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Chapter 1283: He Was Marrying Another Woman

Cen Xi glanced into the room. The man was sitting with his back facing the door, so Cen Xi could only see his back. However, even so, she was able to recognize that person to be Qiao Yanze.

He wasn’t the only in the room. There were Ji Hong and Ji Wei as well. Ji Wei was sitting beside Qiao Yanze, staring at him with gentle eyes.

The door was closed by the waiter and Cen Xi could no longer see what was happening in the room.

She bit her lip and continued walking towards the toilet.

At the toilet door, the dazed her bumped into someone.

Cen Xi took a few steps back from the impact, her body slanting as he back hit the wall.

She furrowed her eyebrows in pain, but before she could say anything, an arrogant and unhappy voice rang. “How do you walk? With your head down, is there gold on the floor for you to take?”

Cen Xi massaged her shoulder. She already knew who it was from the woman’s voice.

The woman opposite her glanced at her. After seeing who it was, the woman’s made up face scoffed. “Oh, so it’s Miss Cen who had worked as a maid in our family before.”

Cen Xi pursed her lips tightly, not wanting to talk to Zhou Shiyu. It would be impossible for her to apologize. After all, it was Zhou Shiyu who had bumped into her.

So Cen Xi walked past Zhou Shiyu and into the toilets.

When she walked out of the cubicle, she never expected to see Zhou Shiyu still standing in front of the basins instead of leaving.

Cen Xi acted like she didn’t see her and moved to wash her hands under the tap.

Seeing Cen Xi ignore her presence, unhappiness flashed in Zhou Shiyu’s eyes. “Miss Cen, I didn’t think it would be such a coincidence to see you here. I’m having a meal with Senior Su Han here. This is a very expensive place. I’m afraid your month’s pay will be used with just a meal here!”

Through the mirror, Cen Xi glanced at Zhou Shiyu. “Miss Zhou, since you despise me so much, why are you talking to me? Isn’t it lowering your status?”

This brat was rather mouthy!

“Senior Su Han didn’t save you in time when you fell into the pool earlier. Are you still blaming him? Actually, he was being considerate of my feelings, afraid that I would be jealous.”

“It’s alright if Miss Zhou is happy. You don’t have to show it. It will only make it seem really fake.”

Zhou Shiyu’s expression changed. However, she adjusted it very quickly. her slender fingers pushed her long hair behind her ear as a proud and arrogant smile appeared on her lips. “Oh, I remember that Young Master Qiao was the one who saved Miss Cen then, right? Women… they only fall for the heros that save them. However, Young Master Qiao belongs to my cousin.”

Zhou Shiyu stared at Cen Xi’s petite face. Actually, girls Cen Xi’s age rarely had such a cold but charming aura, but it fit Cen Xi perfectly.

Seeing not a change on Cen Xi’s cold and pretty face, Zhou Shiyu continued, “You probably don’t know that my cousin and Young Master Qiao are here tonight too. From what I know, they came to discuss their marriage. My cousin will be the Qiao family’s young mistress in the future.”

Cen Xi’s heart tightened, but she remained indifferent on the surface. She spoke simply, “What has your cousin being someone’s young mistress got to do with me?”

Seeing this, Zhou Shiyu was confused.

Could it be that there was nothing between Cen Xi and Young Master Qiao? However, Cousin had told her that Young Master Qiao seemed to have a woman now.

Zhou Shiyu stared at Cen Xi meaningfully, remaining quiet as she turned around to leave the toilet.

After Zhou Shiyu left, Cen Xi didn’t leave immediately. Her hands on the basin counter tensed, the veins on the back of her hands appearing slightly.

Was Young Master Qiao going to marry Ji Wei?

They were discussing their marriage in the private room?

A large turmoil swarmed in Cen Xi’s heart. She was in a complete mess now.

Even if they were already intimate physically, Qiao Yanze and her weren’t intimate emotionally. No matter how intimate they were physically, she had no rights to question him at all.

To think that their relationship would slowly improve after they got intimate physically… She was too naive. However, there were too many things between them. There would never be a happy ending between them.

And he, after what happened to his family, how would he really fall for a woman because he had slept with her?

Cen Xi took out her phone. Her long lashes cast a shadow over her phone as she sent him a message. ‘Are you coming back for dinner tonight?’

She thought that he wouldn’t reply. However, just as she was walking out of the toilets, she received a message from him. ‘I have something on. I’ll be late.’

Somehow, she sent: ‘Where are you?’

After nearly a minute, he replied: ‘Working.’

Cen Xi bit her lip, feeling like a sharp weapon had been stabbed into her heart. All of her blood turned cold in seconds.

Working? Did he mean that he was working overtime?

Did he plan to hide the truth from her? Did he plan to keep her in the mansion as his venting outlet?

A cold smirk appeared on Cen Xi’s lips.

In the luxurious private room.

The waiter served them their dishes as Qiao Yanze gestured for Ji Hong and Ji Wei to start eating.

Qiao Yanze had brought the best alcohol the Qiao family had, pouring a glass full for Ji Hong personally.

After three rounds of alcohol, Qiao Yanze brought the conversation to the main topic they had met for today. “Uncle Ji, Xiao Wei, I thought about my marriage matters for the entire night without sleeping. I don’t want to lie to you. I only treat Xiao Wei as a friend, my benefactor and a younger sister. I cannot agree to what Uncle Ji has suggested.”

Ji Wei stared at Qiao Yanze’s handsome face, his well-defined facial features and his dark eyes. She felt extremely sad, her eyes already turning red unconsciously.

Ji Hong didn’t expect Qiao Yanze to give a reply so quickly, not to mention that it was a rejection. He furrowed his eyebrows. “Yanze, Weiwei only wants the title of Mrs Qiao. Can’t it work out, even if she will not care about your private life outside?”

Qiao Yanze’s expression was determined. “Uncle Ji, I said before that I would never go looking for another woman if I was married.”

“Yanze, if it doesn’t work, how about this? Our hometown is still ruled by old customs and men can have multiple wifes. As long as you marry Weiwei as your first wife, you can have a second wife as well.”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips. He suddenly took out a sharp dagger. “Uncle Ji, I am very grateful that Xiao Wei didn’t betray me back then. I owe the Ji family a very huge favor in my life. I can use my life to repay you, but I can never play with my marriage. I will never allow myself to have multiple wifes.”

Ji Hong wanted to say more, when Qiao Yanze took the dagger and pressed it against his heart.

Seeing that he was about to stab himself, Ji Wei cried out in shock as she pounced towards Qiao Yanze with a paled expression, wanting to push his hand away from his heart. However, he flexed and the dagger stabbed into himself.