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Chapter 1291: His Deep Gaze

Qiao Yanze ignored Tang Xi’s words and looked at the woman on the TV. When he was still an undercover, he knew how talented and courageous she was.

But he was blinded by hatred at that time and did not take her to heart.

Now looking at her on TV, he thought that she was like a luminous body, attracting people’s gazes and making them unable to look away.

On her thin yet beautiful face, her eyes were dark and bright without any trace of panic or discomfort and she was confident and full of vitality.

It seemed like she was not affected after she had moved out of the mansion and became even more eye-catching. As Qiao Yanze looked at her every action and every word, he suddenly felt that it was unfamiliar to him.

Was this still the woman who had blushed from embarrassment when they were being intimate?

The light in her eyes was totally different from those women who only knew how to attend upon and please men.

“Third Brother, are we going to continue the game?” Tang Xi looked at Qiao Yanze, who was not in a good mood recently, and he knew that he and Miss Cen had broken up. Now, it seemed that Miss Cen was not affected at all and her career was in full swing, completely subverting the image of those women who cried and wanted to die after breaking up.

Tang Xi grinned and came up to Qiao Yanze, putting his arm around his shoulders. “Third Brother, are you regretting it?”

Qiao Yanze snorted. “Do I look like someone who would regret something like this? I have no shortage of women!”

Following the breakup, Qiao Yanze also focused on his work. Today, he had a meeting to discuss the issue in the North.

Ji Hong suggested that Qiao Yanze be in charge of the work there and Qiao Yanze had no objections. If he went there, he would settle it in about three months.

Although Ji Hong had some opinions on Qiao Yanze not marrying Ji Wei, he still held some admiration for Qiao Yanze. As the young master of the Qiao family, he was brave and resourceful in his work.

After the meeting, Ji Hong asked Qiao Yanze to stay behind, intending to talk to him about Ji Wei, “Yanze, recently Weiwei she…”

“Uncle Ji, I still have something important to attend to. I’ll take my leave first.”

Without waiting for Ji Hong to say anything, Qiao Yanze strode out of the meeting room.

Yi Fan was going to the Royal tarmac to pick up the Queen. He was about to get into the car when he saw Qiao Yanze walking over hurriedly.

“Young Master Qiao, I’m going to pick up the Queen. Are you going to wait in the palace, or…”

“I’ll come with you.”

It was a 20 minute journey from the Crown Palace to the tarmac. When they arrived at the tarmac, Qiao Yanze did not get out of the car. He lowered the car window and saw Nan Zhi and Cen Xi who were coming out from the private plane.

Cen Xi was not wearing professional attire today and was wearing a yellow shirt, a rainbow-colored skirt, black high heels and had her long and straight black hair spread over her shoulders.

She walked behind Nan Zhi with the entourage. They were talking softly and smiling and she was the most eye-catching. Her skin was glowing under the bright sun, her eyes exquisite and cold, and her expression confident, having the youthful vitality of people her age.

Qiao Yanze’s throat felt a little dry and taking out a cigarette from his pants pocket, he put it between his lips.

She was different from what he had imagined. He could feel that she liked him. But when she left, it seemed she was not living with any regrets. Instead, she was having a better life than he had imagined.

Soon, Nan Zhi and the rest walked to Yi Fan’s car.

Another SUV had come along with Yi Fan. The entourage would take the SUV, but Nan Zhi called Cen Xi to her car. Cen Xi’s performance this time was unexpectedly good.

“Xiao Xi, my chief interpreter needs an assistant. When she is discharged from the hospital, you can hand in your resume.”

Naturally, when Cen Xi heard this, she was very happy. It was considered very lucky for a newcomer like her to be able to do a temporary assignment that was so high profile.

Nan Zhi and Cen Xi got into the car one after another.

When she had gotten into the car, Cen Xi was slightly stunned when she saw a slender and handsome figure inside already.

Qiao Yanze sat in the car, leaning against the seat lazily with one hand on his knee and the other playing with the unlit cigarette. Seeing her coming into the car, he did not even look up.

Seeing him, Cen Xi was about to take the SUV, but after thinking about it, she felt that it was too deliberate. The Queen was smart. If Cen Xi was too deliberate, she might see that something was wrong.

“Uncle, you came to pick me up?” Nan Zhi looked at the handsome man suspiciously.

Qiao Yanze pulled Nan Zhi to the seat beside him, a smile on the corner of his lips. “You’re the person I doted the most. I haven’t seen you for many days, so I missed you.”

As Qiao Yanze said this, he glanced at Cen Xi.

Cen Xi met with his deep and dark upturned eyes and her heartbeat sped up, but she calmed herself down quickly and gave Qiao Yanze a small smile. “How are you, Mr Qiao.”

Her greeting was calm, her manner courteous.

Qiao Yanze laughed. “I’m quite good and you seem to be quite good yourself.”

“Mm, it’s all thanks to Young Master Qiao.”

Nan Zhi looked at them, a meaningful look in her eyes. “Xiao Xi, you and my Uncle…”

Before Nan Zhi could finish speaking, she was interrupted by Qiao Yanze, “I saw that she has a good talent for languages and asked her to be my interpreter once.”

“Oh, I see.” Nan Zhi said softly to Qiao Yanze, “It was not easy for her. The other time you got her into jail, don’t do that again.”

Qiao Yanze only smirked. “I won’t.” He would not tell Nan Zhi that he had already lived with that little girl before.

On the way, Nan Zhi praised Cen Xi several times and somehow talked about personal relationships. Nan Zhi asked Cen Xi, “Xiao Xi, do you have a boyfriend?”

Cen Xi shook her head. “No.”

“Do you have someone you like?”

Cen Xi pursed her lips and seeing Qiao Yanze’s gaze on her face, she gave a charming smile. “No.”

Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened.

“If you want to get a boyfriend, let me know. I’ll introduce you to some excellent boys.”

“Thank you, Queen.”

“Zhizhi, when did you become a matchmaker?”

Nan Zhi gave Qiao Yanze a look. “Uncle, you’re not young anymore and it’s time to plan to start a family. My mom has also arranged an album of girls for you. She told me to pass it to you when I’m back.”

“Give me a break, I don’t have that plan for the time being.” Qiao Yanze looked at Cen Xi as he said this. Cen Xi did not look at him and turned to look out of the car window instead.

Qiao Yanze’s expression turned even darker.

After Cen Xi went back to the apartment, she took a bath and fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, she was woken up by the phone. Picking up her phone, she was slightly stunned when she saw the caller ID.