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Chapter 1294: Watching Her Being Close to Another Man

Qiao Yanze would leave for the North tomorrow and he wanted Bo Yan to transfer an elite team over so he came to go through the formalities.

He did not expect to meet Cen Xi here.

Of course, Cen Xi did not expect to meet him here either.

Their eyes met for a few seconds before Cen Xi looked away first.

Qiao Yanze’s eyes darkened dangerously as he looked at Cen Xi. She was wearing a white knee-length dress today, with her long hair tied into a ponytail and had makeup on her face that was not too thick or too light. She looked very exquisite and it could be seen at first glance that she had dressed up meticulously.

Compared with Yan Hua’s beautiful and feminine air, Cen Xi was youthful and her white dress made her skin look even fairer like jade.

Bo Yan saw Yan Hua here and there was no fluctuation of emotions on his handsome and cold face. Standing up, he shook Qiao Yanze’s hand. “I wish you all the best in the North and to return as soon as possible.”

Hearing Bo Yan’s words, Cen Xi’s heart jolted.

Qiao Yanze was going North and leaving the Capital?

The hands that were hanging by Cen Xi’s sides clenched into fists subconsciously. There was a panic and slight disappointment spreading out from her chest.

Going to the North this time, he probably would not be back for some time!

Bo Yan asked the adjutant to send Qiao Yanze off and on the way, Qiao Yanze learned from the adjutant that the force was going to hold a social gathering tonight. He frowned.

Did Cen Xi come with Yan Hua to participate in the social gathering tonight?

She had only been separated from him for a few days and she could not wait to find another man?

In the office.

Bo Yan took several officers to the conference room, leaving Yan Hua and Cen Xi in the huge space.

“Xiao Xi, did you see that? He is just ignoring me now. Fortunately, you came with me, otherwise, how awkward would it be for me?”

“Sister Huahua, I saw General Bo glancing at you secretly when he was walking away.”

A smile appeared on Yan Hua’s beautiful and exquisite face. “Really? I thought he didn’t even look at me at all!”

“General Bo definitely still cares about Sister Huahua in his heart.”

Yan Hua sighed slightly. “I can feel that he cares about me, but the more he cares about me, the more he won’t forgive me easily for leaving without a word. You don’t know this, when he gets angry, he won’t hit me or scold me, but will ignore me. How scary, right?”

Yan Hua had never seen a person who could endure so much. He was almost going crazy from thinking about her, but when she appeared before him, he insisted on not holding her, kissing her or saying nice words to her.

She could not coax him at all.

“Sister Huahua, since this is the case, I don’t think you should come to the force to pursue your General Bo.”

Yan Hua’s eye widened slightly and a smile appeared on her beautiful face. “Xiao Xi, you mean…”

Cen Xi whispered a few words into Yan Hua’s ear and the smile on Yan Hua’s lips deepened. “I have thought of doing that, but I did hurt his heart when I left. I can’t bear to hurt him, so I endured his bad temper after coming back. Hearing you say this, maybe I should do that…”

Yan Hua patted the back of Cen Xi’s hand. “You’re young but you have your own unique views and ideas.” Seeming to have thought of something, Yan Hua said, “Oh yes, the assistant I was telling you about was the one who opened the door just now. What do you think?”

“Mm, he’s quite handsome and masculine.”

At seven o’clock in the evening.

The social gathering was held in the hall.

Cen Xi followed Yan Hua to the hall and she was awed when she saw the men dressed in their uniforms. Because of Yan Hua, Cen Xi also sat in the front row which was the closest to the stage.

Bo Yan sat next to them with several of his superiors. Bo Yan had changed into a service uniform, looking stylish and full of charisma. The face under the brim of his hat was handsome and under his high nose, his lips were pursed into a straight line, giving out the dignity and coldness of those in a high position.

Since she had arrived, Yan Hua did not smile at him like usual. She only talked to Cen Xi and greeted his assistant, but treated him like he was invisible.

Bo Yan frowned.

Soon, the event began.

The girls from the art troupe prepared an opening program, followed by the nurses from the hospital.

After the performance, the men from the social gathering event went up the stage to show their talents. Then there was the interactive segment and seeing their interaction, Cen Xi and Yan Hua could not help but smile.

After the men had their blind dates, it was their superiors’ turn.

One of them was Deputy Lu whom Yan Hua had mentioned. Deputy Lu was tall, handsome and masculine. He received the most red flowers.

If he was interested in someone, he would give the rose to the woman and then give a performance.

There were shouts and cheers under the stage.

Deputy Lu took the microphone from the host, looked at the girls on the stage who had given him the flowers then swept his eyes down stage. “The girls who gave me the flowers are all excellent, but the one who caught my eye is not on stage.”

Deputy Lu went down the stage with the flowers in his hand and walked up to Cen Xi who was sitting in the first row. “Miss Cen, do you want to be friends? Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to be my girlfriend. I just want to be friends with you.”

What Cen Xi did not know was that Deputy Lu knew Cen Xi because he was friends with Bai Lin and had heard Bai Lin mention Cen Xi before. He knew that Cen Xi was good with archery.

Cen Xi could see that Deputy Lu was nervous and that he purely wanted to be friends with her.

Countless pairs of eyes in the hall landed on them. Cen Xi could not refuse and had no reason to refuse. She admired Deputy Lu’s exceptionality and it was no problem being friends.

So Cen Xi stood up from the chair and nodded with a smile. “It’s my honor to be friends with Deputy Lu.”

Shouts and cheers erupted in the hall.

Deputy Lu took Cen Xi up the stage and took out a flute. “Miss Cen, I’ll play a piece of music with the flute. Can you do an accompanying dance? I heard from Bai Lin that you learned ethnic dance when you were a child.”

“Deputy Lu, I haven’t danced for years.”

“It’s okay. I learned to play the flute a week ago. I’m sure you can dance better compared to me playing the flute.”

Deputy Lu told her the piece he was going to play and Cen Xi pondered for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Deputy Lu told the host and the host made the announcement. When the audience heard that Deputy Lu was going to perform with Cen Xi, there was thunderous applause.

Qiao Yanze had left the force in the afternoon and had a gathering with Tang Xi and the rest in the evening. But he did not know what came over him and he came to the hall.

He did not let Bo Yan know and went to the last row, sitting down like an ordinary person.

Picking up a glass of wine from the table, he took a sip and looked at the man and woman on stage over the rows of heads, his expression strange and his gaze gloomy.