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Chapter 1269: Coming-of-Age Ceremony

The night sky was full of stars.

Many nobles had gathered for the coming-of-age ceremony of the little princess of the Zhou family and it was very lively.

The butler arranged the jobs for Cen Xi and Xiaoyou in the evening. Cen Xi was responsible for serving wine on a tray and Xiaoyou was responsible for the buffet’s desserts.

The party was held in the living room on the first floor and in the backyard. In order to celebrate the little princess’s coming of age, the Zhou family had specially invited the Disney team. The cartoon characters that the little princess liked stood at the door to greet the guests and the scene was very luxurious and grand.

At eight o’clock in the evening, all the guests had almost arrived. Cen Xi was also starting to get busy.

The glasses of wine on the tray were taken by the guests and Cen Xi put replenished her tray again. As she moved through the guests, a sneer sounded. “Isn’t this Beauty Cen from our department? Oh, she’s even wearing a maid’s uniform today. Is she trying to seduce someone again?”

Cen Xi looked back and saw Linda, who was standing not far away, a smile on her face, but there was a mocking look in her eyes. Cen Xi pretended not to hear her and continued to move among the guests.

Linda felt inexplicably relieved when she looked at Cen Xi’s busy and pathetic back.

A cheap vixen would know her status after tonight and would not think of climbing up again!

Cen Xi wore high heels for nearly a day and her feet were aching terribly. But this party was expected to end at midnight. There shouldn’t be too long to go.

Before long, the Zhou family’s little princess came down from the second floor under everyone’s attention. She was wearing a long white dress and under the light, she was exquisite and beautiful.

The moment the Zhou family’s little princess appeared, the guests went forward to greet and congratulate her.

Zhou Shiyu nodded her head in response. Cousin and Young Master Qiao had not yet arrived and Brother Su Han was also not here yet…

Just when Zhou Shiyu was craning her neck in anticipation, there was a small commotion at the entrance of the banquet hall.

Her cousin, Ji Wei had come, holding the arm of Young Master Qiao.

Ji Wei was wearing a pink strapless long dress and the tailored fabric outlined her attractive figure. The makeup on her face was light but exquisite. She belonged to the type who did not seem to be a beauty at first glance, but was the type that looked pleasing to the eyes. Her skin was delicate, her nose straight and her eyes slightly deep-set. Because of her work, there was a sharpness in her eyes, her temperament was cold and she looked to be difficult to approach at first glance.

Although she had a powerful aura, the man beside her was even more outstanding.

Qiao Yanze wore a black tailored suit, a pocket square of the same dark blue color as his tie was in his breast pocket, with a white shirt and black fitted vest inside.

The facial features under his short hair were handsome and well-defined. A pair of dark slender eyes were deep and attractive as if he was a character out of a comic. He had one hand in his pants pocket, a strong aura of keeping people away exuding from him. He was calm and intimidating.

Cen Xi was busy taking wine for guests and also glanced at the couple at the entrance from the corner of her eye.

Her steps paused slightly.

Was the woman beside Qiao Yanze the one who called him on the day of their business trip?

Cen Xi frowned. Why did Qiao Yanze kiss her when he already had a girlfriend?

Cen Xi pursed her lips tightly, feeling like there was a fish bone stuck on her throat, unable to swallow it or spit it out.

After Qiao Yanze and Ji Wei came in, they went forward to greet Old Mr Zhou and Zhou Shiyu.

Zhou Shiyu was close with Ji Wei since she was young and seeing Ji Wei coming, she held Ji Wei’s arm and acted coquettishly.

By the side, Qiao Yanze talked to Old Mr Zhou.

The butler urged Cen Xi to deliver the wine.

Cen Xi was unwilling. It was not like she was the only server in the banquet hall, why did he ask her to go?

But after only a second, she understood what was happening.

Linda and Zhou Shiyu were close and she must have said something in front of Zhou Shiyu. Zhou Shiyu also knew the female companion Qiao Yanze had brought along tonight and wanted to stand up for the female companion.

It was a pointless and childish trick of a group of girls.

So Cen Xi went over with a tray. Qiao Yanze took a glass of champagne from the tray and then talked to Old Mr Zhou. But in the middle of the conversation, he seemed to have noticed something and turned his head, looking at the woman who was walking towards Ji Wei with the tray.

His slender and long eyes narrowed slightly.

It was her!

Qiao Yanze looked at her. As she was wearing a black and white maid’s uniform, her long and slender legs were exposed. Her skin was fair and she was eye-catching, wearing a pair of high heels and she was unbelievably tempting.

Retracting his gaze, Qiao Yanze looked down at the liquid in his glass, an unknown smile on his lips and he shook his glass listlessly with his long fingers.

Cen Xi turned to leave after Ji Wei had taken the wine. She could feel that there was a pair of eyes on her even without turning.

It was not heated, but there was sweat on her back.

Cen Xi turned and walked a few steps. Another guest had arrived at the door. It was Su Han, who Zhou Shiyu had been waiting in anticipation for. Su Han did not bring a female companion with him and came with his mother.

Happiness appeared in Zhou Shiyu’s eyes and she went forward, holding Mrs Su’s hand. “Auntie Su, you’re here. I thought you wouldn’t be coming!”

“Of course I had to come. It’s the little princess’s coming-of-age ceremony, Auntie Su will definitely come.”

Zhou Shiyu smiled and there was a coy look in her beautiful eyes. She knew what would make her look the most beautiful and also knew how to show her beauty in front of the boy she liked.

It was a pity Su Han’s mind was not on her. As soon as he came in, he saw Cen Xi, who was wearing a maid’s uniform, and he frowned.

Wasn’t she working in the translation department? Why was she here serving wine to people?

Zhou Shiyu was deep in a conversation with Mrs Su and when she looked up, she found that Su Han was not looking at her but somewhere else…

That woman. Zhou Shiyu’s gaze stopped on Cen Xi for a while and coldness flashed past her eyes.

It seemed like Linda didn’t lie to her. That woman was really a vixen. Su Han had only just come and had been seduced by her already!

After all the champagne was finished, Cen Xi pushed the cart into the lounge to get more wine.

She set the cart aside and carried the wine.

Cen Xi was bent over and did not notice someone coming in behind.

Qiao Yanze walked behind her, his deep and dark eyes slightly narrowed. Looking at her slender legs and perky buttocks, his Adam’s apple bobbed.

That enticing appearance was like an invitation to any man. His tall body resembled an animal that saw its prey, approaching her slowly.

Cen Xi was about to take a case of wine and put it into the cart when she felt a grip around her waist. A pair of long and large hands had grabbed her slender waist tightly.

Ah! Cen Xi’s breath tightened and the first thought in her mind was that she had met with a pervert. She quickly looked behind and her mouth opened slightly in shock when she saw a face that was so handsome that there were no flaws.

The pervert… was Young Master Qiao?

Now in Cen Xi’s eyes, he was someone who was even more dangerous than any pervert. Her eyes turned cold and she jumped away as if electrocuted.