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Chapter 1288: Pushing Her Down The Stairs

Gu Meng stared at the man who helped her squeeze out the venom. She was in so much pain her face was completely pale, sweat falling from her forehead nonstop.

The cold-looking man was expressionless as his dark eyes landed on her chest. He acted indifferent as he focused on the wound at her chest.

After he squeezed the venom out of her wound, he used the hot spring water to rinse her wound.

At first, she could still handle him cutting her skin with the knife and use his strength to squeeze the venom out. However, with him suddenly pouring the hot spring water over her wound, it hurt so much that she couldn’t help but shout, “It hurts! Ye Qing, f*ck yー!”

Gu Meng was like a wild lad when she was younger. She knew how to climb trees to pluck fruits and how to go into the sea to catch fishes. Apart from looking pretty, she wasn’t as shy as normal girls were.

Later, it was when she met Brother Ah Dai and fell for him that she finally realized that she was a girl.

A girl should look and behave like a girl, so she grew her hair out, stopped her cursing and did her best to learn.

However, right now, she was in so much pain that she disregarded whatever manners and decorum she had picked up.

Hearing Gu Meng scold him, Ye Qing’s handsome face darkened. It was the first time someone dared to scold him like this in his lifetime.

His dark eyes narrowed dangerously as he grabbed her chin. “What did you just say?”

The girls Ye Qing had come in contact with were all nobles and rich young ladies. Even girls from normal rich families such as Xue’er were warm and soft and never cursed, but what did he just hear?

F*ck him?

Gu Meng furrowed her eyebrows as she panted. “I’m almost dying from pain, yet you still used the hot spring water to rinse my wound. Didn’t I just see you take your clothes off? Besides, it’s nothing. Ah Zuo, Ah You, Ah Nan and Ah Bei all have better figures than you!”

Ah Zuo, Ah You, Ah Nan and Ah Bei were all Ye Qing’s bodyguards. Since Gu Meng stayed in his palace usually, she became really good friends with them.

She was easy-going to begin with and was hyper and cheery. Since they weren’t shy either, when they sweat from fighting each other, they would take off their clothes before continuing.

Ye Qing glanced at Gu Meng with dark eyes. He placed his hands by the edge of the pool. With a flex, he jumped out of the hot spring.

He put on his clothes and left without turning back.

Gu Meng looked down and stared at her wound, before she adjusted her clothes properly.

When she left the hot spring, she suddenly remembered that hot spring water can kill bacteria. Did that mean that he wasn’t taking revenge by pouring hot spring water on her and was disinfecting her wound instead?

After Ye Qing returned to the mansion, he went to the guest room, striding in immediately to take a cold shower. If he hadn’t left quickly, that girl might have realized that something was wrong!

He looked down at his abdomen, his lips pursing into a straight line.

Impossible. He didn’t have any feelings for Xue’er, but he had a reaction from squeezing venom from that girl!

Was it because he hadn’t had a woman in a long time?

Gu Meng lost sleep for a good portion of the night, so when she woke up in the morning, there were faint dark eye circles under her eyes.

The butler got Gu Meng to call Xue’er down for breakfast. Gu Meng had just arrived on the second floor when she saw Xue’er walking out of the room.

Xue’er saw Gu Meng as well.

“Miss Xue’er, the butler asked you to go down for breakfast.” With that said, Gu Meng planned to go back down.

But Xue’er stopped her.

Xue’er walked in front of Gu Meng, stopping right in front of her and Gu Meng saw several ambiguous marks under Xue’er’s exposed collarbones.

Seeing Gu Meng stare at her collarbones, Xue’er smiled softly. “Miss Gu, what do you think about my nightgown?” Xue Er undid her thin coat and revealed the black nightgown she was wearing inside.

Xue’er was wearing a Victoria’s Secret nightgown. It was sexy, seductive and feminine. As Gu Meng stared at the nightgown that barely covered anything, her eyes constricted a little as she remained quiet with her lips pursed.

“Ah Qing likes it when he’s the only one that sees me wearing sexy nightgowns.” A happy smile appeared on Xue’er’s lips. “No matter how cold and righteous a man acts, they all like such things. If I hadn’t stopped him desperately last night, he might have torn my nightgown into shreds.

“You probably didn’t see his expression when he saw him wearing this. He was like a hungry wolf that saw a delicious lamb, wanting so badly to swallow me. However, after we were intimate, he told me that he still liked it when I wore nothing. He hasn’t touched a woman in many years, but he was still as capable as when he was younger. My legs are still weak when I walk now!

“It’s fortunate that I learned dance in the past, so I was able to do any pose he wanted. If not, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed today.”

Xue’er played with her long hair as she stared at Gu Meng with a shy and gentle smile. “He looked so cold and indifferent usually, so you probably cannot see how strong and capable he is in bed!”

Hearing Xue’er’s words, Gu Meng felt crazy emotions overwhelming her. She felt disgusted by Xue’er’s words. But at the same time, she was hurt terribly.

After he returned to the mansion last night, he was probably still with Xue’er!

She chased him all the way from the small fishing village to the developed Capital. When she first arrived, she knew nothing and no one and was even thrown into jail for three months. She had suffered so much.

If Ye Qing and he didn’t have that short but sweet memory in the fishing village, she might not have been able to continue on.

She finally arrived next to him, yet she still had to see him be all sweet and romantic with his first love from time to time. But it was fortunate that they hadn’t been intimate yet.

She kept thinking that she still had hope, that he might choose her if he remembered what happened in the fishing village.

Now, it seemed like she was just daydreaming.

Seeing Gu Meng’s slightly pale expression, Xue’er’s smile became more and more gentle. She grabbed Gu Meng’s hand. “Miss Gu, if a man wants to keep a woman in bed badly, it means that he likes her. Ah Qing only has me in his heart, so if you understand the situation, you should leave quickly and stop appearing in front of him. If not, you’ll only make people annoyed.”

“Are you done?” Gu Meng pushed Xue’er’s hand away as a scoff appeared on her lips. “I didn’t expect for his first love to be so disgusting. You may be annoyed to see me, but I think that you’re really the disgusting one!”

“Yー” Xue’er was about to say something when she saw Ye Qing enter the living room from the corner of her eyes. She grabbed Gu Meng’s hand once more. Not wanting Xue’er to touch her, Gu Meng swung her hand away hard and Xue’er suddenly screamed and fell back uncontrollably.

Gu Meng stood on top of the stairs as she watched Xue’er roll down the stairs like a snowball, her eyes constricting slightly at the sight. When she regained her senses, she instantly ran towards Xue’er.

Xue’er rolled onto a turn of the stairs and hit her head against the wall. Blood started to drip from her head.

Gu Meng was about to bend down and help Xue’er up when a cold voice trailed from behind her. “What happened?”

Gu Meng froze and turned back to see the man who had appeared by the stairs unknowingly. His eyebrows were furrowed tightly, his expression dark as he stared coldly at her.