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Chapter 1287: Goes Without Saying

Xue’er looked up and stared at Ye Qing with gentle eyes.

In the past, how did she think that Ye Qing couldn’t compare to Ye Sihan and wasn’t as charismatic and charming as Ye Sihan?

Maybe… the more she couldn’t get him, the more she wanted to conquer him! Since Ye Sihan didn’t take her seriously while Ye Qing liked her, she preferred Ye Sihan more.

However, now, with Ye Qing acting cold and distant sometimes, she could no longer control him fully, so she started to care more about him now!

Xue’er wrapped her hands around Ye Qing’s neck, looking extremely charming and soft. “Ah Qing, I feel a little dizzy. Let’s return to our room!”

They were all adults, so the hint hidden in her words was extremely clear.

The couple went to the bedroom from the glass room. Xue’er went to take a shower in the bathroom. When she was done, she saw the man standing in front of the window, smoking. She walked behind him and called out softly, “Ah Qing.”

Ye Qing turned around and glanced at the woman behind him.

Xue’er was wearing a nightgown so loose that its straps would fall apart with a soft tug, and her nightgown would fall off her.

She looked beautiful and seductive at the same time.

Seeing Ye Qing glance at her, Xue’er’s eyelashes fluttered softly before she went forward to take Ye Qing’s cigarette from him.

“Ah Qing, only you treat me truthfully. I have nothing to repay you, so I’m willing to give myself to you.” Xue’er lifted her slender fingers and caressed Ye Qing’s shoulder softly.

In the next second, however, Ye Qing had grabbed her finger, then pulled her hand away. “Go to sleep early. I still have some work to do.”

With that said, Ye Qing left the room.

Staring at his departing figure, disbelief filled Xue’er’s eyes. She was already acting like this, but he didn’t take her?

Didn’t he like her?

She already stated her intentions so clearly. Why would he leave?

Ye Qing stayed in the study for an entire hour.

His eyebrows were furrowed tightly as his fingers massaged his temples. He looked like he was deep in thought.

When he was young, he fell for Xue’er at first sight.

After he returned and brought Xue’er to his side, he didn’t feel that strong fluttering for her anymore. His heart was as calm as when he saw someone else.

Ye Qing blinked before he got up and left the study, walking out of the villa.

There was a field behind the villa and a hot spring in the depths of the field.

Ye Qing walked towards the hot spring.

After Gu Meng left the villa, she walked to the back of the mountain and found a fruit tree. She climbed up the tree easily, then ate a few fruits unhappily.

After he had a candle-lit dinner with Xue’er, they would probably be sleeping together!

His relationship with Xue’er was already so intimate, so what was she continuing for?

She was just wasting her feelings and time!

Although she felt extremely sad at the thought of not being able to see him after she left, she still made the decision!

After she had decided, Gu Meng was about to jump off the tree when she suddenly saw a tall figure walk towards her.

Huh? Gu Meng squinted through the branches. It was Ye Qing.

She was extremely confused. Shouldn’t he be in bed with Xue’er right now?

Ye Qing walked really quickly. With a few large strides, he had arrived at the hot spring.

Before Gu Meng could show her presence on the tree, she saw him taking off his clothes. From Gu Meng’s angle, she happened to see his firm and muscular chest, and his well-defined muscles.

Gu Meng’s long eyelashes fluttered, not knowing if she should make any sound. As she had yet to get rid of her suffocating emotions, so seeing his good figure suddenly made her really flustered and panicked.

She closed her eyes, not wanting to see him.

Just as Gu Meng planned to get off the tree quietly, a cold thing suddenly landed on her neck. Gu Meng’s eyes widened in fear.

Was she so unlucky?

It was a snake!

That thing continued to move along her back. Gu Meng had been scared of nothing since young, but she was the most afraid of such cold-blooded animals.

No matter if it was venomous or not, she would still be so scared that her soul left her. The moment the snake moved onto her back, Gu Meng shouted out loud, “Save me!”

Gu Meng screamed as she jumped into the hot spring from the tree.

Ye Qing stared as the woman jumped into the hot spring with a snake on her back. He furrowed his eyebrows and grabbed the snake with a dark expression. The snake let go of Gu Meng, wanting to bite Ye Qing. However, with a pinch, Ye Qing threw the snake away ruthlessly.

“It hurts!” Gu Meng was so scared her face was pale.

Ye Qing stood in front of Gu Meng and reached out to tug the back of her shirt.

“W-What are you doing?”

“Move your hand away if you don’t want to die.” He narrowed his eyes, his expression cold as he continued, “I’ll settle you watching me soak in the hot spring secretly later.”

“I wasn’t watching you secretly. I was the one who came fiー!” Before she could finish, the back of her shirt was pulled up. There were two clear bite marks on the back of her shoulder, the bite marks looking a little bruised.

Ye Qing had received training since young, so he knew some survival skills. Taking out a dagger from his pants that was placed beside the pool. The sharp blade sparkled coldly under the moonlight. “The snake is venomous, so I need to get the venom out.”

Gu Meng’s eyes widened. “Using a knife? Shouldn’t it be sucked out?”

Ye Qing remained indifferent. “Do you think it’s possible?”

Gu Meng’s long lashes fluttered as she looked away. “Do it then!”

Ye Qing slashed the blade against her wound, before he squeezed the venom out with his hands.

It hurt! Gu Meng was in terrible pain, but she held her pain down without letting out a single eep.

Meanwhile, Xue’er stood in a distance, staring at the two figures in the hot spring.

Gu Meng was completely covered by Ye Qing’s tall figure. From Xue’er’s angle, the two looked extremely intimate.

Xue’er’s teeth clenched so tightly together that her teeth were about to shatter.

She wore a nightgown and appeared in front of him looking all soft and delicious, yet he ignored her and came to the hot spring with his bodyguard…

With hands clenched into fists, Xue’er felt angry and unresigned.

So what if she lost to Nan Zhi? Deep down, she could tolerate and even accept that Nan Zhi was outstanding in her own way. But why did she lose to a bodyguard that was worse than her in every aspect?