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Chapter 1268: Changing into a Maid’s Uniform

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Zhou Shiyu’s exquisitely makeup face was a little surprised and she poked Linda’s forehead with a finger painted bright red. “You can’t say such things. My cousin is so outstanding, who can snatch her man?”

“Shiyu, that’s because you don’t know she’s two-faced. I went on a business trip some time ago and saw that woman running out of your cousin-in-law’s room unkempt with my own eyes!

“Although Young Master Qiao and your cousin are not engaged yet, don’t your cousin like Young Master Qiao? Does she want to see him being snatched by that vixen?”

Zhou Shiyu frowned, the image of the girl at the door appearing in her mind. Slender eyebrows, black jewel like eyes, small and delicate nose, cherry blossom like lips and small face. She did look charming and eye-catching.

“I will tell my cousin about this matter.”

Zhou Shiyu gave a new arrival of the flagship store to Linda and Linda was overjoyed. “Shiyu, didn’t you say that you have someone you like? I’m really curious, what kind of boy could enter your sight?”

When it came to the person she liked, there was a shy smile on Zhou Shiyu’s face. “I’ll show you his photo. He’s very handsome and has an artistic air to him.”

Zhou Shiyu took out her phone and her lockscreen was the photo of the boy.

Seeing the boy’s appearance, Linda was shocked. “Oh my God, why is it him?”

Zhou Shiyu did not like Linda’s tone and her expression darkened. “What do you know? He’s my senior and is the top student every year, granted a scholarship and has no scandals at all. He’s outstanding!”

Linda muttered softly, “What’s the use of being outstanding? He’s already enticed by a vixen!”

Zhou Shiyu stood up and slapped Linda hard. “Senior Su Han won’t be seduced by a vixen. If you say anything bad about him, I’ll tear your mouth off!”

Stars appeared in front of Linda’s eyes, her cheek burning with pain. But she did not dare to say anything, her tears swimming around her eyes. She said with a choked voice, “Shiyu, I only said that because we’re close. Your senior is Mr Smith’s chief interpreter, right? I met him on my business trip with that woman. He and that woman were high school classmates and that woman flirted and seduced him the moment they met!”

Zhou Shiyu snorted. “Didn’t you say she seduced Young Master Qiao?”

“Shiyu, you probably don’t know that there is a kind of woman who likes to have a foot in both camps, to prove their charm!”

Zhou Shiyu’s expression darkened.

“I’ll soon confirm whether what you said is true or not.”


Cen Xi went to the translation department for work and the director called her to the office. “Xiaoxi, Miss Zhou, the granddaughter of Old Mr Zhou, came back to the country to hold her coming of age ceremony. She invited many foreign friends and will need two of our interpreters. Go and do some preparation and follow the Zhou family’s chauffeur there with Xiaoyou.”

The Zhou family had many talented sons and Zhou Shiyu was Old Mr Zhou’s only granddaughter. Old Mr Zhou loved her even more and she was the apple of his eye. Therefore, it was unsurprising that Zhou Shiyu was arrogant.

Cen Xi did not know about the Zhou family, but the director said softly before she left, “The Zhou family is one that even the King and Queen have to show some respect to. You should be careful and low-key over there.”

Cen Xi thought of that pompous Miss Zhou, whom she met while shopping with Gu Meng during the weekend. She did not know if Miss Zhou was related to this Zhou family the director was talking about.

If so, did Linda say something bad about her in front of that Miss Zhou?

But the Zhou family had a big household and business, Miss Zhou was also a child of good fortune. She wouldn’t deliberately target a small fry like her to stand up for Linda, would she?

Shaking her head, Cen Xi tried not to think too much about it anymore. She had done nothing wrong so there was nothing to be afraid of.

Zhou Shiyu’s coming of age dinner was held in the manor in the suburb of the Capital, which was like a castle from a fairytale. There was a huge lawn, music fountain and a luxurious villa.

The chauffeur handed Cen Xi and Xiaoyou over to the butler and the butler took them into the servant’s room, taking out two sets of maid’s uniforms and passed it to them.

Cen Xi was a little confused. “Butler, are you mistaken? We’re here to interpret.”

“There’s no mistake. Interpreters are also service personnel. Many nobles are gathered here tonight and all personnel must wear uniforms.” The butler looked impatiently at Cen Xi and Xiaoyou. “The translation department sent you here, but didn’t they tell you to obey the arrangement?”

Cen Xi thought of what the director had said to her before she left and she pursed her lips, not saying anything more.

Xiaoyou saw the butler’s unhappy expression and she did not dare to even breathe from fear. Taking the maid’s uniform, she nodded. “We’ll obey the arrangement.”

After the butler left, Xiaoyou could not help glaring at Cen Xi. “Why did you talk so much? If we offend the Zhou family, can you handle it? I’m so unlucky, why am I working with someone who is two-faced like you?”

Cen Xi took out a heart-shaped platinum bracelet from her bag and stuffed it into Xiaoyou’s hand, saying with a smile, “Sister Xiaoyou, I was reckless and I’ll be careful in my words and actions in the future. It’s just that I don’t understand why Sister Xiaoyou says that I’m two-faced. Did I do something wrong to make Sister Xiaoyou misunderstand me?”

Xiaoyou looked at the bracelet Cen Xi had stuffed into her hand. It was a girl’s style and looked very nice. Her heart was filled with joy and her complaints about Cen Xi disappeared into nothing. “I heard from other colleagues while they were discussing about you that when you and Linda went on the business trip, you seduced Mr Qiao.”

Cen Xi was shocked.

Did Linda see her running out of Qiao Yanze’s room in a panic that night?

Cen Xi’s thick and curled eyelashes lowered and a trace of anger flashed past her eyes. She did not know what happened to Young Master Qiao that night to have taken the initiative to kiss her.

“Cen Xi, from what I know, Linda is Miss Zhou’s best friend. With Miss Zhou behind her, you’d better not oppose her or you’ll be in trouble.” Xiaoyou did not think that Cen Xi was bad and could not help giving her a reminder.

“Okay, I’ll pay attention in the future. Thank you Sister Xiaoyou for the reminder.”

They changed into the maid uniforms and shoes and the butler sent someone to tell them to attend the training.

In a luxurious princess style room on the second floor of the villa, Zhou Shiyu was laying on a chaise with Linda crouched beside her, massaging her calf. “Shiyu, how are you going to test Cen Xi in the evening? I really can’t wait to see that little vixen make a spectacle of herself!”