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Chapter 1277: Sighing In Relief

Cen Xi pulled open the door, then poked her head out to look around.

The man’s tall figure was leaning against the wall as he had a cigarette in between his fingers. Smoke slowly arose and blurred the man’s handsome features, so she couldn’t really see the man’s expression.

Cen Xi took a few steps towards the door and stretched her hand holding onto the jacket out. “I planned to send it for dry-cleaning before I sent it to you. If you’re in such a rush to have it, I can’t clean it for you.”

The man slowly exhaled a mouthful of smoke as his dark eyes glanced at her.

Cen Xi was surprised from seeing the redness in his eyes, together with his dark gaze.

Why did he seem a little strange?

After a few seconds, Cen Xi furrowed her eyebrows after seeing that he wasn’t taking the jacket, she repeated, “Young Master Qiao, your jacket.”

He was wearing a perfectly-ironed black shirt. He didn’t look as formal as he would if he went to work or a banquet, with his top three buttons unbuttoned to reveal his collarbones.

His fringe was drooped, falling on his forehead, making him look a little more lazy and dangerous than he usually did. He tapped the cigarette before he took the jacket with his other hand.

Seeing this, Cen Xi let out a sigh of relief.

She turned around, planning to return to her apartment.

The man’s slender fingers checked the jacket’s pockets. “I have a thumb drive in one of my pockets. Why is it gone?”

Thumb drive?

Cen Xi turned back at the man. “I didn’t touch the things in your pocket.”

“It’s a very important document.” His eyes narrowed as he looked terribly serious, exuding coldness.

Cen Xi finally understood that he had probably come to take the jacket personally in the middle of the night because there was something important in it. After all, if it was only a jacket, he didn’t need to spare the time to come over.

“Give me a moment. It might have dropped on the sofa.” Cen Xi walked towards the living room.

The man followed her into the apartment like an elegant panther with his steady steps. His eyes were fixed on the slender figure jogging ahead of him.

Where was it? Cen Xi searched all over and around the sofa, but she didn’t find it.

She thought that the thumb drive might have fallen into the cracks of the sofa. She didn’t think too much into it and got down on the ground to look under the sofa.

Qiao Yanze walked behind her and stared at her slender waist with dark eyes. As Cen Xi was searching carefully for the thumb drive under the sofa, a firm hold appeared on her waist.

“A-Are you crazy?!”

He took advantage of her when she was searching for the thumb drive?!

Staring at her petite face, her black gem-like eyes, her pretty nose and her moving red lips… Qiao Yanze felt his blood pumping even faster.

Cen Xi finally noticed that something was wrong. They were barely a step apart and she could vaguely feel the exceptional temperature exuding from his breathing.

“Are you sick?”

The man remained silent. However, his breathing grew heavier.

Seeing that he remained silent while his tall figure leaned towards her, Cen Xi suddenly recalled something and realized that she was in a dangerous situation. She jumped onto and behind the sofa, like an alarmed rabbit before she ran back to her bedroom hurriedly.

With a loud bang, she slammed the door shut.

Her slender body slid down the door, her eyelashes fluttering nonstop.

H-He… Did he not have a flu and was drugged instead?

He was handsome and had a good background, so there would definitely be women who wanted to give themselves to him. However, wouldn’t using that kind of method be too superficial?

However, if he was drugged, why did he come to find her?

What was he treating her as?

Cen Xi cursed at him softly.

After a few minutes, Cen Xi didn’t hear any noise from outside. However, she didn’t dare to open the door either.

Another few minutes had passed and she suddenly heard the door being slammed shut. She slowly opened a slit in the door. The lights in the living room were all turned off and it was completely pitch black out there.

He left!

With how clever he was, he should be able to tell that she wasn’t willing to be his antidote. He was such an arrogant person, so he probably wouldn’t force himself on a woman, right?!

Cen Xi opened the bedroom door and walked towards the main door. Before she went to sleep, she felt that she should at least lock the door from inside.

After locking the door, she returned to her room.

Given what had happened, she had lost all hint of sleep within her, so she decided to read for a while.

Closing the door after she entered her room, she had just turned around when she saw a tall figure appearing in front of her.

Cen Xi was so scared that her pupils constricted instantly as she jumped. She was about to scream when the man’s well-defined hand cupped over her mouth. “Don’t shout.”

His voice was low and hoarse.

Cen Xi stared at him with widened eyes, before she pulled his hand away. “Didn’t you leave? Do you know it’s very frightening to suddenly appear in my room?”

Qiao Yanze narrowed his eyes as his handsome face leaned closer towards her. “Since I’m here, why would I leave so quickly?”

Cen Xi was both embarrassed and annoyed. She reached out and pushed him out of her room with all of her strength. “Young Master Qiao, I’m neither your lover nor your pet. Why should I let you use me? If you don’t feel well, you can go and find Miss Ji or another woman. Yー”

Before she could finish, he suddenly grabbed her hands.