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Chapter 1271: He Arrived Like a God

Cen Xi did not expect that she would fall for their trick when she had been so careful.

Although she knew how to swim, her body was turned over when the powerful water shot out. The water from the pool filled her mouth and nose, choking her.

She paddled her arms and legs, trying to get her head out. Her top was torn open and a few buttons had dropped. She could only free out one hand to hold her clothes tightly at her chest.

Even without seeing herself, she knew that she must look like a mess.

The jacuzzi pool was a little far away from the villa’s banquet hall and few people knew what was happening over here. Including Linda and the one who went to the banquet hall to ask Cen Xi to bring wine over, there were five women holding wine glasses, looking at Cen Xi in the pool, who was in a terrible state.

Seeing that she had swam to the edge of the pool, but was once again swept away by the water jet, the women laughed.

Women bullying women, not mentioning ordinary women, rich ladies knew even better how to trample people under their feet.

After Cen Xi was swept away several times, her calves were starting to cramp up. She had been busy the whole day and was tired, now she was feeling exhausted and terrible.

She could see the women laughing mockingly at her across the water. Cen Xi’s face was slightly pale and from the corner of her eye, she saw a figure passing by the pool. It seemed to be Su Han and Cen Xi shouted, “Monitor…”

If it were not for her leg cramps, she would not have shouted for help. Her body had started to sink, and she would drown if she was being blown away by the water jet again.

It was apparent that the women watching the show on land would not save her.

Cen Xi placed her hopes on Su Han. Su Han was kind-hearted and even if it was someone he did not know, he would not do nothing if he saw that there was danger.

Su Han did not notice the situation at the jacuzzi pool and was stunned when he heard Cen Xi’s voice. But very soon, he looked over at the jacuzzi.

Seeing the struggling Cen Xi inside, his expression changed. Just as Su Han wanted to stride towards Cen Xi, suddenly a hand grabbed his arm.

“Han’er, you can’t go!”

Su Han turned to look at his mother who had grabbed him and frowned. “Mom, that’s my high school classmate.”

Mrs Su naturally saw Cen Xi who was asking for help, but she was shrewd. Zhou Shiyu was looking at Cen Xi in the banquet hall with dislike in her eyes. If Su Han wento to save her at this time, it would only make Zhou Shiyu unhappy.

These women had the courage to create trouble at the birthday party of the little princess of the Zhou family. If they did not have permission, they would not dare to do it at all.

“Han’er, it’s not like you don’t know what’s going on in our family. Only the Zhou family can save our Su family, save your father. If you save Cen Xi now, it will not only harm our Su family, but also Cen Xi!”

“These women won’t really leave her to die. They just want to teach Cen Xi a lesson. Han’er, you’re a smart person. I hope you can come to terms with reality!”

“Mom, but Cen Xi…”

Before Su Han could finish, Mrs Su’s eyes rolled back and she fainted on the ground.

“Mom, Mom!” Su Han picked up his mother and looked at Cen Xi with a troubled expression before quickly going to the banquet hall.

Cen Xi’s heart tightened when she saw Su Han turning and leaving.

She did not expect Su Han to leave her to die. Of course, she saw his mother fainting. His mother disliked her and probably could see that the little princess of the Zhou family had a problem with her and did not want Su Han to be involved in this messy situation.

Cen Xi could understand that it wasn’t his own choice whether he wanted to save her or not…

But, she was still a little disappointed that he would really abandon her when she had three years of friendship with Su Han. She knew that she could not emotionally blackmail him either, but it hurt.

Her body could no longer stay up and she sank into the water inch by inch. Icy cold water gushed into her mouth, nose and ears.

The women standing there were still watching the show. None of them came down to save her and no one went away to get help.

Was this how she was going to die?

Never did she expect that she would die in this place. A trace of despair and self depreciation appeared in her eyes.

She closed her eyes.

Just then, a tall figure came quickly. Like a professional swimmer, he jumped into the water.

Under the surprised eyes of those women, the tall figure swam towards Cen Xi.

He was very fast, like a swarm of flying fish.

Linda and the women beside her were stunned and one of them responded first. “Isn’t that… Young Master Qiao?”

Linda clenched her hands into fists, her nails digging into her palms and she wanted to break the skin. “It’s Young Master Qiao. The little vixen sure is amazing!”

By now, Cen Xi’s head had sunk into the water and she was dazed. A long arm suddenly reached over and pulled her out of the water.

“Cen Xi!”

It seemed like someone was calling her.

Cen Xi slowly opened her eyes and through the water falling from her face, saw a handsome face. “Y-Young Master Qiao?”

She was held by his long and strong arm. They were very close and she felt that it was slightly unreal.

If Su Han, who had sat beside her for three years in school, could give up saving her, then how could Young Master Qiao, who had a deep feud with her, save her?

But this was not like a dream, it was real…

Cen Xi did not cry when she was pushed into the water, when she was being swept around by the water jet, and when she was almost going to drown. But now, she felt inexplicably choked up.

Her sister had written a letter to her before. In the letter, she mentioned that the man she liked was the kindest person in the world.

So it was true.

“Why, do you feel uncomfortable?” Qiao Yanze frowned when he saw that Cen Xi was not speaking and her eyes were reddening.

Cen Xi only shook her head. “Thank you.”

Qiao Yanze did not ask her anything more and swam towards the edge of the pool with her.

When they were almost there, Qiao Yanze draped his suit jacket that he had taken off by the pool over Cen Xi.

Cen Xi wrapped herself tightly with his jacket and smelled the faint tobacco scent on it. She felt choked up and her heart was filled with emotions and she felt fortunate to have survived.

The women who were watching the scene gradually regained their senses.

Looking at Cen Xi who was rescued by Qiao Yanze, they all pretended to be panic-stricken. “We’re glad you’re okay. We went to the banquet to find someone to rescue you. We don’t know how to swim and we were very worried seeing you fall inside accidentally!”

The dizziness in Cen Xi’s head had eased slightly. She knew that she shouldn’t cause any trouble at the little princess’s party, but she almost drowned. It was not her character if she still had to swallow her anger at this time.

Cen Xi wiped at the beads of water on her face. Just when those women thought that Cen Xi would be wise and shut her mouth, Cen Xi said coldly, “Accidentally? Who would be so dumb to fall into a jacuzzi pool accidentally?”