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Chapter 1276: The Man That Appeared In Front of Her House In the Middle of the Night

Tang Xi hurriedly got up and stopped Qiao Yanze.

“Third Brother, you cannot leave. Fiery Blaze isn’t a normal aphrodisiac alcohol. You need a woman.” Tang Xi dragged Qiao Yanze onto the sofa once again. “I’ll get the manager to bring a few new girls over.”

Qiao Yanze massaged his temples, his pretty eyes turning to Tang Xi. “Who am I? I managed to quit the drug addiction that made my life a living hell. What is there to be afraid of a few glasses of Fiery Blaze? I’ll go back, take a bath and sleep and I’ll be fine.”

“Third Brother, you’re already in such a condition. Do you really not want a woman?”

Qiao Yanze smirked. “You should think about how to settle the woman that is about to become your sister-in-law instead!”

Tang Xi stood up right away, saying albeit embarrassed, “I don’t need to drink that aphrodisiac alcohol to sleep with her. I will do it tonight!”

Both Qiao Yanze and Chu Yifan had expressions of disbelief on their faces. Tang Xi rolled up his sleeves. “Just you wait!” Before he added, “If I don’t sleep with her, I am a coward!”

Qiao Yanze left with a smile.

He called for the Qiao family driver to come and get him.

The moment he got into the car, his smile still remained on his face. However, as time passed, a cold and exquisite face slowly appeared in his mind.


Why was he thinking about her right now?

Qiao Yanze got the driver to drive faster.

After Mu Sihan reinstated the Qiao family’s Duke title, Qiao Yanze was nostalgic and rehired all of the old helpers the Qiao family had fired when they lost everything.

The butler was the same one as when his mother was still alive. After seeing that Qiao Yanze had returned, the butler hurriedly helped him get out of the car.

“Third Young Master, why is your temperature so high?”

“I’m alright. I just need a shower.”

“Third Young Master, Miss Ji…”

“Butler, don’t talk about women to me now. Don’t mention anyone at all.” Qiao Yanze took his hand out of the butler’s hold and walked upstairs slightly unstably.

The blood flow within him was faster than usual and that warmth within him became clearer. It made his breathing grow heavier as well.

However, compared to when his addiction acted back then, his current condition seemed a lot easier than having the feeling of millions of ants crawling and biting his skin, than him wanting to hit his head against the wall ruthlessly until his entire face was covered in blood even if the feeling of addiction did not go away.

The effect of Fiery Blaze seemed stronger than he had anticipated. Nevertheless, it was still within a range that he could handle.

Qiao Yanze undid his buttons as he opened his door and walked in.

“Yanze, you’re back.”

A slim figure stood in his room. When Qiao Yanze saw the woman’s face, he furrowed his eyebrows. “Ji Wei?”

Seeing that Qiao Yanze’s footsteps were a little unstable while his eyes were unusually red, Ji Wei hurriedly walked in front of her and pressed a hand against his forehead. “Yanze, your temperature is really high. Do you have a fever?”

“Yes, I don’t feel too good. If you have anything to tell me, do it tomorrow. You should return first.”

Noting Qiao Yanze’s slightly heavier breathing, Ji Wei realized that something was wrong. “Are you-”

“Ji Wei, get out.” His voice wasn’t loud, but it was extremely hoarse and stern that prevented others from putting in their word.

“Yanze, do you need a woman?” Ji Wei’s cheeks were slightly flushed. “If you do, I-I canー”

Before Ji Wei could finish speaking, Qiao Yanze interrupted her with a warning gaze, “Don’t insult yourself. Get out!”

Seeing his sharp gaze, Ji Wei had no choice but to nod. “I’ll leave first then. If you feel unwell, remember to get the butler to call a doctor for you.”

After Ji Wei left, Qiao Yanze went to take a bath.

After he was done, he stood in front of the window in a bathrobe, smoking. The heat within him was still pulsing, so he smoked faster.

After smoking a few cigarettes, Qiao Yanze lay down on his bed. Somehow, the memory of him holding her back when he went on a business trip to Wen City appeared in his mind.

She was so soft, so delicate.

His breathing started to hasten as his expression lost his calmness. His eyes were so dark it seemed like they were about to spray fire.

F*ck, he could not think of intimate acts now.

After Cen Xi returned to her apartment, she took a hot shower.

She received a message from Gu Meng. One of Ye Qing’s bodyguards had been injured, so she was required to take his place for the time being. As a result, she would not return to the apartment for now.

Cen Xi replied to Gu Meng’s message, ‘You finally have the chance to spend time with him! Good luck!’

Gu Meng replied very quickly, ‘I don’t know how long I can hold on. He seems to have a very good relationship with his current girlfriend.’

Cen Xi: ‘Mengmeng, you won’t have any regrets if you’ve done your best. If he really isn’t willing to think about what happened back in the fishing village, then you don’t have to stay by his side anymore. Women have to love ourselves and live our lives! If he remembers one day, he will be the one regretting!’

Gu Meng: ‘Yes. I’m giving myself three months. If he is still like this after three months, I will go back and never come back again.’

Cen Xi: ‘Good luck!’

After sending her message, Cen Xi glanced at the jacket she had thrown on the sofa.

Recalling what had happened tonight, she sighed softly. It was fortunate that she still had a bit of rationality within her. If not, there was a very high chance she would have fallen into his emotional trap on the car.

She would send his jacket for dry-cleaning tomorrow, then send it back to the Qiao mansion for him!

Cen Xi walked into her bedroom with her phone in her hand.

After being busy for the entire day and having almost met Hades tonight, Cen Xi was physically and emotionally exhausted. She fell asleep very quickly.

After some time, she seemed to hear her phone ringing. Not wanting to wake up, she pulled her blanket over her head.

However, her phone continued to ring nonstop. Cen Xi opened her eyes as her hand reached for her phone. She answered the call and hummed sleepily.

“Open the door.” A man’s hoarse and cold voice trailed from the other end of the call.

Cen Xi hated it when she was woken up. She had a terrible morning temper. Disregarding who the man was, she instantly cursed angrily, “Who are you to make me open the door in the middle of the night? Did you get drunk and find the wrong door? If you called the wrong number and found the wrong door in the middle of the night, do you want me to call the police or complain to your wife?”

“Ha,” the man’s voice became even hoarse, sounding somewhat sexy. “So is this your original personality? To be as fierce as a tomboy?”

Cen Xi blinked as something flashed in her mind. She instantly lifted the blanket off her and sat up.

This voice… actually didn’t belong to an unknown man who had called the wrong number?

Instead, it was…

“Young Master Qiao, why are you disrupting my sleep? Why in the world are you asking me to open the door?”

“I came to take my jacket.”

Cen Xi was speechless. He came to take his jacket in the middle of the night? Was he that poor to only have that one jacket?

Grumbling in her mind, Cen Xi didn’t say anything more. She hung up and got off the bed.

Since he had come, she had no reason to hold onto his jacket, did she?

Cen Xi went to the living room and took the man’s jacket from the sofa, before she jogged to the door and opened it.