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Chapter 1279: Regret

Whether or not if it was purely because the aphrodisiac had influenced his rationality, or if it was because he already had such a thought to begin but was never able to take that step and could only do it with the influence of the aphrodisiac, Qiao Yanze did not want to think about it anymore.

He only had one thought in his mind right now and that was to sleep with her.

With this thought, the woman struggling under him looked a little like she was playing with him and even lured out his lust. The temperature in the tent continued to rise nonstop.

The man’s fingers reached towards her bra. Cen Xi finally felt the overbearingness and invasiveness the man had in wanting to sleep with her tonight. In her mind, two extreme emotions pulled at her rationality and nerves.

One emotion was that she would never submit, that she would never give in, that he was only treating her as an antidote and a plaything.

The other was the uncontrollable adoration she had for him. It was brought out by his kisses and touch, making her body shiver uncontrollably. It was so strong that it almost overpowered the humiliation, overpowering all the times he had taken advantage of her in the past…

The man’s scorching kisses landed on her ears, her lips, then to her collarbones… His eyes were dark and burning as his jawline tense like he had been possessed.

Large beads of sweat fell from his forehead, flowing down his well-defined face and jawline. Somehow, it looked sexy. She couldn’t push him away, but didn’t want to give in just like that either.

Her body remained tense as she thought that he wouldn’t be able to get his way as long as she stopped herself from becoming pliant. However, she had underestimated his patience. As she remained tense, he remained just as patient as he continued to kiss her slowly.

She felt like countless ants were crawling over her body.

Ultimately, her inexperience prevented her from showing a proper fight. Her hands grabbed his hair and pulled him up from her collarbones. “Stop kissing me!”

He placed another kiss on her lips, pushing her teeth apart domineeringly as he pushed his scorching tongue into her mouth.

His knee touched her slender legs, forcing her to scream in shock. “No…”

As if he hadn’t heard her, he continued to french kiss her as he forced himself onto her. It really felt like a fight between the two.

In the end, she was the one who lost.

She was already covered in a sheen of sweat as she gave in and could only curse him fiercely, “You’re just an a**hole!”

“Don’t forget that you were the one who approached this a**hole first.”

“I… That’s because-”

He kissed her once more, stopping her from saying anything that he didn’t like.

It was only when she was going to suffocate from the lack of air that he let go of her. He leaned forward, placing his shoulder by her lips. “If it hurts, bite here.”

Before he began, Cen Xi already bit his shoulder to vent her emotions. However, his muscles were terribly hard and instead of hurting him, she was the one who had an aching jaw.

Tears welled in her eyes.

He kissed her eyes. “Are you scared?”

“I’m scared of pain…” Her hands grabbed his broad and muscular shoulders tightly, looking as if she was going to have her death sentence. “I-I haven’t been with a man before.”

He stared at her teary eyes, flushed cheeks and fluttering long lashes and his heart softened. “Oh, I’ll be gentle.”

In the end…


Which a**hole said that he would be gentle?! It hurt so much that she was going to get a spasm! Indeed, men thought with their lower bodies and everything said on bed cannot be believed.

Not only was his kissing techniques not good, his other skill was even more…

Cen Xi bit at his shoulder hard, the tears swarming in her eyes falling.

Right now, she felt really sad and miserable.

Before her adoptive parents got into an accident, she was also the little princess pampered and doted on by them. She was soft, weak and was a little girl made out of water.

Cen Xi thought that he would be done after one time. However, not too long after the first time finished, he started the next round.

After the aphrodisiac in his body was completely gone, he laid beside her. No one knew if he was satisfied as he hugged her and fell deep asleep.

But Cen Xi felt really uncomfortable all over and wasn’t sleepy at all.

She stared at the man beside her. As he slept, his dense lashes were curled down, covering his dark and pretty eyes. His breathing was slow and rhythmic as his lips pursed tightly together. He had a hand over her waist while the other rested by her heart with a strong possessiveness and overbearingness.

