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Chapter 1286: Her Eyes Hurt

Qiao Yanze stood in front of the window, a cigarette between his fingers as he narrowed his pretty eyes and exhaled a mouthful of smoke.

Not too long later, he saw a slender figure leaving the villa.

Aunt Li was following behind Cen Xi, as she turned back to wave at the older lady. After saying something that he didn’t know, Aunt Li seemed to pull her back, unwilling for her to leave. However, the girl still left determinedly.

It was then that Qiao Yanze suddenly realized that this girl was slightly different from others.

She was young, but she had her own thoughts and ideas and never let others play with her.


Could she be playing push and pull with him? After all, she was Xiao Ying’s younger sister, she must know how to catch a man’s heart!

She knew that he was interested in her right now. Since he didn’t accept the Ji family’s wedding matters, he would still dote on her the same as long as she stayed.

However, her leaving so determinedly, he couldn’t help but suspect her.

Qiao Yanze hummed coldly. He wanted to see how long she can hold on if he didn’t look for her!

Cen Xi returned to her apartment, feeling extremely exhausted. Although she had moved into Qiao Yanze’s villa for a few days, she had been mentally tense in those few days.

She knew that this day would come one day and it was better early than late. At least, it wasn’t at the stage where she would be in terrible pain from leaving him.

After she entered the apartment and saw a busy figure in the kitchen, Cen Xi was slightly shocked. “Mengmeng, you’re back!”

Gu Meng was currently cooking some noodles and a smile appeared on her face when she saw Cen Xi. “Yes, I’m cooking something. Xiao Xi, do you want some?”

“I ate already, so no, but thanks.”

After making her bowl of noodles, Gu Meng brought it with her and sat beside Cen Xi. Cen Xi had changed into home clothes and had tied her long hair into a bun, exposing her fair and pretty face. She was currently looking at a translation book.

“Xiao Xi, why did you move out of Young Master Qiao’s villa?” Gu Meng stared at Cen Xi’s pretty side profile. “Did you fight with him?”

Cen Xi looked up and hummed softly. “It’s over.”

Actually, she should have struggled all the way that night and not let him get his way. However, she couldn’t resist his kiss and his scent. That was why she fell in, head first.

She gave herself too quickly and he got her too easily. A relationship that was only physical and not emotional was doomed to be short and transient.

It was fortunate that she saw through it all!

Staring at Cen Xi’s calm expression, Gu Meng put down her bowl of noodles and grabbed Cen Xi’s hand. “Xiao Xi, if you’re sad, just cry!”

Gu Meng could tell that Cen Xi really liked Young Master Qiao. If she didn’t like him, why would she move into his villa and cohabit with him?

Although it was short, she must have given her feelings as well.

Cen Xi shook her head with a bitter smile. “There’s nothing to be sad about. I was the one who wanted to come back!” Cen Xi didn’t want to talk about Qiao Yanze and her anymore, so she glanced at Gu Meng. “What about you? How has it been with His Highness?”

At the mention of Ye Qing, Gu Meng’s large eyes darkened a little. She bit her lips and said sadly, “He’s going for an overseas visit in a few days and it may take up to a few weeks. So, since that’s happening, he has some time over the next two days and he’s spending it with his girlfriend.

“His personal dates don’t require too many bodyguards to be with him. I’m on leave today and will be on duty tomorrow.”

Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows. “What does that mean? If he’s going on a date with that woman tomorrow, wouldn’t you have to see them together tomorrow?”

Gu Meng looked down, a delayed pain and discomfort throbbing in her chest. “Probably!”

“Silly Mengmeng, are you still going to continue?”

A layer of sparking tears covered Gu Meng’s eyes as she pressed a hand on her forehead. Her voice was slightly hoarse. “If I see them sleeping together tomorrow night, I will probably give up! I don’t want to be a third-party that destroys others’ relationships. Although I have memories with him from the fishing village, that Xue’er is his first love. If love is about who comes first, then I am the extra one.”

Hearing Gu Meng’s words, Cen Xi’s heart tightened in pain. She hugged Gu Meng tightly, her eyes turning red. “Men aren’t everything to us. Without them, we can live happily as well.”

Gu Meng nodded her head against Cen Xi’s shoulder as two glimmering tears fell from her eyes.

The next day.

Gu Meng arrived at the Third Prince’s palace. The leader of the bodyguards had given Gu Meng a shopping list, wanting her to go to the supermarket.

After Gu Meng bought everything in the list, she brought it to a mountain peak in the city as per the leader’s instructions.

The mountain peak had been developed and had one lone road. There were two rows of trees and street lamps along the road. A single villa stood at the peak of the mountain.

Gu Meng got out of the car and carried the items she had bought into the villa.

There was a glass room at the roof of the villa. If one stood in the glass room, they would be able to see half of the city’s scenery. Some places were well-developed and some were quiet.

The glass room had a 360 degree view. At night, one will be able to see the starry sky just by looking up. When they looked down, they would be able to see the sparkling night.

The place was romantic and full of sentiment.

The villa’s butler had arrived and asked Gu Meng to help to arrange the items. He said that His Highness and Miss Xue’er were coming over for a candle-lit dinner that night.

Hearing this, Gu Meng really felt like crying. However, she did what she was asked to.

When evening came, the sound of engines rang from the villa’s door. Gu Meng, the butler and the servants were standing by the door.

The butler went forward to open the door of the Rolls-Royce limousine.

A suit-clad, handsome and mature looking Ye Qing got out of the car. Following behind him was Xue’er dressed in a long white dress.

Xue’er held onto Ye Qing’s arm as they walked into the villa.

When they walked past Gu Meng, Xue’er glanced at her and a soft scoff appeared on her lips. This woman was probably stupid. She actually continued to stay by Ah Qing’s side as his bodyguard even though they were so loving?

Ever since Ye Qing arrived, he never glanced at Gu Meng once, his expression was cold and arrogant.

The couple took the elevator up to the glass room.

Gu Meng took the stairs up to the door of the glass room. Her eyes throbbed with pain from seeing the two converse and chuckle softly during their candle-lit dinner.

After they were done eating, the couple danced.

The romantic melody and elegant moves made them look extremely compatible under the moonlight and shadows of the candles.

Gu Meng bit her lips hard as tears circled in her eyes.

In the end, she was the extra, wasn’t she?

Gu Meng didn’t want to watch them any longer. She couldn’t wait for them to return to their room either.

She looked down and ran downstairs.

Xue’er leaned against Ye Qing’s broad and strong shoulder, taking in his charming and mature masculine scent. She felt like she was going to become drunk.

There was only a soft lamp lit in the glass room. Together with the starlight and moonlight above them, the entire space was covered in a romantic hue, looking both mystical and dreamy.