “Of course not.”

“Little girl, we girls have to be more reserved!”

“Mommy, hurry up and change your clothes!”

Yan Hua touched Little Apple’s head and felt a little worried. If Xiaojie did not like Little Apple in the future, what would she do when she grew up? This little one had been committed since she was young!

She should talk less about her and Xiaojie’s arranged marriage. Even if the relationship between the Ye and Bo family was close, the relationship between the children could not be forced.

When Little Apple saw that Yan Hua had gone upstairs, her fair little fingers slid open the phone and she sent the picture of the mixed-blood model to her own phone, then used her phone to send it to Bo Yan’s WeChat.

She sent a voice message over, her voice crisp and adorable. “Daddy, Daddy, Mommy is going to shoot for an advertisement with a super handsome mixed-blood model. You’re always in the force and you never come back anymore. Mommy may find a new daddy for me!”