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Chapter 1282: He Didn’t Contact Her For A Day and Night

Cen Xi didn’t accept the sports car.

It was too expensive. Although she had been forced the first time, she stayed with him willingly after. She didn’t need him to repay him with gifts.

Seeing that she didn’t receive it, his expression didn’t look too good, though he didn’t say anything either.

When Qiao Yanze arrived at his office building, his assistant told him that Ji Wei had arrived early in the morning and was currently waiting in his office.

Qiao Yanze hadn’t met Ji Wei since the Zhou family princess’ coming-of-age ceremony. Now, Ji Wei was sitting on the black sofa in the office. When she heard stable footsteps trailing from the door, she turned back.

Seeing Qiao Yanze walk in, Ji Wei instantly stood up.

She walked in front of Qiao Yanze. She was about to say something when she saw a scratch mark on his neck and her heart instantly tightened.

Why would there be such a mark on Yanze’s neck?

It must have been made by a woman.

Could it be… Could it be that he really had a woman now?

Qiao Yanze stared at Ji Wei, who suddenly didn’t look too good. “Are you sick?”

Ji Wei used everything she had to control her emotions. She looked down and shook her head. “I’m fine…” She took a deep breath before she looked back up at him. “I hope you won’t take me going to find you at your house too seriously. I know that you’ve always seen me as a younger sister and colleague and that you don’t have inappropriate feelings for me.”

Qiao Yanze pat Ji Wei’s shoulder. “You’re an outstanding woman. I know you will find someone better than me in the future.”

After Ji Wei left Qiao Yanze’s office, she returned home. Seeing how soulless Ji Wei looked, her mother asked with concern, “Weiwei, what’s wrong? Are you sick?”

“I’m alright, Mom. I’ll go back to my room first.”

Ji Wei kept herself in her room for nearly a day. She didn’t come down even when her mother asked her to go eat. In the evening, Mrs Ji was worried that something might have happened to her, so she took the spare key and opened the door.

She didn’t find Ji Wei in her room.

Mrs Ji opened the bathroom door then, and saw Ji Wei lying in the bathtub with her head completely submerged under water. Her heart almost stopped beating.

Mrs Ji pulled Ji Wei up. Ji Wei coughed before she smiled and said, “Mom, I just fell asleep while bathing. I’m fine.”

When Mr Ji returned home at night, Mrs Ji told him about Ji Wei.

Mr Ji had heard that Ji Wei went to look for Qiao Yanze in the morning, so he was sure that Weiwei’s strange behavior was definitely related to Qiao Yanze.

The next morning.

Qiao Yanze arrived at camp as Ji Hong had asked to meet here.

“Uncle Ji, why did you ask to meet me here?” Qiao Yanze went forward to greet Ji Hong.

Ji Wei shot a few arrows at the target before he turned and smiled at Qiao Yanze. “Yanze, to be frank, I asked to meet you here today to talk about Weiwei.”

Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows slightly. “Uncle Ji, please speak freely.”

Ji Hong made a gesture for them to speak as they walked. “Yanze, I know very well that you cannot force feelings. But Weiwei, she…

“I didn’t want to say some of these things at first. After all, they are a form of hurt to Weiwei. However, Weiwei isn’t in a very good mood right now and I think only you can become her savior.

“Back then, Li Hu, Weiwei and you joined the syndicate together. After a year, Li Hu wasn’t determined enough and became muddled with the large amount of benefit and promised Ba Er to expose the other two members. That day, you were assigned to go make a transaction and Weiwei had found out about Li Hu’s plans. In order to stop Li Hu from exposing you, she took Li Hu’s life in front of Ba Er.

“After Ba Er found out that Weiwei was one of the three, he tortured her to make her say the other name. She never muttered a word and Ba Er went crazy. He got someone to hurt Weiwei. She almost lost her life, having been tortured from head to toe before she was thrown to the mountains. If I hadn’t arrived in time, Weiwei would have become an animal’s food. When we returned to the capital, she had to remove her womb. No one knows about this and she never let me tell you.

“Yanze, after what happened to your family, Weiwei firmly believed that you had been framed. She has liked you since young, but my foolish daughter never said anything. When you held a wedding with that Xiao Ying, she cried for the entire night.”

Ji Hong’s eyes turned red as he sighed heavily. “You’re the reason why she’s still alive. I have an unreasonable request. You can have a woman outside, but can you leave the position of Mrs Qiao to Weiwei?

“Weiwei cannot have children, so you can get another woman to help pass the Qiao family line.”

After hearing Ji Hong’s words, at first, Qiao Yanze was shocked, he hadn’t known Ji Wei had her womb removed. He only knew that Ji Wei almost lost her life so that he wouldn’t be exposed during Li Hu’s betrayal.

Qiao Yanze’s mind was blank. For a woman to not have a womb, it was definitely a fatal blow.

“Uncle Ji, if I were to get married, I wouldn’t have another woman even if my wife cannot have children. However, what you have said is too sudden to me. I cannot give you an answer straight away.”

Ji Hong nodded. “I understand. Things like this should be thought through carefully.”

That day, Qiao Yanze didn’t return to the villa.

Instead, he went to Mrs. Qiao’s grave.

He had already moved Mrs. Qiao’s grave to the Capital’s cemetery. He had bought a bouquet of flowers that his late mother really liked and a bottle of wine. He sat down in front of the grave.

If his mother knew, she probably wouldn’t want him to marry Cen Xi!

However, he had slept with an innocent girl. He even got addicted to sleeping with her and even made her move into his villa.

He would lie, he was interested in Cen Xi. In fact, it could be described that he liked her. However, that like wasn’t enough for him to forget his family’s feud.

Should he give up on her and marry Ji Wei?

Qiao Yanze closed his eyes, downing a mouthful of the fiery strong liquor.

Qiao Yanze hadn’t returned to the villa that night, so Cen Xi sent him a message, but he didn’t reply either.

The next day, she went to work with faint dark eye circles. The man still hadn’t returned before she left the villa.

Cen Xi wasn’t a clingy person and Qiao Yanze wasn’t a child either. If he didn’t come back, he naturally had some things he needed to settle.

Cen Xi had only sent him a message before she stopped bothering him.

If he saw it and didn’t reply, he must not want to reply.

So Cen Xi went to the translation department.

She received a call from Bai Lin at noon. “I’m leaving the capital and heading back to camp tomorrow. Xiao Xi, let’s have dinner tonight!”

“Sure, but I’m treating!”

After work, Cen Xi still hadn’t received any messages from Qiao Yanze. She was a little worried and disappointed at the same time. With a complicated emotion, she arrived at the restaurant she had arranged to meet Bai Lin at.

Bai Lin hadn’t arrived yet, so after Cen Xi found a table for them, she walked towards the toilet.

When she walked past one of the private rooms, a waiter was walking into it and Cen Xi accidentally caught a glimpse of the man who hadn’t contacted her for one night and one day.