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Chapter 1285: Moving

Maybe, he was interested in her right now. She could tell from how he acted in bed, he would go at it several times a night.

However, he was probably only interested in this young body of hers.

But how long was a woman’s youth? With how he slept with her every night, how long would his interest last?

The day would come when he would tire of her.

When that time came, he might take a large cheque and dismiss her with it! She was the only foolish one to still have hope even though she knew it was impossible between them.

The last few days of her sleeping and waking up in his arms were like a dream. It was too good to be true.

God probably pitied her and gave her a few days of happiness after knowing that she liked him.

She should be content. People cannot be too greedy and ask for too much.

Cen Xi knew she was still too naive and innocent to think that she can keep a man’s heart just with her body.

She was f*cking wrong.

When Qiao Yanze saw the whirlwind of emotions flash past Cen Xi’s eyes, he suddenly reached out and pulled her onto his lap.

Cen Xi’s back was pressed against the steering wheel as their eyes met each other in the dark.

Qiao Yanze’s well-defined fingers caressed Cen Xi’s pretty face. His well-defined nose rubbed against hers. “Alright, let’s not talk about the past anymore.”

His handsome face leaned closer towards her as he wanted to kiss her. However, Cen Xi looked away once again.

Seeing her reject his advances again, unhappiness flashed in Qiao Yanze’s eyes. “Don’t take it too far. I don’t have too much patience to humor a woman.”

Cen Xi’s nose was a little stuffy as she did her best to control her feelings. Her eyes met his depthless ones. “You already don’t have too much patience to humor me when you still want to sleep with me and are still interested in my body now. If you got tired of me in a while, wouldn’t you kick me away instantly?”

Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows. “What are you talking about?”

Staring at his colder expression, Cen Xi chuckled softly. “Instead of being thrown away by you when you get tired of me, I’d rather leave now.”

Qiao Yanze’s large palm grabbed her chin as his eyes darkened. “Don’t think that I would beg you to come back after you leave!”

Cen Xi wanted to push his hand away. However, she couldn’t do it no matter how. She looked down, biting at the gulf of his hand with all of her strength.

Her teeth sank into his flesh.

“Sh*t!” He cursed softly and let go of her.

Cen Xi’s lips were laced with his blood. Under the dim lighting, she looked like a crazy demon. A bright smile appeared on her lips. “Since I’m leaving you, I never expected you to go and beg me. You have your own bottom line and principles, so do I. Since I cannot ask too much from you, since you only want to sleep with me, since we have a blood feud separating us, we should end this unusual relationship immediately. You can marry anyone you want. You can make any woman yours if you want. They all have no relation to me.

“That night, when you forced yourself onto me, I didn’t struggle all the way not, not because I was scared of you or because I wanted to repay my older sister’s sins. It was because I like you.

“Yes, I had fallen for you when you were still the ordinary-looking Qiao Sen. Because I like you, I let you do all those bad things to me. Isn’t it very demeaning for me to do so?

“Every midnight in the last few days, I would startle awake and only realize that I wasn’t daydreaming after seeing that you were still beside me. I knew that this day would come one day. However, I never thought that it would be this quick.”

Qiao Yanze knew very well that she had said all these because she wanted him to make a promise to her. However, he couldn’t give her the promise she wanted.

Indeed, like she had said, he only wanted to continue the current relationship he had with her. He could dote on her and listen to her, but he could not give her the love and identity she wanted.

Qiao Yanze stared at the young girl whose eyes were red. He narrowed his pretty eyes slightly. “Have you thought it through?”

Cen Xi’s heart tightened uncontrollably.

She thought that if he was more willing to make her stay or said that they needed company and understanding for their relationship to develop, she might have lost her determination to leave.

However, he didn’t.

Apart from that interest he had for her, she was probably disposable.

Could that interest last forever?

Clearly, it couldn’t.

If she was willing to stay, they may continue to sleep and wake up together. They would have breakfast and go to work together, before they came home after work.

If he was a man that hadn’t experienced the fall of his family and the betrayal and deception of a woman, he might slowly fall for her if they continued like this.

However, he wasn’t that kind of a man. He only needed an ordinary woman to give him the physical contentment he lacked.

She needed to make herself better! And not just a woman who only knew how to please a man in bed!

Cen Xi closed her eyes. When she opened them again, her eyes were bright as she said, “Yes.”

Even though it had been a few years since his last relationship, that relationship had ruined him. He no longer had any energy or patience to humor a woman.

“As long as you don’t regret it.”

Cen Xi got up from his lap and got out of the car. She stood by the window and gave him a soft but charming smile. “I’ll say the same for you.”

She turned around and walked into the villa.

Staring at her slender but proud back, Qiao Yanze smoked at a faster speed. His eyes were terribly dark.

After Cen Xi entered the villa, she started to pack her things.

When the maid saw what Cen Xi was doing, she asked carefully, “Miss Cen, did you and Third Young Master fight? I don’t know what happened to him today, but the clothes he changed out of had blood on it, so he might be injured. It hasn’t been easy for Third Young Master, so please don’t leave yet. I’ll make supper for you two later and you can ask Third Young Master to have it with you. Then, you can say some nice things and you’ll make up.”

Cen Xi froze in her actions for a second. “He’s injured?”

“Yes! His sleeve had a large bloodstain!”

When the maid said this, Qiao Yanze happened to walk by the bedroom, about to go to the study. After hearing the maid’s words, he paused and glanced into the room.

Cen Xi’s back was facing the door, so she didn’t see Qiao Yanze. She merely froze for a few seconds before she said, “Aunt Li, please take good care of him. This villa might have a new female owner soon.”

“How can that be? I can tell that Third Young Master really likes you.”

“Perhaps.” Cen Xi sighed as she continued to pack her luggage. “However, his like is not the type I want.”

Hearing Cen Xi’s words, a cold scoff appeared on Qiao Yanze’s lips.

This brat was rather greedy! Wasn’t she happy to make him interested and like her instead of hating her?? Did she want him to fall for an enemy’s younger sister? She must be dreaming!

As Qiao Yanze walked into the study with large strides, he slammed the door with a loud bang.