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Chapter 1275: That Alcohol Is…

Cen Xi pushed the door open and got out of the car. She didn’t turn back and walked towards her apartment building quickly.

Just as she was about to reach the building, a tall figure suddenly walked over.

It was a pleasant looking boy.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Cen?”

Cen Xi nodded and glanced at the small bag the boy was holding with confusion. She had left the bag in the Zhou family house.

The boy passed the bag to Cen Xi and explained, “I am Brother Su Han’s assistant. He told me to pass the bag to you.”

Cen Xi took the bag and thanked him silently.

“Miss Chen, Brother Su has his own reasons too. When you fell into the swimming pool, he couldn’t go and save you himself. However, he didn’t do nothing, he was the one who informed Young Master Qiao. Brother Su Han didn’t let me tell you this at first, but I know that you are different to him and I didn’t want you to misunderstand him.”

Cen Xi’s longer eyelashes fluttered.

She had been a little disappointed that Su Han had abandoned her and left her to die. However, she could understand his difficulty. After all, his mother didn’t like her and Zhou Shiyu had an opinion against her as well.

However, she never expected him to get someone to tell Qiao Yanze to save her.

“I misunderstood him. Please help me thank him.”

Seeing Cen Xi smile, the assistant nodded. “I will relay it to him.”

After the assistant left, Cen Xi realized that something felt weird. She turned behind and saw Qiao Yanze, who had got out of the car sometime, standing not too far behind him. He smirked at her. “Are you very happy after finding out that your first love didn’t watch you die?”

First love? What first love?

Cen Xi stared at the man with confusion. “I don’t know what you’re saying.”

“There’s no point in being happy either. He is the man the Zhou family princess has her eye on, so it means that there will be no ending between the two of you.”

There will be no ending between the two of you…

His strange tone pierced into Cen Xi’s heart. That suffocating and unbearable feeling swelled within her again.

After finding out that he was Qiao Sen, she always felt like she was beneath him when they were together. It was not because of her ordinary status. It was because what her older sister once did to the Qiao family made her unable to raise her head in front of him.

That was why she would usually bear everything he said to her, no matter what he said or how hurtful it was.

However, his words just now made the suppressed feelings in her heart explode. Her eyes reddened as she glared at him angrily, “If it’s not meant to be, then it will be like that. What has it got to do with you?” With that said, Cen Xi opened the building door, got in and slammed it shut with all of her strength.

Qiao Yanze’s lips twitched as his smile turned dark.

Did this girl just throw a tantrum at him?

When Qiao Yanze got back on the car, her wide eyes and angry look remained in his mind. His lips curled up unconsciously.

F*ck. Why did he think that she looked a little cute when she was angry?

Realizing how abnormal he was acting, Qiao Yanze hit the back of his head before he started the car engine and drove away hurriedly.

He didn’t return to the Zhou family house again.

Instead, he went to a high-class clubhouse.

His other best friend that Tang Xi and he had grown up together with, Chu Yifan, had returned to the country. Tang Xi told Qiao Yanze to join them for a gathering after attending the Zhou princess’ party.

Tang Xi didn’t call anyone else, so only Chu Yifan and him were in the room. Seeing that Qiao Yanze had arrived, Chu Yifan greeted him enthusiastically.

After greeting each other, Chu Yifan glanced behind Qiao Yanze. “Third Brother, didn’t Ji Wei come over with you?”

“It’s her cousin’s coming-of-age ceremony. It’s normal that she couldn’t come with me.” Qiao Yanze glanced at Chu Yifan with half-narrowed eyes. “Why? Do you miss her?”

“What is Third Brother talking about? She will be my sister-in-law in the future. Why would I miss her?”

“What sister-in-law?! Don’t speak nonsense!”

“Hey, Third Brother, you know that Ji Wei likes you. Don’t you plan to-”

Qiao Yanze interrupted Chu Yifan’s words coldly. “You already said that it’s planned and not executed. Besides, that plan will only work before I meet someone I’m interested in.” After what happened with Xiao Ying, he had lost interest in women for a while. After the criminal syndicate had been eradicated, the Qiao family people all wished that he could get married as soon as possible, so that he can pass on the Qiao family line. He did consider it before. Since he wouldn’t be interested in any women again, marrying anyone was the same.

However, now…

“Third Brother, did you fall for someone else?”

Qiao Yanze’s expression darkened a little. “Yifan, I’ve never liked Ji Wei before, so it doesn’t count as falling for someone else.”

Seeing the tense atmosphere between them, Tang Xi hurriedly stood up and pulled Qiao Yanze onto the sofa.

“Third Brother, Yifan just returned so he doesn’t know the situation well.”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips tightly. When he saw the glass of alcohol Tang Xi was holding, he grabbed it and took a large sip from it instantly.

Tang Xi never thought that Qiao Yanze would drink his alcohol and stammered, “Third Brother… you’re drinking my drink.”

“Why?” Qiao Yanze furrowed his eyebrows. “Are you unhappy that I drank your drink?” With that said, he downed the rest of the alcohol.

Chu Yifan didn’t like to drink hard liquor, so he had ordered a bottle of red wine while Tang Xi drank hard liquor.

Qiao Yanze glanced at Tang Xi. “I’ve only drank a little. You can’t bear with it?”

“No. Third Brother, are you sure you want to drink?”

“Stop saying nonsense.”

Tang Xi had no choice but to pour another glass for Qiao Yanze.

After all, the three of them had grown up very close, so Qiao Yanze didn’t plan to hold Chu Yifan to their fight about Ji Wei. Chu Yifan knew very well that you could not force feelings too.

However, he was a little curious. Who exactly was the woman that made Third Brother interested in women again?

Was she more outstanding than Ji Wei?

After downing a few glasses of alcohol, Qiao Yanze felt the urge to smoke. He placed a cigarette between his lips before he bent down to take the lighter on the coffee table.

The moment he lit it up, he felt a warmth slowly growing in him. He threw the lighter away and glanced at Tang Xi with dark eyes. “You added something in the alcohol?”

“Third Brother, this is an aphrodisiac alcohol I prepared for myself, yet I haven’t even drank a sip of it. Instead, you drank most of it. I asked you if you wanted to drink it. You cannot blame me!”

The moment Tang Xi finished speaking, Qiao Yanze kicked his calf ruthlessly. “Why didn’t you f*cking say that its an aphrodisiac?”

“This alcohol is called Fiery Blaze and is known in this clubhouse to make blood boil in men. I thought you knew this!”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes were dark. “I want to kick you to death.”

“Third Brother, don’t panic. There are many pretty virgins in the clubhouse.”

Qiao Yanze massaged his temples as he said hoarsely, “Why did you order such an alcohol suddenly?”

Chu Yifan seemed to have thought of something and added, “Old Tang told me before that he had eyes on a pretty woman with a devil body and an angel face from the entertainment industry. However, that pretty woman is about to become his sister-in-law. He wants to sleep with her so that she cannot get married. However, he doesn’t have the guts to do it. That is probably why he wants to use this alcohol to muster his courage?”

“Chu Yifan, shut the f*ck up!” Tang Xi threw an alcohol bottle at Chu Yifan.

“You two can fight here all you want. I’m going back first.” Qiao Yanze got up, ready to leave.