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Chapter 1264: Watching Her Being Close to Another Man

After arriving at the hotel, Cen Xi and Linda rested for the night.

The next day, the two of them worked hard to interpret for Qiao Yanze and Cen Xi met an acquaintance at the venue of the exchange meeting.

Su Han.

Su Han and Cen Xi were from the same high school and they were both straight A students.

In Cen Xi’s memories, Su Han was a beautiful young man with a fresh and scholarly appearance. Seeing him again this time, he was still as handsome as ever, his actions were even more scholarly.

He was Mr Smith’s chief interpreter. Seeing Cen Xi coming over, he was first stunned, before a smile appeared on his lips.

Cen Xi met his eyes and smiled at him.

Although they had not seen each other for several years, they did not feel too strange. As soon as they met, the memories of how they went on morning runs, studying and discussing school work, floated into her mind.

Back then, he had fallen ill and went abroad for treatment. Although his mother stopped her from accompanying him and even used a cheque to humiliate her, she did not blame him.

In her heart, she had always regarded him as her best friend and only hoped that he would be healthy and safe.

Perhaps, her heart fluttered at some time, but it was just hormones. When she calmed herself down, she felt that it was not love.

It was just an admiration for him.

He was liked by many girls in school, but he did not act cool on purpose, did not act ambiguously with girls, did not smoke and get into fights. He had excellent results and had set a good example for many students.

Because the ministers of the two countries were talking, they needed to interpret for them. They worked seriously and only made eye contact without speaking further.

After an hour, there was a ten minute break.

Cen Xi went to the washroom and when she came out, she saw Su Han leaning against the wall.



Su Han walked forward and hugged Cen Xi. “You’re still the same as when you were in high school.”

Cen Xi’s eyes curved into crescents, a trace of playfulness in her smile. “Don’t I look even better after growing up?”

“You’ve been beautiful since you were a child, you don’t have to change.”

Cen Xi’s smile deepened and she looked at Su Han. “Are you well?”

“I had a bypass operation and my body’s fine. But I can’t do exercise vigorously.”

They were of the same age and had the same profession and hobbies. As they chatted, they talked about problems with their profession.

When Cen Xi was talking to Su Han, she did not notice that several figures were standing in the corridor outside the meeting room on the second floor.

It was Qiao Yanze and Mr Smith.

They had their interpreters with them. At the moment, Linda was by Qiao Yanze’s side and another interpreter by Smith’s side. With the interpreters present, it did not affect their communication.

Smith smiled and said, “So it seems like the little beauty interpreter and Su Han, my chief interpreter, know each other.”

Qiao Yanze’s dark eyes narrowed slightly…

The young man and woman were walking together side by side. The girl had a charming smile on her face and was talking endlessly while the boy beside her was nodding.

She was focused on what she was saying and did not notice that the boy’s shoulder was close to her. When someone passed by them, his hand would protect her gently.

Qiao Yanze could see that the boy was interested in her. It was the kind of desire to get close but was afraid of being too abrupt. Qiao Yanze unconsciously pursed his lips.

Xiao Ying’s sister seemed to be even better at seducing men. First it was Young Master Li, then Bai Shen and now Su Han!

Wait, Su Han? He seemed to have heard this name before!

Qiao Yanze searched through his mind and finally remembered. That Chu Yu girl had mentioned Su Han before.

Wasn’t this Su Han the one Cen Xi had almost accompanied abroad?

So, it was very likely that they were still each other’s first loves.

Qiao Yanze’s lips lifted into a faint smile. He did not answer Smith and continued to talk about work.

After work, the organizer held a cocktail party.

Linda had wanted to perform well in front of Qiao Yanze and did not allow Cen Xi to go to the hotel with her in the evening. Since Cen Xi felt that Linda could cope alone, she did not go.

Su Han also did not go.

Not long after Linda left, Cen Xi received a call from Su Han.

They went out for dinner and walked around the night market.

Cen Xi had not felt relaxed like this for a long time. She did not have to be restrained with Su Han and was relaxed and happy.

Su Han talked about his life abroad the past few years. Although he was Smith’s chief interpreter, his mother wanted him to return to the Capital and find a job in the country. He also planned to resign and go back.

They came back from the night market and walked back to the hotel.

Su Han sent Cen Xi to the hotel. Cen Xi waved at him and turned to leave.

Su Han went forward and grabbed her arm. Cen Xi turned around and looked at him in confusion.

Su Han asked softly, “Xiaoxi, do you have a boyfriend?”


“I don’t have a girlfriend either.” Su Han stared at Cen Xi’s bright black eyes, not wanting to miss any expression in her eyes. “My mom wants to introduce me to a girl, I…”

Before Su Han could finish, he heard Cen Xi said, “Monitor, that’s a good thing, The girl Auntie chose must be good.”

When Su Han saw that there was no jealousy in Cen Xi’s eyes and his eyes turned slightly dejected. He did not continue this topic and took out a notebook from his bag. “Didn’t you think that you don’t have a good command of the language of Y Country? Here are my notes. Go back and take a look at it, it should help you.”

Cen Xi grinned. “Thank you, Monitor.”

No one noticed a black car parked in the dark. The car window was lowered and the man in the driver’s seat had a cigarette between his fingers, the scarlet end of it flashing in the dark.

Qiao Yanze looked at Su Han leave reluctantly, looking back repeatedly and left only after Cen Xi’s figure disappeared. Qiao Yanze stubbed out his cigarette, pushed the car door open and got out.

While Cen Xi was waiting for the elevator, she could not help opening the notebook Su Han had lent her.

Just then, two children ran over and one of them accidentally knocked into Cen Xi. The notebook in Cen Xi’s hand dropped to the ground and a folded letter floated out of the notebook. After picking up the notebook, Cen Xi was about to pick up the letter when suddenly, a black and shiny leather shoe stepped on it.

Cen Xi frowned. “Sir, please lift your feet. You’re stepping on my things.”

Not only did the owner of the shoe not lift his feet, he stepped on the paper so tighty that Cen Xi could not pull it back.

How could this person do this? It was too mean!

Cen Xi frowned and raised her head, looking at the owner of the feet. Her breath tightened when she saw a familiar handsome and cold face.

Before she could react, the tall man crouched down suddenly, picked up that paper, opened it in front of her to glance at it.

Seeing the contents inside, a trace of coldness flashed past his eyes.