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Chapter 1274: I Won’t Fall in Love with You

Cen Xi’s eyes widened and she looked at the man’s dark eyes blankly. The smell of tobacco mixed with the smell of wine filled her nose, almost suffocating her.

To be honest, Cen Xi had not regained her senses from how he had kissed her in front of Zhou family’s little princess.

After getting out of her daze, Cen Xi put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him hard. Her resistance made him frown slightly.

With a slight grunt, he released Cen Xi, looking at the woman in front of him darkly. “Were you born in the year of the dog?”

Cen Xi’s heart was beating very fast and erratically. She turned her face away, not looking at his beautiful eyes that seemed to want to devour her. Although she had always been smart, she really could not see through Qiao Yanze.

Tonight, he suddenly appeared like a God when she was in her most terrible state and saved her. He also said that she was his woman in front of Zhou Shiyu, making her feel like she was dreaming as it felt unreal.

He had given her warmth and made her heart flutter, easily breaking through the barrier in her heart and making her want to fall for him.

But, but, would he really like her?

Even if he liked her, would they have a good ending?

Although she did not directly cause the ruin of the Qiao family, it was her sister who had caused it.

Wouldn’t he feel hatred when he thought of what he had experienced and his dead mother?

She could like Qiao Sen and wanted to be with Qiao Sen, but she could not like Qiao Yanze!

It was impossible between them.

Cen Xi lowered her eyes, her fingernails digging into her palms. “Why? Why did Young Master Qiao have such a change? Saving me and then being so close to me? Why?”

Qiao Yanze leaned against the seat and glanced at the woman, his voice deep and hoarse. “What do you think?”

Cen Xi adjusted her mood and analyzed it calmly and rationally. “I think Young Master Qiao may have found a new way of revenge. You want me to fall in love with you and treat me as your amusement, make me be willing to be your pet and when I really fall into your hands, you’ll kick me away without mercy!”

She remembered very clearly that he had helped her when she was almost expelled by the school, and even took her to his mother’s manor. She thought that he had a little good impression of her, but in the end, she was just bait.

How could she be his opponent when he was such a scheming and unpredictable person?

Besides, the person whose heart was moved first was always in a weak position. She could only strengthen her vigilance.

Qiao Yanze heard Cen Xi’s analysis and his expression turned dark. He looked at her with his deep and cold eyes. “If so, what can you do?”

Coldness seeped out from Cen Xi’s heart and the blood in her body seemed to be frozen.

She took a deep breath. “I won’t let myself fall in love with you.”

Qiao Yanze’s eyes were cold and he sneered. “Don’t worry, I won’t either.”

With that, he started the car and sped away.

Cen Xi had not fastened her seat belt and the car sped off. Her body swayed and her head knocked onto the car window. It hurt slightly, but she did not dare let out any sound.

There was a bitter taste in her heart.

The atmosphere in the car was so oppressive that it made one difficult to breathe. Neither of them spoke and they drove for more twenty minutes like that.

When the car finally arrived in the city, Cen Xi could not help breaking the silence. “Young Master Qiao, it should be easier to hail a taxi here. Let me get off here and I’ll go back myself…”

Before she could finish, the man turned on the signal lights before he stopped the car by the roadside.

When Cen Xi saw this, there was an indescribable feeling in her heart.

She asked him to stop and he did.

Cen Xi felt that she was a little melodramatic thinking about it.

But which young girl would be able to keep her head? If a girl was able to keep her calm and rationality in front of a man, then it showed that her heart was not moved by him.

Cen Xi closed her eyes, reminding herself not to think too much. Since it was impossible with Young Master Qiao, she should not be charmed by his actions.

After the car stopped by the roadside, Cen Xi thanked Qiao Yanze and reached out to open the car door.

But it did not open.

Cen Xi looked at the man on the driver’s seat. “Young Master Qiao, please unlock it.”

The man said nothing and had no intention to unlock it.

After a while, Qiao Yanze looked at her expressionlessly. “Do you have money for a taxi?”

Oh… Cen Xi’s bag was indeed still in the servant’s room of the Zhou family.

“Or were you planning to seduce another man on the road, dressed like that?”

Cen Xi looked down at herself. She had his suit jacket wrapped around her. If she were to return the jacket to him, she would be embarrassed. If she were walking on the streets… Then it’d be better for her to be dead!

Qiao Yanze saw that Cen Xi was no longer speaking and pushing at the door. He took out a cigarette from the cigarette box and used a match to light it.

The blue flame rose and the smoke slowly spreaded from his lips and nose, hiding his handsome face and making him look even more unpredictable. He only started the engine after smoking the cigarette.

The car stopped at Cen Xi’s apartment.

Along the way, Cen Xi was about to be suffocated by the silence and cold atmosphere in the car.

Fortunately, he did not lock the car door to stop her this time.