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Chapter 1267: Lesson Drawn from Past Mistakes

Having her lesson drawn from past mistakes, Cen Xi could not believe that his kiss was from his heart.

Not to mention that he had humiliated and used her. With her being Xiao Ying’s sister, he would not possibly have kissed her sincerely.

B-But why on earth did he kiss her then?

It didn’t make any sense at all. And he had kissed her so deeply. Up to now, the tip of her tongue was still a little numb.

Her laptop was still in his room, but the good thing was that her phone was in her pocket.

Cen Xi turned over and lay on her stomach. Clicking open the forum, she sent a message out.

“Why did a man still kiss a woman when he doesn’t like her, and even hates her?”

It was already late at night and after waiting for a while, there were no replies from the netizens so Cen Xi went to take a bath.

After she came out from her bath, she unlocked her phone and saw that there were several replies below.

First comment: “That man might be drunk. Drunk men will get impulsive easily. He wouldn’t mind even if you’re a sow.”

Cen Xi replied immediately, “This brother, there isn’t a sow as beautiful as me in the world.”

Second comment: “Did you wear a Victoria’s Secret nightdress and seduce him? Don’t all men think with their lower bodies?”

Cen Xi replied, “I wore quite normal clothing, nothing seductive and definitely not a nightdress.”

Suddenly, some images filled her head and the heat from her ears that had faded came back again.

Third comment: “What time is it now, are you sure you’re not dreaming and took it to be real?”

Cen Xi: “[smiley face] I’m not senile to be unable to tell dream from reality. [cute emoticon]”

Cen Xi glanced over several more replies and her gaze fell on the sixteenth comment.

Sixteenth comment: “If what you said is true, that the man hates you very much and still kissed you, it’s not because he likes you, but he treats you as something to vent. Of course, it doesn’t rule out that he was enchanted by you for a moment and acted on primitive instinct. Don’t think too much about it and treat it as if you were bitten by a dog.”

Cen Xi laughed.

She immediately replied with an OK emoticon.

After Cen Xi left, Qiao Yanze entered the study.

Sitting on where she had sat before, he looked at her laptop.

After reading her translations, he clicked on the search engine.

He found that in the search history, there was a frequently visited forum and he clicked in to have a look.

The forum was still logged in and Qiao Yanze did not want to pry into her privacy, planning to exit, when he accidentally glanced at a post she posted half an hour ago.

Qiao Yanze clicked into it on impulse.

Seeing her question and the replies to it, his expression turned darked slightly. Especially the sixteenth commenter, suggesting that she treat it as if she were bitten by a dog. She replied with an emoticon and the word ‘okay’ jumped out from that emoticon.

Qiao Yanze tapped at the keyboard.

And so, when that sixteenth commenter turned on his computer the next day, a big wolf dog barking suddenly popped out and scared him so much, he fell to the ground.

Who could tell him why such a vicious wolf dog would suddenly appear in his computer?!

Cen Xi did not know when she slept, but when she woke up, the sky was light.

After washing up and changing her clothes, she packed her luggage as she was going back to the Capital today. Seeming to have thought of something, Cen Xi opened the forum and there were a dozen more replies, and the last one was sent five minutes ago.

“It doesn’t rule out that you’ve seduced the man.”

Cen Xi felt embarrassed and angry when she saw that reply.

H-How did she seduce the man? At most, she just liked him before.

Not wanting to think more about it, Cen Xi replied uniformly, “I’ve seen all your replies and I don’t feel troubled anymore. Besides, his kissing skill is not very good so I’ll just treat it like I was bitten by a dog! I won’t be alone with him next time!”

After replying, she locked the post.

After breakfast, Cen Xi went to the hotel’s entrance to wait for Qiao Yanze and Linda.

After a while, the Maybach drove over and Linda also came out of the hotel. Cen Xi found that both expressions of the man driving and Linda were not looking good.

Especially the man driving, his expression was dark, as if someone had owed him several hundred million. Wasn’t he the one who took advantage of her last night?

Cen Xi glanced at him and her heart fluttered when she saw the scabbed wound on the corner of his mouth. Not daring to look at him again, she got into the car and stayed close to the window.

Linda looked at Cen Xi who was putting on an act and gritted her teeth.

She had noticed that Cen Xi had glanced at Qiao Yanze secretly a few times.

Little vixen!

Back at the Capital, Cen Xi felt uneasy for several days. Qiao Yanze did not find her again, nor did he give an explanation for kissing her.

Cen Xi was feeling extremely depressed. Was she a person for him to kiss and push away as he wished? She would not let him off easily if he took advantage of her next time!

After returning from Wen City, there were some changes in Cen Xi’s work. The female colleagues in the department began to reject and marginalize her. Sometimes, when they needed several people to work together, they either did not give her the information or directly ignored her.

Cen Xi had just entered the workplace and did not understand where she did not do well. How had she suddenly offended them?

Many times when she felt aggrieved, she could only bury it in her heart.

“Huh? The female colleagues have a problem with you?” During the weekend, Cen Xi and Gu Meng were eating hot pot outside. Gu Meng raised her face that had turned red from the hot steam and frowned. “Xiaoxi you’re such a nice person, why would they suddenly exclude you?”

Cen Xi had a vague guess in her heart, it might be because of Linda. Did Linda vent her anger on Cen Xi because she did not succeed in seducing Qiao Yanze?

“I don’t know…”

After eating, Cen Xi and Gu Meng went to the mall to buy clothes. The other time Sister Yanran gave them discount cards and they went to a flagship store to choose.

After a while. the store manager came. “Excuse me, Miss Zhou is coming over soon and we need to clear the shop. Can you go to another store?”

Cen Xi and Gu Meng knew that the people who came to this mall were all with high and noble statuses. There were often socialites who would come and instruct the store to be clear of people upon their arrival.

Though they also knew the Queen and Sister Yanran Cen Xi and Gu Meng cooperated and didn’t make a fuss.

When they were at the door, they saw a young woman in a white lace hat coming in surrounded by several people.

One of them was Linda.

Linda was like a changed person, there was not a bit of arrogance to her. When she faced that woman, she had a flattering smile on her face.

When Linda saw Cen Xi, she huffed.

In the flagship store.

Zhou Shiyu sat on the sofa and while waiting for the store manager to take out the new products for her to pick, she glanced at Linda. “What, do you know that woman at the door?”

“Shiyu, you’ve just returned to the country so you don’t know. That woman pretends to be pure on the outside, but she’s actually promiscuous on the inside. She seduced your cousin-in-law.”

Linda had found out recently that Zhou Shiyu’s cousin was the woman who was on the phone with Qiao Yanze on the day of the business trip.