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Chapter 1270: He’s Here!

Cen Xi quickly took out a bottle of wine from the wine box and looked at the man, whose expression had turned dark, like he was an enemy. “What… are you doing here?”

Qiao Yanze had one hand in his pants pocket. Looking at the angry woman, he lifted his lips devilishly. “I thought you were smart. It was so obvious just now, don’t you know? I want to…” He suddenly came close to her ears and said two words.

Eyes wide, Cen Xi looked at the handsome and cold man in disbelief. She could not believe that he had just said those words.

Cen Xi was stunned and only managed to squeeze something out after a while. “A-A-Are you crazy? Did you drink too much? If so, you can go find your girlfriend!”

Cen Xi’s skin was fairer than most Asians and when she was agitated, her skin would flush red. Before, when Qiao Yanze was prejudiced against her, she was like an eyesore to him. After putting aside those prejudices, she was so charming and exquisite, with no flaws he could pick out.

Besides, it was interesting to see her blush when she was agitated. No wonder Young Master Li liked her and could not forget about her. Qiao Yanze wanted to reach out and pinch her face, but still held the urge down.

Instead, he raised his eyebrow, a lazy smile on his handsome face. “Why am I here if I have a girlfriend?”

Cen Xi was stunned.

His words seemed to imply two meanings. One, he had no girlfriend. Two, he wanted to do that with her?

Cen Xi pointed at the man with the wine bottle. “D-Don’t come near me. I haven’t got even with you for the other time. If you dare to do anything that crosses the line, I won’t let you off.”

“The other time?” Qiao Yanze’s body leaned forward slightly, his handsome face coming close to her. “What happened last time?”

Cen Xi did not know why this man had suddenly changed so much. He was annoyed when she came close to him before, but now, he was openly flirting with her.

She was really afraid by his unpredictable character and dared not open her heart to him. She was afraid that once she fell in, he would tell her that he was having his revenge on her.

“Why is your face so red?” He bent his index finger and brushed past her red cheek. Cen Xi was still an inexperienced young woman, and her heart was almost jumping out of her throat by his touch.

Looking at her fluttering eyelashes, he smiled devilishly. “Could it be that you still like me?”

Cen Xi’s hands that were holding the wine bottle pushed against him hard. “I don’t know what you’re talking about! I didn’t like you much before and now I don’t like you even more!”

She put the wine into the cart and ran away in panic. Looking at her retreating figure, he said, “It’s not suitable here. I’ll find you another day. I haven’t had a woman in a long time.”

When Cen Xi heard his words, she stumbled and almost tripped.

Qiao Yanze’s lips lifted up slightly.

After Cen Xi’s figure disappeared, Qiao Yanze came out from the lounge and saw a furtive figure hiding around the corner. Qiao Yanze then strode over in a few big steps.

He grabbed the man who had a camera hung around his neck.

“Reporter?” Qiao Yanze’s smile disappeared and his handsome face turned dark, a cold ruthlessness coming out from him. He had one hand around the reporter’s neck. “Speak, who asked you to take photos here?”

The reporter met with Qiao Yanze’s cold eyes that were with a trace of murderous intent and he did not dare to hide it. “I-It’s a lady called Linda who asked me to follow Miss Cen. I saw her going into the lounge and I followed to take photos. I didn’t expect Mr Qiao to be…”

Qiao Yanze released his hold on the man’s neck and pulled his camera over, taking out the memory card. He swept his sharp gaze over to the man. “If you dare to say a single word of this, be careful of your neck.”

The man fell on the ground and nodded. “Yes, yes.” He was only pinched at the neck by Qiao Yanze but he already had a suffocating feeling. If he really dared to tell others the photos he had taken, would he still be able to keep his life?

In the banquet hall, Zhou Shiyu saw Cen Xi pushing the cart with wine over.

Several girls surrounding her followed her gaze and one of them asked, “Shiyu, is that the woman who snatched your senior?

Zhou Shiyu thought of how after Senior Su Han had arrived, he had not even glanced at her and her eyes turned red. “I don’t know what spell she had cast on Senior. Now he doesn’t have me in his eyes. He would rather drink alone than talk to me.”

“How dare she steal the man of the Zhou family’s princess, I think she’s tired of living!”

“Shiyu, just wait. We’ll stand up for you.”

Zhou Shiyu shook her head. “I don’t want to make any trouble.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t take her life. We’ll just let her make a fool out of herself and make her lose the will to suck up to the nobles!”

Cen Xi opened the bottle of wine and poured them into the glasses before putting them on the tray and continued to move among the guests.

A woman in an expensive gown came over. “We need four glasses of wine. Come with me.”

So Cen Xi carried the tray and followed the woman to the garden. There was a large jacuzzi pool in the garden and there were flowers of different colors and types around the pool. The breeze of the night was filled with the fragrance of the flowers.

Cen Xi saw four women standing by the pool and one of them was Linda.

Cen Xi immediately became alert.

Holding the tray firmly, she brought the wine to the four women.

The women took the wine and did not cause any trouble to Cen Xi. Cen Xi breathed out a sigh of relief and went back with the tray. But she had taken a few steps when she suddenly slipped.

The ground, which was still fine when she came, suddenly became very slippery. Cen Xi had worn high heels for a day and her feet were throbbing in pain. When she slipped, her body suddenly lost balance.

She tried to stabilize herself and try not to let herself fall. Just when she was swaying around trying to find her balance, a hand suddenly reached out and pulled at her clothes, then gave her a hard push.

Cen Xi grabbed the person’s hand and gave the person a scratch. That person quickly shook off Cen Xi’s hand and Cen Xi lost her balance, falling into the pool.

This was a jacuzzi pool and there was water pumping out strongly from the sides. When Cen Xi’s head emerged, she was blown out several meters by the water.

But that was not the worst. The worst thing was that a few buttons on her clothing were pulled apart by the person who had pushed her.