She felt sticky all over while her legs were still trembling. It felt so uncomfortable that Cen Xi couldn’t fall asleep. Pulling the man’s hand away, she got up from the bed to go to the bathroom.

Standing before the mirror, she stared at the bruises and marks all over her fair skin. She really wanted to run out and slap that man to death.

However, she could only imagine.

She felt really miserable, sad, emotional and slightly empty.

Would he regret it if he woke up tomorrow and realized that he had touched her?

As she closed her eyes as two tear trails fell from the corners of her eyes.

She hurriedly took a shower.

After putting on her pajamas, she went to the room next door, deciding to sleep on Gu Meng’s bed instead.

The next morning, Cen Xi got up and went to work.

When she arrived at the translation department, she heard that Linda had taken extended leave. Xiaoyou’s eyes on Cen Xi were complicated and filled with fear. However, she didn’t dare to gossip and create rumors anymore. if Mr Qiao found out, wouldn’t she end up like Linda?

Since Cen Xi hadn’t rested properly last night, she didn’t seem to be in the right mindset for work. She was dazed the entire day, her mind in a muddle.

She didn’t know if the man had left her apartment. She only knew that he hadn’t contacted her for the entire day.

He probably regretted it after he woke up, right?

Cen Xi laid on her office table, her eyes turning red as an urge to cry swelled within her.

“Cen Xi, you can’t cry!” She warned herself.

If he looks for you again and wants to take advantage of you, you should shoot him straight away! You must let him know that you aren’t an easy target!

After work, Cen Xi didn’t go home right away. She worked overtime a little before she took a nap on her desk.

When she woke up, it was almost nine at night.

By now she was really hungry, so she hurriedly tidied her belongings and left work. She went to the mall, had some food and bought some things before she returned to her apartment.

When she entered her room and saw what was happening inside, she was so shocked she instantly took two steps back.

The man she thought had left long ago, was leaning against the bed frame, smoking. He had her towel wrapped around his waist as his well-defined and firm muscles were exposed. The faint moonlight shining in from the window and the flicking of the red fire made his handsome and devilish face look colder and shaper.

He slowly exhaled a mouthful of smoke before he looked up and glanced at the woman who looked like she had just seen a ghost. “It seems like your stamina is quite good. You worked for the entire day and still stayed out so late.”

Cen Xi was speechless.

Why did his tone sound like this was his house? Come on, this was her territory, alright?

Cen Xi stared at the man smoking on her bed. Her chest heaved up and down a little as all sorts of emotions swelled within her. She sniffled and her eyes were instantly filled with tears. All of her sadness, stress, grievances and uneasiness accumulated throughout the day seemed to explode at this moment.

As she sniffled, she pointed towards the door. “I don’t want to see you! Get out!”

With that said, she ran towards the balcony adjoining the living room. She leaned against the railing and stared at the pretty and bright city as her tears fell.

He was a huge a**hole! Her good upbringing prevented her from scolding the man too harshly, so she’d rather not see him at all. She would only return to her room after he left.

She didn’t tie her hair up today at work. Instead, she kept it down so that it would cover the marks he left on her neck. The night breeze blew at her, blowing at her long hair and ruffling her tresses in the darkness.

The man didn’t leave and walked to the balcony instead. Her long hair seemed to touch his nose, exuding a faint fragrance that tickled his senses.

As he picked up a few strands of hair, he placed it before his lips and nose as he took it in slowly.

Cen Xi, who was feeling extremely terrible, noticed that something was wrong. She turned back and saw the man who didn’t leave and instead, was holding onto a bunch of her hair. She furrowed her eyebrows and tugged her hair out from his hold. “Why haven’t you left?”

He approached her and placed his hands on each of her side on the railing. His handsome face leaned closer towards hers. “You will only cry harder if I leave.”

Cen Xi glared at him. “I won’t!”

Noting her wet eyelashes, pretty nose and her red lips, he lifted her exquisite chin. “Did you leave so early in the morning because you don’t dare to face me?”