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Chapter 1295: He Cared About It!

Melodious sounds of the flute sounded, and Cen Xi, who was wearing a white dress, began to dance with the melody.

Her body was flexible and light. She was not tall, but her arms and legs were long, her bones slender and soft.

Although it was their first time partnering, Cen Xi had danced to this piece before when she was a child. She knew the rhythm and what kind of movement could show the beautiful melody of this piece of music.

She danced quietly and elegantly in parts where there were deep connotations, and charming and graceful in parts where it was cheerful, full of confidence.

The audience below stage stared unblinkingly at the two of them.

Although this was their first time performing together, they had so much chemistry that no one was able to pick out a flaw.

When Cen Xi was spinning around, there were layers of ripples forming from the hem of her white dress. After several turns, she could do the next move stably. There was a smile on her face, her eyes clear and bright, her posture graceful and jumped with a wide range. She looked elegant, charming and graceful.

Even Deputy Lu, who was playing the flute, was attracted by her. She had not danced for a long time and it could not be said that she danced perfectly, but there was an artistic air to her, making people feel that it was beautiful and charming.

As Deputy Lu played the last note, Cen Xi also finished her last dance step. He reached out his hand to Cen Xi and she put her hand out to him with a smile.

Their eyes met.

There was silence around for a moment and no one made a sound. They were afraid that they would break such a beautiful atmosphere if they made a sound.

The pair came to the front of the stage and bowed.

Then, there was a flood of applause.

Cen Xi was still panting slightly and there was a faint tinge of red on her cheeks. Deputy Lu saw the sweat on her forehead and took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe it for Cen Xi.

In addition to applause, there were also cheers from below the stage.

The atmosphere reached the peak of the event.

Cen Xi’s face was slightly red after dancing and after being cheered by the enthusiastic brothers below, it became even redder.

Looking at Deputy Lu who was wiping her sweat, she said with some embarrassment, “Thank you.”

“No, I should be the one thanking you.” Deputy Lu lowered his voice. “I’m afraid of social gatherings. I still want to remain single for several more years!”

Cen Xi could see that Deputy Lu was indeed the most popular one in the event.

“So your crisis has been resolved this time?”

“Yes, I have to thank you for that.”

Cen Xi and Deputy Lu came down from the stage. Suddenly, she felt a gaze that could not be ignored on her and she looked below the stage but did not find anything unusual.

Qiao Yanze, who was sitting in the last row, watched Cen Xi and the man’s performance with a cold expression, and saw that she did not dodge when the man helped her wipe her sweat and even smiled at him.

The two young men beside Qiao Yanze could not help gossiping. “Deputy Lu and Miss Cen are quite compatible. I’ve never seen him helping a girl wipe away her sweat!”

“Yes, he’s usually by General Bo’s side, serious and cold. How would he know to be nice to women? I think he must be interested in Miss Cen and wants to pursue her!”

Qiao Yanze frowned and a cold gleam appeared in his dark, upturned eyes. He stared fixedly at Cen Xi and the man who had come down from the stage. The man did not go back up to the stage and sat beside Cen Xi. Their heads were lowered and they were talking.

With a bang, Qiao Yanze crushed the wine glass in his hand.

Hearing the sound, the young man beside Qiao Yanze saw that his palm was pierced by the glass shards and blood was flowing out. The young man was shocked and realized that the man beside him was Qiao Yanze.

“M-Mr Qiao, is your hand all right?” Was the wine glass of their force so easily broken?

Qiao Yanze loosened his hand and the broken pieces of the wine glass fell from his hand. Some pieces had pierced through his palm, but he did not seem to care and pulled them out.

Qiao Yanze clenched his fist and stood up, leaving the hall without saying a word.

“Xiao Xi, I didn’t expect for you to dance so well. You’re really talented!” Yan Hua exclaimed to Cen Xi with a smile.

When she was a child, Cen Xi had been trained by her adoptive parents in all aspects, but she was only proficient in one or two things. Although she could dance, she was far from those who really knew how to dance.

“Sister Huahua, stop teasing me.”

Yan Hua wanted to say something when the host on stage called out to Yan Hua, “Sister-in-law, you’re a big star and many of our comrades here are your fans. Since you are here today, I wonder if our comrades are lucky enough to hear you sing a song?”

“Sing one song!”

“Sing one song!”

Yan Hua had a rich stage experience and had held concerts for tens of thousands of people, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

She glanced at the man beside her from the corner of her eye.

He was sitting upright and was looking at the stage as if she was not there. Yan Hua was slightly angry. How long had it been? He really could hold it in. She had been back by his side for so long, but he was still ignoring her.


Yan Hua got up from her seat and walked towards the stage gracefully.

Bo Yan watched Yan Hua step onto the stage, his tall body leaning against the chair. His slender, upturned eyes fell on her unconsciously. She was wearing a dark green retro-style dress. It was not revealing, and the fitting fabric outlined the curves of her body perfectly.

Over the years, she had a sexiness and charm to her, yet she retained the beauty of a young girl. She was now a well-known star and when she stood on the stage, she had an aura and was dazzling, attracting people’s attention.

When Yan Hua was singing on stage, a young man came to Cen Xi and said softly to her, “Miss Cen, someone is looking for you outside the hall, saying that it’s urgent.”

Cen Xi wanted to ask him who was looking for her, but he shook his head and left quickly.

Although she was somewhat doubtful, Cen Xi thought that there would not be any bad people in the force. After Yan Hua had finished singing a song, Cen Xi let her know and went out of the hall.

Standing at the entrance of the hall, Cen Xi looked around but found no one.

Just when she was about to return to the hall, she saw a tall figure standing in a dark corner from the corner of her eye.

Cen Xi did not know why, but she recognized it as Qiao Yanze when she glanced at the figure.

Didn’t he leave in the afternoon already?

Why was he here?

Cen Xi did not know if he was looking for her. She was afraid that if she went over, he would say that it was her wishful thinking. When she was hesitating about whether to enter the hall or not, the man said coldly, “Come here!”