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Chapter 1273: Enjoying a Good Show

Two of them cried in fright.

“Young Master Qiao, we didn’t push her and didn’t pour the oil on the ground. We don’t know how to swim…”

Qiao Yanze interrupted them coldly. “You were enjoying the show and didn’t save her, so you participated in this too.”

The two women’s legs turned weak with fright.

“If you don’t want to go in, do you want me to find someone to kick you down?” Qiao Yanze did not look at them, but the fierceness from his body made them shiver.

Splash, splash, splash.

The three women who were watching the scene just now, jumped into the pool with pale faces.

The huge water jet shot at them and the thin gowns on their bodies slipped off from them or clung tightly to them, as if they were not wearing anything.

When Linda and the woman who poured the oil saw this, they did not dare to go into the pool.

Especially Linda, she could not swim at all! If she jumped down, she would be in a life threatening situation if she did not die.

“Young Master Qiao, it’s the birthday party of the Zhou family’s little princess tonight. Don’t offend the Zhou family because of a slut!” The woman who poured the oil said with a shaky voice.

Qiao Yanze smirked. “Am I unable to protect a woman?”

Weren’t those words a little arrogant?

Although the woman was also a socialite, her status was far from the Qiao and Zhou family. Looking at Qiao Yanze’s cold expression, she was still struggling desperately. “Young Master Qiao, I…”

“I don’t want to hear your nonsense anymore. If you don’t want to jump, shall I get someone to cut your hand off?” He was indifferent, but his gaze had become even sharper, like a sword out of its sheath, and the murderous intent was frightening.

The woman was so terrified that the color drained from her face. With a slash, she did not even try to struggle anymore.

There was only Linda left. Her legs turned weak after being glanced at by Qiao Yanze. She swallowed back the words that almost left her lips and closed her eyes in despair, jumping into the pool.

The commotion here finally alerted the little princess of the Zhou family.

Zhou Shiyu walked over quickly.

When Zhou Shiyu saw her five friends flailing about the pool and Linda shouting for help, her expression changed.

Zhou Shiyu looked at the handsome yet cold Qiao Yanze and furrowed her eyebrows. “Young Master Qiao, I think it must all be a misunderstanding. It’s my coming-of-age ceremony today and I hope you can, on my behalf…”

Qiao Yanze interrupted Zhou Shiyu. “Miss Zhou, it’s not that I’m not giving you respect, but they did harm Cen Xi and leave her for dead. If I send them directly to jail, wouldn’t it be worse for Miss Zhou?”

Zhou Shiyu pursed her lips and a trace of unhappiness flashed past her eyes. “Young Master Qiao, wouldn’t it be bad for you if you hurt the harmony between you and my cousin because of an irrelevant woman?”

“Irrelevant?” Qiao Yanze looked at the woman beside him who looked even more slender with his jacket draped over her. “Who said she is irrelevant? I kissed her before.”

Cen Xi heard the second half of Qiao Yanze’s words and almost choked on her saliva.

Why was he talking about this in front of Miss Zhou and everyone here?!

“Kissed?” Zhou Shiyu’s eyes widened incredulously. She had heard from her cousin that ever since the downfall of the Qiao family, Qiao Yanze had a kind of psychological fear and rejection towards women. He had seen a psychiatrist and he did not even touch a woman’s hand for several years.

Men who had not touched women for a long time all had desires, but he did noy have them and hated to see women.

How could he kiss this Cen Xi with such a state of mind?

This Cen Xi looked beautiful and seemed to have a good temperament compared with ordinary women, but Zhou Shiyu felt that no matter how good she was, she could not compare with her cousin!

“Young Master Qiao, you don’t have to say that to help her. You won’t kiss her…”

Before Zhou Shiyu could finish, she saw the man stretching out his long fingers and pinched Cen Xi’s chin. He then lowered her head and his sexy lips covered her red lips.

Cen Xi did not expect that Qiao Yanze would kiss her so suddenly and her eyes turned wide and her heart beat wildly.

His lips were warm and very soft. It pressed against her lips and although he did not kiss deeply, her nose was filled with his breath and she felt flustered.

He gave her a light peck and then left her lips.

Even so, it still made Zhou Shiyu dumbfounded.

H-How could he?

If he was willing to kiss this woman, then what about her cousin? For him, her cousin had sacrificed a lot.

How could he like another woman?

Before Zhou Shiyu could saything, Qiao Yanze had already grabbed Cen Xi’s slender wrist and led her away. After a few steps, Qiao Yanze looked at Zhou Shiyu expressionlessly. “Miss Zhou. please take care of your friends in the future, I hope there won’t be a next time.”

Was this a warning or a threat?

Zhou Shiyu’s chest heaved with anger. In her eighteen years of life, no one had dared to speak to her like that!

Wasn’t he just a down and out young master whose family was ruined by a woman? Although he was back on his feet, would he be so smooth without her cousin’s ‘sacrifice’? Now that his family’s status had been restored, was he beginning to look down on people?

Her grandfather was respected by the King and Queen. How dare Qiao Yanze speak to her like that?

Zhou Shiyu felt aggrieved and her eyes turned red. She looked at the useless fools in the pool and did not ask for people to save them immediately. She returned to the banquet hall and after waiting for a while, she asked people to help save them.

Linda had already fainted and was sent to the hospital. She underwent emergency treatment for two hours before she was in a more stable condition.

The situations of the rest were not good as well. This time, they went for the wool and came home shorn!

Su Han saw Qiao Yanze pulling Cen Xi away and his eyes turned sad. He was the one who asked the attendant to inform Qiao Yanze.

Actually, he could see that Xiaoxi was different towards Qiao Yanze during the business trip to Wen City.

Although she hid it carefully, Su Han felt that she liked Qiao Yanze.

Su Han felt slightly disappointed and sad.

Recently, Su Han’s family underwent a drastic change. His father was under investigation and only the Zhou family could save him. But the Zhou family had a condition, that was to have him marry Zhou Shiyu.

His hands were tied.

Cen Xi was pulled by Qiao Yanze into his luxurious car.

After getting in, Cen Xi had just sat down when the man’s tall body suddenly leaned over. Cen Xi’s eyelashes fluttered. Looking at the man’s handsome face being so close to her, her breath tightened. “What… are you doing?”

Qiao Yanze looked at Cen Xi’s charming face and he raised her chin. “I find that you’re quite pleasant to look at.”

Cen Xi, “…”

Was he praising her for her good looks?

“Then you can just look at it. Can you not be so close to me?”

“No.” He looked at her seriously. “I haven’t kissed enough. Let’s continue.”

Before Cen Xi could say anything, he pressed his lips against hers once again.