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Chapter 1266: Her Atonement Ended Here

Qiao Yanze had his hands at both sides of Cen Xi’s body, a small smile on his lips and his eyes full of inexplicable charm.

Cen Xi was unable to push him away and seeing him smiling like that with his breath filling her nose, she could not help being enticed by him.

Pulling herself back, she was even more angry and glared furiously at him. “What are you doing?”

Qiao Yanze’s smile disappeared and his handsome face came close to her. His short wet hair was slightly messy and a few strands fell over his forehead. His nose was almost touching the tip of her nose and at such a close distance, she could feel his breath clearly.

As Cen Xi looked at his lips, her eyes quickly moved back up, meeting his which were so deep they could devour anyone’s heart. His dark pupils reflected her in them.

Not knowing what his intentions were, Cen Xi could not help but feel a little anxious. “Mr Qiao, you…”

Before she could finish, the man came close to her and she was embarrassed as well as furious. “Let go of me, or else don’t blame me for being rude.”

She fumbled around the desk and touched an ashtray. But before she could pick it up, a large hand reached over, took the ashtray away and held her small hand in his.

Cen Xi felt like she was electrocuted. She was anxious and shy, wanting to draw back her hand, but the man pinned her hand behind her.

What was he thinking?! Cen Xi’s mind was running a million miles a second, thoroughly confused with this sudden closeness.

Although he had done things to make her sad, she also had put herself in a position for him to bully and use. So afterwards, she would say to him that her atonement was over.

Although she was slightly repulsed by his touch, she did not dislike it.

She did not dare to tell anyone that in fact, she still liked him in her heart.

But she could not say it out and could only bury it in the bottom of her heart, letting it fade with time and experience.

She was still in the fading out phase and she was slightly panicked with him being so close to her.

“Mr Qiao…”

Before she could finish, his thin lips suddenly came to her ear. “Can’t you tell who I am?”

She knew clearly who he was without him reminding her.

Cen Xi could not push him away and was embarrassed and angry, her eyes turning red out of anxiousness.

Not wanting to let such an atmosphere continue, her fingers moved around the desk and touched a cup of water. Without thinking, she threw the cup of water on the man.

The man released her and wiped the beads of water on his face.

Cen Xi took the opportunity to climb over the desk and bolted to the door.

Just as she pulled open the door a crack and was about to escape, her slender wrist was grabbed by a hand. Cen Xi wanted to shake it away, but the man threw her against the door. Her body moved back and the door that was opened slightly was closed by her weight.

Thud. Cen Xi’s heart started to beat wildly as she looked at the man pressing towards her. For a moment, it seemed like her heart was jumping out of her throat.

“What are you doーMmh!”

Cen Xi’s unfinished words were blocked by the man’s lips.

Cen Xi’s mind turned blank. Her beautiful clear eyes widened and she looked at him in disbelief.

She had lost the ability to react and only kept her eyes open, wanting to see his expression. The next second, a large palm covered her eyes, blocking her sight.

The man’s lips pressed against hers and his other hand held to her slender waist tightly.

Cen Xi’s face was red and her heart pounding, but she did not forget to push him away. Within seconds, she pulled the door open and ran out.

Linda did not know why she felt so sleepy when she had only drunk one small glass of wine. She slept on the sofa in the corner of the party and when she woke up, the party was over and there was no sign of Mr Qiao.

Thinking that she had unfinished work, Linda rushed back to the hotel.

She came out of the elevator and planned to go to Mr Qiao’s room first, to seek some attention. But before she got there, she saw a flustered figure running out of Mr Qiao’s room.

When Linda saw who was the flustered figure, she was stunned.

If it was not Cen Xi, who could it be?

She was still flirting with Mr Smith’s chief interpreter during the day and at night, she even entered Mr Qiao’s room!

Seeing her flustered and disorderly appearance, she must have wanted to seduce Mr Qiao, but was chased out ruthlessly by him!

Cen Xi, this little b*tch. She pretended to not fight or snatch anything on the surface, but did this kind of thing behind people’s back. It was really disgusting!

Cen Xi ran back to her room and stood in front of the mirror, looking at her red and swollen lips, watery eyes and flaming red cheeks. She rubbed her hair and threw herself onto the soft bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

Touching her lips with her fingertips, it seemed like his temperature and breath were still lingering there. Her heart was in utter chaos.